Among the members, who do you think is the most affectionate towards the other members?

  • Sowon
  • Yerin
  • Eunha
  • Yuju
  • Sinb
  • Umji

About Me

· A Gfriend fan after I saw their choreographies in Me Gustas Tu, Glass Bead and Rough, respectively, which I found out as I was curious with Me Gustas Tu’s lyrics (I was trying to learn Spanish that time). This curiosity steamed from Weekly Idol when they guested with Mamamoo.

  • An Eunha biased before I saw Sinb’s qi in dance and heard Sowon’s underrated beautiful voice (she just needs confidence and exposure, I think) now I am torn among them.
  • I love every ship in Gfriend. The first ship I was into, was the Eunbiline (I really love their interactions) and then Tom and Jerry’s bickering had me anticipate for their constant push and pull. Then there’s the cute love affair of both maknaes (UmB is special). But above all, I fell in love with the opposite-attracts concept of ship that is WonHa.

· I was never into K-Pop until them.


· More about myself, I’m kind of ‘the perfectionist’. I’m never easily satisfied even with my work. I easily get irritated with mistakes (I’m learning to cope with it actually).

  • A Melancholic-Choleric who likes numbers and colors.
  • I could be brutally honest when I don't shut my trap up.
  • I could be the worst person you’d have a movie marathon with. I don’t just watch for entertainment. Even I myself hate it sometimes that I’m very particular with the technicalities as much as the story.


  • “Hard to please.” You’ll hear that of me, from my friends. Then add to it, weird and ADHD (like yeah???!!) oh, plus bipolar. (Don’t I have great friends?)


  • The great homebody! XD


  • The smell of books and wood shavings (more like pencil shavings) are my calming agents.


  • “A spectator of life.” –this is how I best describe myself. I love watching people around me- observing and analyzing behaviors.


· I have the habit of riding public transpo just to anywhere then hop to another and go back home.

  • People call it nowadays, DYSLEXIA but for my parents it's me being a LEFTY. haha! Still a struggle for me to read without jumbling letters but the great thing to it is I could read words in backwards like it's the most normal thing. Because honestly, sometimes, I can't see the difference.