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Hi there! My nickname is Elle, but you can call me JinYouKnow or really anything else. I don't mind.

Since I love reading & writing, and I love EXO & K-Pop, I decided to combine my two dominant interests. I'm not the best writer, and I'm certainly not what you could call a real author, but I try my hardest. Writing has been my passion for the past five years and despite that, I still manage to get nervous and mess up easy things I know. Read any story at your own risk, and beware 'The Building Blocks Come Tumbling Down' in case you don't like stories with many typos, continuity errors, and whole dang emotional roller coasters.

Feel free to message me about anything; any request for a story you may want me to write, but just know that my mind does crazy things and stories may not be all what you wanted. I also love feedback; comments, upvotes, subscriptions, anything works and is very, very appreciated by this attempt at an author.

Find me on AO3 or contact me here for any reason whatsoever. Thanks for reading!!



About Me

Hi, I'm Elle. I'm a trier at writing, and I'm a real mess. Sometimes I'm consistent, sometimes I'm not, my schedule decides. I'm a huge EXO-L (obviously) and a ChanBaek enthusiast who really loves make-up/breakup, ABO, and royalty AUs/tropes. I tend to be a little redundant with drama and feelings, but hopefully you don't mind that. 

My bias since becoming an EXO-L is the King of China himself, Zhang Yixing, in all his fine glory. My bias-wrecker is Park Chanyeol, the most talented and honorable giant I know of. And the rest of EXO are my biases because an EXO-L cannot have just one. Anyway, if you have a question, or you just want to rant about how much you love EXO, with a doubt, DM me. I am accepting friend requests!!