2.1.0 Stable

The 2.1.0 version marks a stable milestone where major bugs have been fixed and core features have been completed. The version number was not updated in the left sidebar but the most obvious difference between this version and the past ones is that tags and authors in stories and blogs are now links and are tappable.

- Tags and authors in stories and blogs are now tappable.
- Now showing which subscriptions have been newly updated.
- Added "+ Chapter" and "+ Page" buttons.
- Fixed tag suggestion field.
- Fixed blog Like and Subscribe buttons.
- Fixed bug where blog authors were unable to view their own restricted access blogs.
- Tapping on images in the gallery now leads to its corresponding web view.
- Improved loading performance of images in the gallery.
- Fixed thumbnail covers for community promoted stories.
- Karma amount in right sidebar now survives app restarts.
- Karma amount is now updated whenever a user visits their own profile.
- Memory in listings is now managed more efficiently.
- Fixed minor layout issues.

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