Cruel #3

Bias Oneshot

"How much longer do I have to wait for you?!" he screamed through the door. "It had been 2 year! He's not coming back!" he added. "TOP hyung is not coming back!" he shouted. His hand keep banging the door. He was crying.

"Shut up! Shut up!" you shouted, covering your ears with your hand. Tears were crawling out of your eyes. 

"Open this door before i break it open!" he threatened. 

You stepped back from the door and sat at the corner. "Go away!" you screamed. 

After a few second you heard a loud bang, the door was now opened. 

Seungri dragged himself towards you. He kneeled next to you.

"Babe..." he said and touched your shoulder.

"Dont touch me! I hate you" you pushed him away.

He fall but he crawled back to you.

"Hey! Hey! Listen to me! Whatever it is, whether you love me or hate you, I will still love you" he said, holding both of your shoulder. His eyes were never dry.

"This heart..." he pointed to his heart, "THIS HEART! its not mine, but it was designed to love you. It's beating inside me, but its not mine. I tried to love someone else, but THIS HEART wants you. Not anyone else" he cried. 

You sobbed. "I want him, But why? Why does this happened to me?" you cried. You hugged him, your ears attached to his chest, the same beating you heard 2 years ago. His heart. 

"I know, babe. I'm sorry for leaving you. But he will love you. He will love you more than i'm capable of" a voice whispered to your ears. "Love him" 

Your teary eyes caught a glimpse of him at the door. He was smiling at you. 

"TOP" you whispered and your world turned black. 

Seungri looked at you with his loving eyes. He fall for you even before TOP met you. But he gave you up for his dying brother. Its a sacrifice for his brother. He paid it back with giving him his heart. 

"I'm sorry, hyung. I've killed you. I took away your love and your life. I'm deeply sorry" he whispered. 

Suddenly, he felt someone touching his shoulder.  

"I'll take care of him, hyung. I promised" he promised to the air.

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Chapter 14: oww... cant wait for the next update!!!!
Unba21 #2
Chapter 13: Starting to like this fanfic. The first few chapters were short but it was still good making you ask for more
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #3
Chapter 12: I have a feeling that this oneshot could be turned into a full length fic >.< It's a really good idea, I loved it ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #4
Chapter 9: Thank you for updating~! ^^ I think you know I love angst >.> this one was pretty good <.<
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #5
Chapter 7: That last sentence though (。♥‿♥。) This one was cute ^3^ Thanks for updating~!
itsalice #6
Chapter 7: Wow.......
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #7
Chapter 6: Thank you for updating~! ^^
LeeNa045 #8
Chapter 5: it was cool thanks
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #9
Chapter 5: The ending's so cute (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I have a question, who's your bias? I'm guessing it's either T.O.P or Seungri (because of your username and T.O.P oneshot) but I'm not sure which. ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #10
Chapter 4: I loved this one~! Could you write more angsty ones? Pretty please ^^ I also wanted to ask you, do you write m-rated content or not?