Meet the Byuns

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When the Byuns heard their son was coming home with his boyfriend of two years, they were expecting a nice young man with a good job and a nice pay, maybe even a president. But when a tall man with arms decorated with ink, a shiny nose ring, pink hair, and motorcycle for a best friend shows up at their door, it seems all the things they planned for their son's future will begin going down the drain, and fast.  


Inspired by the movie 'Meet the Parents'. It's a really good movie, you should go check it out. 

This is officially my first story here in caps, so I might go straight to caps right after I finish my latest story - just saying. 

Anyway, how are you doing? Personally, I'm exhausted. I spent four days on this fic and I'm so glad to finally be done with it. I might be the speed queen @thatweirdyeoja mentioned after all... not really. But anyway, I have been very busy and it's with this if not work. I have had SO much fun writing this and I do hope you'll enjoy it.

It is not beta'd since, well, I don't have one and I usually cannot catch my own mistakes, but it'll do. I ran it through a few editing sites (some messed it up so I'm kind of sad), and I apologize if there's any errors. 

EDIT 4/7/21 (LMAO I FORGOT WHAT YEAR IT IS IM DYING): I edited this and people, can I just apologize to you for my terrible mistakes?? I have read many stories and while lots and lots of those have needed some work, no one will ever be able to beat my error-count. If you haven't seen already, I have an issue where I leave out certain words. not entirely sure why I do but it's just natural. Sorry for any of you who saw it in remediation as it was all bold for whatever reason. I hope this makes things better!!

Love ya, hope you enjoy this, and ciao~


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