XOXO: Exo's New Album Highlights and My Impressions

Okay, hello, hi.

So, I suppose that I'm not the only one that listened to the highlight medley of Exo's new album, XOXO. Let me just get some things out of the way first. I'll do Overall Impressions and Version-specific Impressions. 

Let's get it; let's go.

Overall Impressions: I dislike the title song, I dislike the title song, I really, really, really dislike the title song. Let me just say that it's not because Exo didn't work hard on "Wolf." They did. I to-tal-ly respect their hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and efforts. The fact that they're coming back soon is just a testament to how hard they've worked. I just do not like "Wolf" at all. I'm so sorry. But the rest of the album sounds amazing. amazing. Amazing. Amazing. AmazingAmazing. I really ing like how nice this album sounds. I like that some people that didn't get to sing before actually ing sing. Like I didn't know that some people in Exo could sing like that. Just...yes.

Version-Specific Impressions:

Korean ver.: Can I just say yes yes yes? "Baby Don't Cry" and "Black Pearl" flow so well and I will definitely have them on replay once I purchase the album. "Don't Go" and "Let Out the Beast" sound kind of generic but still beautiful. Did I miss the hype on "365" though? I kind of don't see the allure in it idk. "Heart Attack" is a winner. I will also have that on replay. It has a soft R&B feel that I can't get over. "Baby" sounds great and so does "My Lady." Wow. They did great on just about every single song but "Wolf." It's like me and "Hyde": I have a very love-hate relationship with VIXX's Hyde and I just can't get over the chorus/rap being the only part I look forward to. Like I believe "Light it Up" would have been a better title song for VIXX's Hyde album but OH WELL. Maybe "Wolf" will be the other way around where the verses are better than the chorus (I pray that's the case). I would have made "Black Pearl" the title song from what I've heard of it so far. Does that make me a bad person?

Chinese ver.: "Wolf" sounds even worse omg please. Chen can sing his ing off; "Baby Don't Cry" and "Black Pearl" sound AMAZING. Strangely enough, "Don't Go" and "Let Out the Beast" flow much better in Chinese. "365" still doesn't do anything for me. "Heart Attack," "Baby," and "My Lady" still sound amazing. "Peter Pan"? I don't have an opinion on it either way; kind of generic. Like, if it plays on my iPod, I'll listen to it, but I don't exactly love it right now tbh.

Conclusion: All of these views are speculatory right now and (un)like the other Exo fans, I'm keeping calm until the album release! Remain calm, get plenty of Kleenex, ice cream, and chocolate! Make sure you have a stable internet connection and some friends because when everything gets released, the internet will not be a safe place! Have fun you guys, and remember, stay calm and love Exo!


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I guess you should be glad you wont be around me when they come back...but your phone... oh ho HO YOUR PHONE! You'll be getting 4385729 texts just from me o_o
Brace yourself, they're only a few days away! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH