Series (1,022 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.

Sparrow's Wish (2)

Oneshot requests

Solving crimes, catching murderers, creating us (2)

Oh Sehun is a young and cunning coroner with a mysterious past, who gets assigned to be partners with Kim Jongin, a hot-headed FBI Special Agent. At first it seems like they can't stand each other, but you know what they say; never judge a book by its cover.

That One Guy (2)

House of Blossoms (4)

Part Time (2)

tfoc/ycacbh (2)

Story one of parent yunbin meeting and becoming friends, and a continuation of their kids all grown up.

The Desires Series (3)

Billionaire romance series (1)

This series contains no. Of stories of billionaire romance. .."stubborn beloved "is the 1st book of the series. Each book can be read as stand alone.

This is a mess ( but a ok one ) (1)

Follow Boyfriends Seokmin and Mingyu on their journey on a rocky road full of awkward crushes , homophobic parents , misunderstandings and other hardships . Oh and don't forget Jihoon you know their best friend who had a crush on them both that their trying to help get a love life

Maldita curiosidad (2)

Dos multichapters: - Se suponía que era hetero: Taoris & Hunhan - Maldita curiosidad: Chanbaek/Baekyeol Pueden leerse de forma independiente si lo preferís pero mejor seguir el orden ^^

Te Reto (2)

Serie de dos ONE SHOT (Chanyeol x you) en español.

Growing Pains (2)

Bangtan's Luck (8)

Seven different stories of love, dreams, friendships, adventures, timings, sacrifices, commitment and a lot of letting go . . . How much have BTS sacrificed for their careers? Will they finally have their happy ending? Destiny always has its way, but what does fate hold to each and every one of them? How far can LUCK bring them? Can you handle the romance? the fluff? the tension? the competition? the ? **ANTI's Luck **Not-So-ANTI's Luck **An Ex's Luck **Queen's Luck **The New

The S Series (2)

Mini series featuring Jimin!

Crimson Desires Trilogy (3)

A story of love and war not even time could defer.

F & I (2)

Seulkai Series (2)

A love story(?) between Seulgi and Jongin told in a series of one shots

Twice Chronicles Series (5)

The Twice Chronicles Series of Twice member's Chronicles. A story about Twice member's life's, but each have a unique mental or physical illness.

The Pet Collection (2)

A spin-off collection of "Baekhyun's Pet"

break ups (1)

A series of stories having to do with breaking up.