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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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The DayWalker [Sehun x OC]

Mystic National University is hunted by unknown faceless creatures, the vampires and dark forces. It is now up to the Daywalker Sehun, High Priest Baekhyun, and Noble Jongin to unearth the frail conundrum that envelopes the campus.

English Stories (6)

My stories in English. --- My translation stories in English with my not-so-perfect English skills.

Other groups (12)

Including: - Shinee - Block B - BAP - VIXX + Boys love and idolxoc +

EXO (24)

EVERY EXO FANFIC I HAVE: - EXO and former exo members (OT12) - English and Spanish. - EXO idol x reader/you - EXO idol x oc - EXO ships (BL)

Boys Love (10)

Boys Love fics written in Spanish or English. Fics Boy Love escritos en español o inglés.

Kris / Wu Yifan x Reader / You (5)

Todos mis fics de Kris escritos en español o en inglés. My Kris' fics written in English or Spanish

ChanBaek ESPAÑOL (2)

Mis antoguos fics de ChaBaek en español

Park Chanyeol x OC (2)

My Park Chanyeol x OC fics!

Park Chanyeol x Reader/You (7)

My Chanyeol x Reader fanfics!

BTS Life Imagines (5)

A series with multiple stories (lmao if I can remember to write and not get writer's block) each member will have their own specific girlfriend, and the whole group has one specific gf. This is all boyxgirl, and the stories are unrelated for the most part. There will be a few cameos from other pairings or idols in the stories, depending on the story and setting. Some will be paranormal, some ty, some fluffy, some alpha/omega, college!au, etc. The pairings are as follows: Kim Seok-jin- D

Harmony: The Past, Present and Future (4)

Follow Kang Seulgi and Bae Joohyun's love life.

Parabola (4)

Stories behind the stage. Extension of The Small Accounts with dedicated chapters.

Corgi Collections (5)

High Series (1)

Bangtangst Series (2)

BTS stories with the boys written into complicated and angsty situations

sandarapark (10)

all the soulmate aus (2)

Smear (2)

Heavy 2kim saga

Loona The World (1)

All My BTS Fics (1)

bromance (2)