Royalty + ChanBaek, possibly…?

Hello, readers. I'm going to respond to your comments in a little while, but I mainly came here to ask a very, very important question. 

(It's not that important but I would like your opinion 😁)

Ya girl loves royalty fics so much, you guys don't even know. Royalty and ABO are my favorite tropes in the whole damn world...

Anyway, because I love them so much, I was thinking of writing a fic with a royalty trope. Not like Korean historical royalty because I feel like I wouldn't do honor to the sophistication and history of that kind of concept. It would be a regular royalty trope with kings and queens and arranged marriages, but I promise I'll try to make it my own and not like all the other ones.

What would you think about that?




If I were to write a royalty AU, would you read it?

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