Say It Right

Bias Oneshot

Seungri was busy driving. It was a long day for both of you. After work, Seungri picked you up and took you to have dinner with his family. 

Sometimes, you would visit them on your own, as the situation back then you cant accept Seungri. But now, its different. You and him are living together. 

"what did omma tell you about me?" he asked you. 

"Nothing. Just some stories. Ahahah" you laughed. 

 "Is it funny? Omg. It must be the story where she dressed me as a girl for my birthday" he said, scratching his head. 

"oh my god! How did that happened?!" you asked him, laughing.

"Oppss wrong story" he exclaimed and shut his mouth. 

"Tell me about it" you said, pulling his shirt a little. 

"Nope. Shut up. I wanna drive" he said, focusing his eyes on the road. 

"But its my mouth, i want to do whatever i want" you replied. 

"One more word and i'll kiss you" he threatened. 

"Then kiss me" you said and looked away giggling. 

He raised his eye brow and smirked. He drove the car to the third lane and stopped at the emergency lane. 

"Hey! What are you doing?" you asked him. 

"Just shut up" he said and pulled you closer. 

Your lips and his were close and you shut your eyes. 

He kissed you, strong and lovingly. 

He pulled away and your cheek. 

"I love you, jagi" he whispered. 

"I love you too, TOP" you said slowly but clear to his ears. 

"Its Seungri" he corrected you. "Seungri" 


"my god. I'm so sorry, Seungri. I didnt mean" you wanted to continue but he suddenly banged the steering wheel. 

"I know its hard for you but say it right. Say my name" he said. 

"I will. I promised" you said, realizing how badly hurt he was. 

You pulled his shoulder and extended your body to the driver's seat. 

"I love you, Seungri. I'm yours" you said and kissed him. 



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Chapter 14: oww... cant wait for the next update!!!!
Unba21 #2
Chapter 13: Starting to like this fanfic. The first few chapters were short but it was still good making you ask for more
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #3
Chapter 12: I have a feeling that this oneshot could be turned into a full length fic >.< It's a really good idea, I loved it ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #4
Chapter 9: Thank you for updating~! ^^ I think you know I love angst >.> this one was pretty good <.<
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #5
Chapter 7: That last sentence though (。♥‿♥。) This one was cute ^3^ Thanks for updating~!
itsalice #6
Chapter 7: Wow.......
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #7
Chapter 6: Thank you for updating~! ^^
LeeNa045 #8
Chapter 5: it was cool thanks
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #9
Chapter 5: The ending's so cute (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I have a question, who's your bias? I'm guessing it's either T.O.P or Seungri (because of your username and T.O.P oneshot) but I'm not sure which. ^^
Kyungsoos_yoghurt #10
Chapter 4: I loved this one~! Could you write more angsty ones? Pretty please ^^ I also wanted to ask you, do you write m-rated content or not?