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Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this story is about Mark, who is the survivor of an epidemic. He is cast out of his clan because of that. He was supposed to die, but woke up, and now he is Damned. (NCT)

my Sechen Fics (2)

All my chaptered stories and one shots that are Sechen (Chenhun) centric or have them as a main couple. [Sehun x Jongdae]

my Krisho Fics (1)

My chaptered stories and one shots that are Krisho centric or have Krisho as one of the main couples. [Kris x Junmyeon]

my Chanbaek Fics (7)

All of my chaptered stories and one shots that are Chanbaek/Baekyeol (Chanyeol and Baekhyun) centric.

the Slave series (2)

My "Slave" North Korean Mafia universe fics, drabbles and one shots.

K-Pop Archives (9)

The Story of The People Around Us (1)

We see these individuals everyday, but have never stopped to wonder about their stories. Now, I will tell you these simple, yet, heartwarming and angst, stories of strong and beautiful humans. Stop your current activities and come join me in this incredible adventure. Don't forget to bring a snack or drink because these stories will take a while to finish.

Love Series (3)

Countdown to Midnight (2)

Taeyeon and Jessica struggle to cope with their complicated relationship as stepsisters.

fandroid's evilness (1)

A New World (4)

Ghibli Studios (1)

Vmin (1)

iKON (1)

B1A4 (2)

BTOB (4)

Highlight (10)

Oneshot Collection (3)

A Combination Of Colors (2)

Not so ordinary combinations with hidden beauty, that's what this series is about...

If K-Pop Fan Fics were Real (2)

If K-Pop videos were real what would they be like? Expect a lot of AUs in this series and a few different groups.

Unexpected (3)

She came for revenge and justice on her parents death but who would have thought she would find love, unexpectedly.