Series (1,064 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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What Miracles Are Made Of

A Japanese school-girl fell in love with an out-of-reach famous hot actor, Kim Kai, who lived in Seoul and had millions of fan all over the world. With her intelligence, she got a scholarship to Seoul and found her life changed drastically.

From Ten to Zero (Dystopian AU) (2)

Leave Your Mark (3)

A collection of oneshots that follows the lives of twelve different girls and the lives they share with each other, inspired by songs listened to.

The M/M Fic Directory (82)

These fanfictions are stories for those of you that love filled storytelling and/or themed plotlines.

The F/M Story Catalogue (49)

These fanfictions are Non- oriented stories for those of you that dislike filled storytelling and/or themed plotlines.

Moonstaar's Stories (1)

Touch (2)

Lifetime journeys (1)

A Series of Cozy Stories (2)

A collection of stories that take place from the same AU in which Mina and Sana kiss for the first time at 9 years old and they fall in love with each other as they grow up together.

the thirdwheelers saga (3)

loosely connected stories following chaewon and hitomi's journey throughout their time in iz*one.

The sun and moon says (3)

Moonsun one-shot collection

Chaeyeon's Harem (2)

Chaekyul (6)

Seulrene (11)

Ravenous Brother (2)

Blossom (3)

dum vivimus vivamus (3)

a series of stories about a few fictional girl groups attempting to make it in the kpop industry. staring astral and bloom (with more to come)!

People Come and Go, So Does Pain (2)

Oneshot Series (19)

Oneshots by me

Foresee Series (2)

The Foresee Series

Lime Series (3)

Any story part of the Pentagon series I have going on.