Coffee Boy

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Chanyeol's five years old son takes a liking towards a certain Doctor named Byun Baekhyun.





Byun Baekhyun. 26, Neurologist.

He’s been working at The Park Institution of Medical Health (PIMH) for almost Three Years now.

Since he was Seventeen, he has been living by himself, his parents, well he doesn’t know where they are.

He’s been an orphaned for fourteen years living with foster parents here and there, but when he finished Middle School, he decided he can live by himself.


Park Chanyeol, 26. The Heir of the Park Medical Industry.
Currently Director of the biggest Hospital in the Country, The Park Institute of Medical Health (PIHM).
He was 21 when he learned that his gonna be a father.
Park Hyun Yeol, 5. Park Chanyeol's son.
He's everything his father could ask for.


(A/N: Inspired of Kelly Clarkson's Piece by Piece, I didn't mean it to turned it into this, but while writing,  for some reason my playlist changed. And I ended up writing it this way. So please forgive me!! No spoiler, but Just read ahead!! <3)
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