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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Unbreakable (Suho x OC)

Kang Sihyeon is the lone-wolf no one acknowledges. Kim Joonmyun is an alpha at the top tier of the student body of the Academy of Lullin. When the bond of a mate is recognized by Joonmyun when he turns 18, he is estatic. Sihyeon? Not so much.

The First Snow (3)

IPT (2)

Contest Entries (1)

Ye stories I've entered into contests I guess..

Simon Says Be Merry°18 (1)

Drabbles with a Christmas theme c: of NCT ships That I'll be writing all throughout December of 2018 :v probably...

Misericordiae Vita (3)

Jihyo's Harem (4)

Jihyo × Twice & other female idols

Yellow (1)

random one shot stories of Michaeng that focuses and softer,fluffier and happier plots for our delulu shipper minds

Jihyo & Got7 (2)

Jihyo × Got7. Mostly

RED (2)

L.U.S.T (1)

Two-shots series including Sweet Trap & Licentious. The series begins with Sweet Trap, a story about Kim Kai, a young CEO who just married his beloved wife, Park Mia. However, the return of his best friend who is also his ex-girlfriend, Park Airi confused him between his real feelings and his desire. Deep inside he is aware of the trap pulling him yet he couldn't resist falling deeper. The sequel, Licentious is a spin-off of its prequel. This time revolving the love affair between Park Mia and h

Jihyo and BTS (4)

Jihyo × BTS. Mostly s. Other are just pure softness. Very few angst

Blues (2)

One-shots of stories connected to each other about satzu

A Divergence of 0.0037% (2)

A set of stories that takes place in the real world where Mina and Sana are in love with each other. Just a slight change from the real world we live in, a divergence of 0.0037%.


3 part story - Taekookseok, Yoonmin, Namjin (2)

graphic services (2)

Close Friends or True Love (3)

Friends Forever (2)

You x Kwangmin series

Reading In The Winter Wonderland (1)

Finding Help (1)