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Infinite are sassy divas~

By XGazeRockX posted
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KPOP MALE Idols who are Diva,Femenine and even Prettier than girls!

By TheHeiressOfCupid posted
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Sungmin as Hyuna

By theloveinlife posted
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D-I-V-A. Diva.

By jyrasaurus posted
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I type diva and this is what I found...

By springjasmine91 posted
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key gif spam ^^

By charmadarang posted
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keep calm... (post 15)

By seouless_child posted
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Diva Key~ ^^

By otpgirl-juliette posted
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Day Two: My Top Bias from EXO M

By SapphireQueen posted
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By alftnsba posted
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They are Fabulous. ಥ_ಥ omfg.

By lnshgy posted
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