2.1.1 Update

Time between versions are slowing down now since all bugs that we know of have been fixed and now it's mostly about getting more features out. The big things in this update are getting more notifications to work properly as well as the new Labels section and the ability to categorize stories using labels.

- Added push notifications for story and blog updates.
- Added subscriptions updates and new followed stories and blogs in notifications screen.
- Added stories and blogs followed sections.
- Added blog subscriptions section.
- Tapping on notifications now route to the appropriate screen.
- Labels section now available in the right sidebar and users can now create and delete labels, label stories, and view all stories for a particular label.
- Redesigned message forms for ease of use and with larger input fields.
- Webviews now allow users to follow external links.
- Story comment field now follows the comment privacy settings set on the site.

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