Descendants of the Sun


The oldest legend tells that life will unite two hearts that were always destined to meet, regardless of the distance between their worlds, but when a soul is taken and a kingdom is put in danger, wisdom and courage in the form of two people will come together to save what is important to them before the sands of time run out.
The sun will reward them if they succeed, but they will have to trust each other to stay alive when the night makes the storm fall on them. 

"You can find the last pearl at the bottom of the sea,
in a dark place, where nobody could breathe.
Let the guardian take you there,
submerging you beautifully to the very end."


Kim Autumn. The wisdom. 

Lee Jinki. The courage.


This is my first attempt to write about Onew, Jonghyun, and the others members in an adventure story. It's my first time trying this topic so I'll give my best and hope you all like it. You can subscribe, comment. The feedback is always grateful and welcome. I hope you like this story.
Thank you.



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