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Walking a Tightrope

 It's never easy when you fall for someone unexpectedly.  It just happens. Three friends, two boys and one girl. Hanbin took the first step to ask Jeongyeon to be his girlfriend. Bobby stayed on the side with a smile that broke his heart. 

Comedy fics (3)

Sehun fics (5)

Collection of my Sehun centric fics

World of (4)

Playboy falling in love. Arranged marriage with a gangleader. Twisted fairy tale. That's pretty much about my 2min & jongkey stories.

How GOT7 Came to Be (1)

Cutlass Trilogy (3)

Prodigy (Prequel), Cutlass, X Marks the Spot (Sequel) trilogy!

Us Together Forever (2)

Break Me, Fix Me (2)

This is Our Love Story (2)

One Shots (32)

These are all my one-shots

Collabs (4)

These are all the stories I'm writing with a co-author

of bunnies and bears ; short story collection (1)

collection of my one shot, two shot, multi shot drabble stories.


Just like the name suggested

Lawyers Kaisoo (2)

Interns Kyungsoo and Chanyeol working at KH Law Firm run by partners Jongin, Junmyeon, Minseok, and Luhan with intern bosses Jongdae and Baekhyun + paralegal Sehun

The Fragile Youth Timeline (1)

⫸Troubled⫷ (2)

Certain students find their lives tangled like vines.. connected like a web.

Markjin - One Shot (34)

Fre'limar (2)

Husbands (3)

Jungkook is the CEO of an advertisement company and Taehyung is the most famous model there.

Ivy League (2)

taegi (1)

don't mind