"Wherever you are, I will be with you,
and although we are apart,
I know that one day I will find you."

It was a promise they made when they were kids,
the same one that Lee Jinki kept throughout the years.

He hoped deep in his heart,
that in some corner of her lost memory,
she will remember him too.

Before the accident...
she was clueless and a little childish,
she had a free spirit and a smile for everyone.

Now Lee Juliette found herself again...
the ends of her hair are no longer dyed pink,
And today she is everything she once was.

But after years,

Everything will be tested by a secret Juliette never knew how to reveal.

Although, unlike the accident, this is something she decided to forget and now,

is the time for her to overcome.

C H A R A C T E R S :




S H I N e e




Hello angels! It's been a while since I started writing Beautiful Angel told by Juliette and To the beautiful you told by Onew.

In 2015 I wrote about the beginning of the love between Onew and Juliette, now in 2021 I would like to write about their marriage, the ups and downs and everything else in between that will be told by both of them. I hope I can receive your love like i did in the past and continue to do so. Thank you very much from the heart. I hope you like it and any opinion, good or bad, is good to improve my writing.

OK, so here we start another journey♥


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januarysunshine13 #1
Chapter 1: Finally,,, nice to c the couple after soo long.... waiting to see Jae... nice work on the first chapter!!!
januarysunshine13 #2
Hi, eagerly waiting for this story.... hope to see Jinki and Juliet very soon😊😊😊