Series (1,022 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.

YouTube and You (1)

SEVENTEEN One Shots (1)

Every song has a story to tell...

it's crack, isn't it? (2)

Compilation of all my Attempt at Humor fics.

Crawl Out Through the Fallout (1)

Irene wakes up from cryostasis to search for her long lost family. Along the way, she meets a Miss Nanny robot, a Brotherhood soldier, and a very special mechanic. In chronological order: 1) The End of the World 2) A Kiss (To Build A Dream On) 3) Blue Moon

the theory of best possible worlds (2)

Red Velvet imported in already-existing fantasy universes, like the Harry Potter franchise and Fallout Video Games.

collection (4)

applyfic (4)

NU'EST (1)

By K-

Infinite (1)

By K-

Monsta X (1)

By K-

Rutas (2)

Dance, Something That Unites Us (2)

Nuestras Vacaciones (5)

Bloody Seduction (2)

NCT stories (6)

For all NCTzens, by a humble NCTzen

EXO Halloween Series (7)

A series of EXO Monster On-Shots and Series for the month of October!

Kokopop series (3)

the kokopop series is a series of one shots of exo members , going around exo's song kokopop's english lyrics

Wolf Pack Series (2)

Baby, Baby Series (2)

suju (2)

By K-