Chapter 9: the end

The bodyguard from America

After a long drive they finally got to Junjin's apartment the next day. Eric was a bit worried about him, Junjin had been silent and kind of awkward around him all day. He wondered what he could do to make the other guy stop feeling confused, because that was obvious the problem. "Was what i did last night not enough to make my feelings obvious? Or is there something else on Junjin's mind, is he maybe not sure about his own feelings?" he wondered.
One thing was for sure, he couldn't drag this out anymore, he had to make sure it was settled today before things got only more complicated.
Luckily Junjin did let him enter his apartment again now, and he silently followed him inside while carrying his bags. Eric put the bags in a corner of the living room and when he turned around he saw Junjin standing in front of the couch, obviously not sure of what to do next. While Eric walked towards him Junjin asked "Do you want something to drink? A glass of water perhaps?", Eric chuckled at the weird pitch of his voice "No thank you." he answered while stopping in front of him.

Eric pulled Junjin towards himself, with one hand on his shoulder blade and the other on his neck he caressed Junjin's cheek with his thumb. He gave him a soft kiss, he played with Junjin's lips on his own and to his surprise Junjin slightly opened his mouth. Eric also opened his mouth a bit and his lips, slowly and carefully he ventured with his tongue further into his mouth until he found his. They kissed like that for awhile while Eric let his fingers follow along Junjin's exposed collarbone, the tips of his fingers softly went up the side of Junjin's neck a bit and from there they went back down again to his collarbone. Eric felt Junjin shiver against him while his hand now trailed down Junjin's arm that's just dangling along his side. When Eric's hand reached Junjin's he took his wrist and guided it to his waist, Junjin understood the hint and put his hand against Eric's waist. Eric put his own hands on Junjin's waist as well and ended their french kiss by removing his tongue from his mouth and kissing him on his lips once again. Eric moved his kisses to the corner of Junjin's mouth and from there he gradually went towards his jaw line. He moved his hand that was on his neck to his back, Junjin let out a sigh when Eric pulled him closer against himself while pecking his jaw. Eric's mouth moved towards his neck and he tasted the soft skin there. He felt Junjin get weak in his embrace, he pulled back to be able to look at him. Junjin's cheeks where flushed red and when Eric looked into his eyes he became bold, after contemplating for a few seconds of which way to go he decided on the bedroom instead of the couch and he guided Junjin in that direction. The other guy gasped and his yes grew big for a second, Eric wanted to tell him that he didn't have to worry and that he wouldn't do anything that he didn't want to. But it felt like he would break the mood if he would talk right now, so he tried to tell him with his eyes while looking into his and gave him a reassuring smile. Apparently it worked because Junjin relaxed in his arms and followed Eric's slow movements towards his bedroom.

When they reached the bed Eric carefully pushed Junjin on it, and laid down next to him while supporting himself on his elbow still staring into Junjin's eyes. The back of Eric's fingers from the side he supported himself on caressed Junjin's cheek and then cupped it, while the fingers of his other hand trailed along the other guys jaw line to his other cheek and then his thumb moved over his lips. He bend over Junjin so he could kiss him again and his hand trailed down his neck towards his collarbone once more. He pushed the tank top off Junjin's shoulder so it wouldn't be in his way while caressing him. He his lips and tasted their sweetness, Junjin parted them again for Eric and he kissed him more deeply this time, on his lips and playing with his tongue.
Eric's hand trailed down Junjin's arm and he took Junjin's hand in his, he held his hand between them for awhile while kissing him and then put it against the side of his own neck, like he had done before when he guided his hand to his waist. Eric's fingers trailed along his arm again back towards his shoulder.
Once again he ended the kiss slowly and his lips moved away from Junjin's mouth, while softly kissing his lips moved towards Junjin's neck. While Junjin was distracted by his lips that where kissing his soft and sensitive neck Eric let the back of his fingers softly trailed down his side, careful not to tickle him. Eric caressed his side, a soft sigh escaped Junjin's mouth and it made Eric grin. Without thinking his kisses now left his neck and went further down towards his chest while his hand was holding his waist. When he noticed where he was going with his kissing he moved his lips up Junjin's neck again without being to obvious, he didn't want to startle him by going too far to soon. Eric's lips found Junjin's again and continued the french kiss again, he felt Junjin's hand on his neck holding him firmer.
He softly massaged his waist with his hand there, but the cloth of Junjin's top was getting in the way, he moved his hand down to search for the end of the top and slowly pulled it up so he could get under it with his hand. When Eric's warm fingers touched the bare skin of his waist Junjin gasped into the kiss, Eric's hand froze, he was afraid to move it, afraid that he'd gone too far after all. But Junjin didn't pull back from the kiss, instead he pressed his lips firmer against Eric's and Eric noticed he had retreated his tongue as well when Junjin had gasped. 
While he returned to kissing him Eric also carefully moved his hand again, again Junjin gasped and he could feel the muscles of his abdomen under his touch tighten, but now it only made him more confident and he held him firmer. He wanted to feel more of him, his hand moved up his side under his top, his fingers caressing the skin of Junjin's side. Soon the cloth got in the way again and he moved it up some more. Junjin's hand moved from the side of his neck to the back of his neck and he pulled him closer to deepen the kiss. 
The hand of Eric's arm he was leaning on that was cupping Junjin's cheek until now also moved to the back of his neck, making Junjin's head tilt back a bit. His other hand was now exploring and caressing Junjin's abdomen, suddenly Junjin ended the kiss and pulled back while breathing heavily. Eric rested his hand on the side of Junjin's belly and looked into his eyes. They looked at him pleadingly and slightly scared, Junjin shook his head slowly, Eric moved his hand up a bit and Junjin let out a relieved breath. "I won't go there..." Eric murmured, letting him know he had understood while his eyes darted to Junjin's lips once more who where now swollen and red. A small smile spread across his lips and when Junjin softly pulled on his neck he leaned in again to continue kissing. While Eric's lips ventured away from Junjin's towards his neck and collarbone once more his hand on Junjin's waist ventured upward along his side. Eric's lips trailed over his collarbone onto his shoulder and back along his collarbone again, when he reached Junjin's lower neck again he softly on it. To Eric's delight a soft moan escaped the other guys throat, he let out a chuckle and continued the neck there, while his hand trailed farther up Junjin's side under his tank top towards his shoulder.
Soon his movements got restricted by the tank top again but it couldn't go up any further, he left Junjin's now red neck and moved his lips up towards his mouth again. There he reluctantly stopped his kisses so he could look at Junjin's face, while Eric looked at his expression he carefully tugged at his top. Junjin arched his back so he could pull the top further up and then Eric lifted him up with the hand behind Junjin's neck and slipped the tank top over his head to remove it completely. Even though Junjin had complied he now looked a bit uneasy, Eric quickly leaned in again and gave him a long and passionate kiss to distract his thoughts while keeping his hand on Junjin's shoulder. After a few minutes he ended the kiss again and just hovered over him to look at him lovingly while caressing his cheeks. Junjin lowered his eyes and his cheeks flushed some more, his hand slipped from the back of Eric's neck and he brought both of his hands to the front of Eric's shirt. Eric glanced at Junjin's hands and then back at him again, Junjin didn't look at him and his cheeks got redder by the second while he started to fumble on the buttons of Eric's shirt. A smile crept around Eric's mouth and he just let him be and enjoyed this embarrassed look on him. The first few buttons seemed to be difficult, but after a few Junjin seemed to get the hang of it and maybe even become less flustered, the last few buttons opened smoothly. When his shirt was finally opened and hung loose from his sides it revealed his firm chest and abdomen. Junjin lifted his eyes and looked into Eric's again, he was blushing fiercely and looking lost now, not sure of what to do anymore, his hands where still unmoving holding the ends of Eric's shirt on both sides.
Eric grinned at him after a thought popped up in his head, he took Junjin's hand into his and placed it against his chest. Then he placed his own hand back on Junjin's shoulder again and suddenly pulled and rolled on his back, Junjin could just barely steady himself in time with his hand that was on Eric's chest to not make him fall on top of him. Now Eric was laying on his back and Junjin was hovering over him, the positions had turned around, he pulled Junjin in for a kiss. After sharing another passionate kiss he let him go, they stared into each others eyes while Eric smiled at him, after a few second Junjin bent forward and buried his face against Eric's shoulder. Eric let out a smirk, Junjin was obviously not ready yet to be in the position to take the initiative yet, he put his arms around him and just held him like that.
After a few seconds a soft and a muffled voice asked "So...are we...together now?...I mean... like in dating... or something...", a smile grew on Eric's face as he answered "I would like that.", "Ok" came an obviously embarrassed answer from Junjin.



Here the story ends, i hope you enjoyed it.
Once again my apologies for the long wait in between the chapters.
This story was pretty difficult to write for me, because this kind of story (a male male pairing) isn't my cup of tae to write, but i really wanted to try. (If someone wants to re-write or use this idea for their own story i would love to read it! Should be much better. :) )

After this i'll be writing some others that have been in my mind for awhile now, but that'll start after i'm back from Korea :D

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