Bias Oneshot
"Honey, get ready. We should go now" you said to Seungri, from the living room.
"Do i really need to go? I mean its crowdy and people will go crazy. Trust me" he said, walking out of the room heading to the couch you were sitting. 
He dressed in a white tshirt with his gray vest, smiling slyly. 
"But babe, we need to go the sale. We havent bought a thing for our little boy" you said, looking at him with the puppy eyes, rubbing your now showing tummy. "Mummy want to buy a lot of things for my little Riri" you continued.
Seungri sighed. "Okay okay..  Just this one time. We could've buy it without the sale tho" he stood, pulling you to him. 
He kissed your forehead and trailed to your cheek. You hugged him. 
"Okay, lets limit it to 10 items okay?" he conditioned. 
"Yah!! Thats too little. Our baby need a lot of stuff. Clothes, socks, toys, diapers and cribs" you explained. "Here is the list i think we should buy" you showed him a piece of paper. 
His eyes widened at the list. "Wow babe. Its like you are buying for twins" he exclaimed. He analyze the paper and realized it was fold into two. "wow!! There's part two to it" he complained. 
"Jagi! I'll die bringing all of this!" he said, somehow demotivated. 
"Yah Oppa!! Its my first baby. Of course i want the best for him" you cried. "If you dont wanna go, okay. Let me go alone" you sulked. 
"Okay.. Okay... I'll go.. I'll go.. Dont be mad. Its bad for the baby" he said, hugging you close. 
You giggled. 
"Damn girl. Surely you are my weakness" he said.
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Chapter 14: oww... cant wait for the next update!!!!
Unba21 #2
Chapter 13: Starting to like this fanfic. The first few chapters were short but it was still good making you ask for more
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #3
Chapter 12: I have a feeling that this oneshot could be turned into a full length fic >.< It's a really good idea, I loved it ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #4
Chapter 9: Thank you for updating~! ^^ I think you know I love angst >.> this one was pretty good <.<
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #5
Chapter 7: That last sentence though (。♥‿♥。) This one was cute ^3^ Thanks for updating~!
itsalice #6
Chapter 7: Wow.......
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #7
Chapter 6: Thank you for updating~! ^^
LeeNa045 #8
Chapter 5: it was cool thanks
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #9
Chapter 5: The ending's so cute (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I have a question, who's your bias? I'm guessing it's either T.O.P or Seungri (because of your username and T.O.P oneshot) but I'm not sure which. ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #10
Chapter 4: I loved this one~! Could you write more angsty ones? Pretty please ^^ I also wanted to ask you, do you write m-rated content or not?