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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Seulgi is an up-and-coming racing driver, Irene is the veteran champion, and there's more tension off the track than on. 20 drivers, 10 teams, 2 hopelessly competitive romantics, and only 1 World Championship trophy.

graphic services (2)

Close Friends or True Love (3)

Friends Forever (2)

You x Kwangmin series

Reading In The Winter Wonderland (1)

Finding Help (1)

Sesul Diaries (7)

For Sesul lovers I present you...

Michaeng (3)

My michaeng fics

Saida (10)

My saida fics

baby boy jongin (1)

Candy & Jelly (1)

Saeheung University ❤️ Series 새흥대학교 (3)

This an alternate universe where idols are regular ole college students attending a fictional university (Saeheung U) located in the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea. Most of the idols put together in this fictional series are considered #crackships and are not your typical "ships". There's romance, there's confusion with such emotions regarding love and there's possibly even love triangles or one-sided crushes. As of now (November 19), there are only two published stories and a third one dra

it's all a bit cliché (1)

in an universe with clichés, several girls find each other.

4419: Haven (2)

Ours - taekook (2)

The 'our' series.

Jungkook (2)

The Berry Good Agents (2)

Ttoodungie Series (4)

The Twice series of different genres of fiction for Twice! A series that May home me in making the characters more similar in real life but with a few twists,stay tuned!

Written in the stars (2)

Symptoms and Stages (3)

The biggest changes start with the smallest efforts. A veteran cop. A Rookie assassin. A corrupted system.

obsession. (2)