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Bias Oneshot

The morning was peaceful. The sunlights crawled through the open window. The wind cradle the white curtains slowly. It was 7 a.m., you need to prepare breakfast. Its not everyday you get to cook for Seungri. 

You were sleeping soundly on the wide white bed. The smell of somethings burning made you turned left and right. Your right hand searched for him next to you, but when you only felt the cover, you opened your eyes. 

"Seungri?" You called out, more like a question to the air. He was nowhere to be found. The couch was empty, toilet unoccupied, dressing room empty. 

The smell of something burning caused you to spring from the bed. 

"Ouch!" You heard faintly. It must be him. What is he doing up in the morning? You ran towards the origin of the sound. 

Seungri was holding his ears, the pot on the stove was burning, filled with smoke. You could smell the scent of burning omellete and saw the evidence in the sink. Stuffs were falling from the kitchen counter. 

Your eyes were more attracted to the fact that Seungri was wearing the pink apron with his trouser, making him looks amazing. 

"Baby...." He called out for you and pout. You paced towards him, avoiding the unevenly distributed ingredients on the floor. 

"My dear... What are you doing Seungri?" You asked him and hugging him from behind. 

"I was making breakfast for you. Its not everyday i can cook breakfast for you. I'm sorry jagi" he said and walked to the sink. You followed him closely, not letting go. 

You chuckled against his back. 

"Yah! What is so funny?" He asked, turning his head to look at you. 

"You are funny, my love. I was thinking of cooking breakfas for you, but you beat me to it. And you gave me such a mouth-watering appetizer" you said, kissing his shoulder blade. 

You turned him around slowly and look at him. 

"Seungri" you said his name, seducing him halfway. You brought your body closer to him. He on the other side, was aware of your tricks paced back. 

"Hmmm.. You know me so well, baby. Go and sit there. I'll make breakfast. And..." You paused and smirked. He smiled shyly. "... Go take your shower, we cant be late for Jiyong's wedding" you said and finished what he started. 

He hugged you and kissed your lips, moving down to your neck. 

"Just one thing, jagi.., you're just walking in your lingerie. I like it" he said and ran towards the room. 

You looked at your reflection on the refridgerator and smiled. 

"I guessed thats why you blushed" 

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Chapter 14: oww... cant wait for the next update!!!!
Unba21 #2
Chapter 13: Starting to like this fanfic. The first few chapters were short but it was still good making you ask for more
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #3
Chapter 12: I have a feeling that this oneshot could be turned into a full length fic >.< It's a really good idea, I loved it ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #4
Chapter 9: Thank you for updating~! ^^ I think you know I love angst >.> this one was pretty good <.<
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #5
Chapter 7: That last sentence though (。♥‿♥。) This one was cute ^3^ Thanks for updating~!
itsalice #6
Chapter 7: Wow.......
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #7
Chapter 6: Thank you for updating~! ^^
LeeNa045 #8
Chapter 5: it was cool thanks
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #9
Chapter 5: The ending's so cute (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I have a question, who's your bias? I'm guessing it's either T.O.P or Seungri (because of your username and T.O.P oneshot) but I'm not sure which. ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #10
Chapter 4: I loved this one~! Could you write more angsty ones? Pretty please ^^ I also wanted to ask you, do you write m-rated content or not?