My Love is Destiny with the Fox


A young girl name Lee Mijoo met a fox 10 years ago. The tragedy happens between the foxes and humans feudal war. In the human world, Mijoo had an accident and she received a strange telepathic aura. The fox wishes to meet Mijoo in the future.

In the present day in the fox world, one by one of the foxes had been killed in the war by the fox hunters but there's only one remaining fox managed to flee. Her name is Seo Jisoo one of the last fox standing. She ran away and discover a secret cave behind the waterfall. She remembered that she will find Mijoo and she wishes to meet Mijoo in the human world. When she goes through the cave, Jisoo found a hidden path just behind the rock that is just located at the dead end of the cave. A hidden portal. Somehow, the portal leads her to the human world in Seoul. When she entered the human world, she drank a magical potion that was given by her late grandmother.

However, there's a price to pay after she drank the magical potion by making her into a human. Once she stepped into the human world by turning into a human, there's no turning back. If Jisoo makes a wish, she will be a real human forever. When she turned into a human, she finds a human girl Lee Mijoo with her cousin Lee Soojung(Soul). Mijoo doesn't know about the girl Jisoo because Mijoo is blind.

Both of them decide to bring her home and adopt her.

However, after Jisoo's life adjustment with them, she suddenly fall in love with Mijoo. Mijoo began to develop her feelings for Jisoo. However, the fox hunters from the JYP Fox Hunting Academy called Twice Squads are still searching for the runaway fox. Jisoo has a secret to hide from Mijoo.

How will Mijoo fight for her love for Jisoo? Will Mijoo protect her love for Jisoo from all cause? How will Jisoo tell Mijoo if she was the love destiny for her? Will both Mijoo and Jisoo make their wishes come true?


Lee Mijoo is a protagonist was an ordinary girl who is blind in every regular day. Mijoo was blind when she had an accident and discover a strange telepathic aura. She first met a strange human name Seo Jisoo even Mijoo doesn't know what the girl looks like. When she adopts Jisoo, Mijoo and Soojung teach her how to make a life adjustment. After making a life adjustment, Mijoo began to develop her feelings for Jisoo. She has no idea who is the real Jisoo is. Mijoo wishes to gain her sight if there's someone she love. Mijoo began to care for Jisoo and swear to love her and protect her.

Seo Jisoo was a beautiful fox in the fox world and her family were killed by the fox hunters. Jisoo wishes to be a human. Her grandmother gave her a magical potion but once she drank the potion after turning into human, there's a price to pay. Jisoo started her life as a human when she first met Mijoo. Jisoo decide to make her life adjustment living with Mijoo and Soojung. Ever since Jisoo met Mijoo, she suddenly began to have feelings for Mijoo.

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