2.1.1 Update

Time between versions are slowing down now since all bugs that we know of have been fixed and now it's mostly about getting more features out. The big things in this update are getting more notifications to work properly as well as the new Labels section and the ability to categorize stories using labels.

- Added push notifications for story and blog updates.
- Added subscriptions updates and new followed stories and blogs in notifications screen.
- Added stories and blogs followed sections.
- Added blog subscriptions section.
- Tapping on notifications now route to the appropriate screen.
- Labels section now available in the right sidebar and users can now create and delete labels, label stories, and view all stories for a particular label.
- Redesigned message forms for ease of use and with larger input fields.
- Webviews now allow users to follow external links.
- Story comment field now follows the comment privacy settings set on the site.


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Will this also be released for Apple users?
Oh, no wonder the old app is no longer opening in my updating phone :(( sadly push notification is not yet working on the updated app. I hope as I read the rest of this post, there's one about push notification. I'll add a comment again if I didn't find my answer.
Thank you so much❤
Thank you so much for your hard work 💜 💗
Once again, thank you. I'm very grateful❤
You're honestly the best there can be. Thank you so much for this amazing development, it means a lot to me. Thanks for your continuous hard work, I'm grateful :)
Thanks for all that you do, Jason and hope the angry emails have stopped or at least lessen. that the old company is gone, but really appreciate you designing a new one and building it up. Hope you find an app developer too!! Once again thank you!!
yes, the old app just suddenly disappeared from my phone... but wow, you're always so amazing and i'm truly so grateful that you always try your best to give and sustain this site. thank you for the hard work. i hope the new app will be of great use soon!
Oh I see, at first I was really confused with the sudden change lol but some users briefed me about what was happening with the old app! I'm still kinda lost with the new interface but I'm very thankful for your hard work here! I think it's impressive how much effort u're putting into this ♡

Currently my hugest issue is that I cannot use the night mode properly anymore cuz some texts simply dissapear, so I hope u could fix that sometime! But no rush! :)
WOW! just wow! as always, I am truly grateful for the hard work you always give to sustain this site. I'm an app user and I'm honestly not a big fan of the new update but I know I will get used to it hehet! Anyways, still I like this site as always.
Thank you for all your work! Several things I did notice about the new update are that it won't let me open links and it also doesn't let me view my own story and requires me to subscribe to them which I found very odd. Also, stories with layouts look really off in the new version with scrolling within these layouts being impossible. Lastly, when I'm scrolling down and an ad pops up, the header rapidly pops up and down which can be distracting so maybe for a smoother experience, eliminate this from happening?
Thanks as always for all your work!! I'll need to try out the app again once all the bugs are fixed and everything is added, I usually just go right to the site.
There's an odd problem that I can't log into my account via web browser on Android. It's been going on for a while now. Pretty much tried everything as well.
Hi, I have problem, app won't let me to open links and please, can you fix that?