Beautifully Imperfect


Kang Seulgi, a quiet girl with low self-esteem, is really jealous of Bae Irene, a transfer student who is popular for her beauty and cheerfulness. Seulgi hates Irene’s perfection, but once she learns that Irene is not as perfect as she seems, Seulgi slowly falls for her flaws and imperfection.



Story and poster by me 


Russian Translation by minseokkienuna


Status: plotline 100% | completed

Pairing: Seulgi and Irene

Tags: School life, Fluff, Romance, Friendship, Slow-paced story

Length: 11 Chapters

Note: English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors and everything.



Oh my God guys thank you very much for the upvotes and subscribe even though I haven't start posting the story yet ahhh thank you so muchhhh

I'm currently trying to focus on my other fics since I don't want to be too distracted while writing seulrene story (I want to dedicate all my brain for one story only so I can create the best of me)

Hopefully I can start this by the beginning on the year! 

These are some small previews for this story in case you want to know:

  • There will be no falling in love instantly, this story will focus on the development of seulrene from their friendship to love!
  • Contains fluff, sweet, cute moments of girl talks and stuff bc gxg cuteness is so precious to me
  • Lots of schoolgirls drama and everything because yeah girls
  • Some of my readers probably already know about my obsession in writing slow-developed relationship
  • I love you all


02/01/18 - Thank you everybody for sending this to the featured section I can't believe this akjsdfgh happy new year!!! <33

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gorjessie #1
Chapter 11: Thank you so much for the storyyyy! This is beyond beautiful <3
AliceODonnell #2
This story is amazing, thank you so much!!!
21 streak #3
Chapter 11: one of my favourite seulrene fics ever. re read for the third time!
Chapter 11: omg...this is one of the best seulrene fics out there. I hope you'll never delete it cuz i want to reread it in the near future. GREAT FIC! THANK YOU SO MUCH AUTHOR-NIM !!
Chapter 11: Ya I am. Xp
Chapter 11: Umm... I might be gay now...
Chapter 11: I'm definitely gay
Chapter 11: first off dang that m tag wasn't expected but I'll take it ;) this chapter is my favorite just because the quote is so- it describes the whole entire story in one quote and I think it's just amazing. did you come up with at quote or did you really read it in a book? also replying ro the author note, I think your English is better than most people on this website and I think this story is incredibly well written. Thank you so much for this story, it's really just.. beautifully imperfect. (wink)

with that being said though.. I think I might be gay?
Chapter 10: "huehuehue" I was going to complain about the angst again but my girl soojung is the REALEST oh my, I'm positive that if it weren't for her, seulrene probably would've took longer to get together.. thank you for this chapter :)