Troublemaker #1

Bias Oneshot

You came home feeling all miserable. Your dress was drenched in mud, your high heels broke, a chewing gum was stuck in your hair. 

"I cant believe this. How could he sent his fans to kick the out of me" you screamed at the empty house. 

You threw the heels into the trash can. You paced forward to the laundry room and took of the dress, leaving you only with your lingerie. You tossed it into the machine, and set it on. 

You went to the kitchen and took the olive oil. You then went straight to the toilet. 

"What a stupid moron. Who would stick gum to people's hair nowadays? God. He is so infuriating!!!" you put a little oil on your hair and slowly pulling out the gum. 

Finally, after a 30 minutes haircut session you walked out feeling fresh. 

You sat on your bed and opened Twitter on your phone. 

You tweeted 

          "perfect day for club but then some moron ruined it for me"

You waited a while then tweeted again

           "you should really learn to settle your problem on your own. Coward"


You smiled. 

You dropped yourself on the bed and dozed off. 


After a while, you woke up to a loud knocking on the door. 

When you opened the door, Seungri was standing there. 


"what are you doing here punk?!" you said, pushing hom almost immediately. 

"To settle my problem on my own" he replied angrily. 

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Chapter 14: oww... cant wait for the next update!!!!
Unba21 #2
Chapter 13: Starting to like this fanfic. The first few chapters were short but it was still good making you ask for more
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #3
Chapter 12: I have a feeling that this oneshot could be turned into a full length fic >.< It's a really good idea, I loved it ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #4
Chapter 9: Thank you for updating~! ^^ I think you know I love angst >.> this one was pretty good <.<
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #5
Chapter 7: That last sentence though (。♥‿♥。) This one was cute ^3^ Thanks for updating~!
itsalice #6
Chapter 7: Wow.......
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #7
Chapter 6: Thank you for updating~! ^^
LeeNa045 #8
Chapter 5: it was cool thanks
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #9
Chapter 5: The ending's so cute (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I have a question, who's your bias? I'm guessing it's either T.O.P or Seungri (because of your username and T.O.P oneshot) but I'm not sure which. ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #10
Chapter 4: I loved this one~! Could you write more angsty ones? Pretty please ^^ I also wanted to ask you, do you write m-rated content or not?