Making Fantastic Baby More Fantastic


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Wow, Fantastic Baby.

As a kick-off of my KPop Opinion/Review blog that no one will read, I’m going to be reviewing one of Big Bang’s catchiest, club-bumping, tub-thumping, quotable, singable, rappable songs.


Big Bang has been on the KPop radar since 2006. Signed to YG Entertainment, they’ve had their hits, their misses, their scandals, and their calls to redemption just like any other group. My initial opinion of Fantastic Babywas that I immediately wanted to turn off the lights, grab any rainbow-colored glowing accessory or implement, and start dancing like no one was watching.

Dafuq Was Going On?! 

Score: 5/5

Upon first watching the music video, I tried to do what most analysts of anything try to do; understand just what the hell was going on. From what I got from the music video, we are into a post-apocalyptic world where the arts are suppressed by DA MAN. Being the post-apocalyptic ruler of The Land of Beats and Club-Bumping, G-Dragon gathers his five man army of the Barons of Dance, Rap, and Bad-Assery, eventually ridding themselves of the shackles of oppression and overthrowing the Buzzkill Republic. Then everyone has an extremely bad- dance party, complete with quadriplegic Wookies.



But to be honest, I loved the out of the whole feel of the video, right up until the very end. You’ve got the oppressive government on one side with shields brandishing ‘No Music’ stickers, then you’ve got the convening of the LEAGUE OF FUNK consisting of Lord G-Dragon, Steampunk Pirate Ship Italian War Hero T.O.P, Funk Monk Taeyang, Imprisoned Junkyard Salesman Daesung,  and Woman Wrangler Seungri. With their coming together, the common people overthrow the government and music, art, and creativity is released into the world.

Kickass, if you ask me. 

How About the Song?

Score: 3.5/5

The song, lyrically, is really…how do I even put it? I mean, I guess it depends on your interpretation, but I think it fits the video pretty well. Take the bridge, for instance.

“Jump at the sound of your heartbeat till this comes to an end, yeah

I can’t baby, don’t stop this, Just go corrupt today (go crazy and rave) let’s go.”

The bridge to me really brings together the critical points in the music video. It’s no coincidence that the bridge comes just before the grand uprising against the Buzzkill Republic and comes right before the humongous DANCE PARTY OF LIBERATION. Also, I want to bring to attention the gorgeous, adrenaline-pumping, suspense-building background chanting in the bridge. I love the bridge because of that chanting; you know that Daesung and Taeyang are about to belt it out. T.O.P’s rapping and G-Dragon’s undeniable flow should always be placed either next to or in tandem with each other; they give the song that really nice dance-and-shout-at-the-top-of-your-lung-ability that most people look for in a club song.

Overall, the meaning of the song ties into the music video well enough, but it’s really the vocals of Daesung and Taeyang and the rapping of G-Dragon and T.O.P that really bring the song together in that heart-pounding beat that I love.

Members Don’t Dress Themselves, You Know.

Score: 5/5

In terms of clothing, the outfits fit. And that, I find, is really rare in KPop videos. There are usually four main categories for dressing KPop groups, “Hey, let’s make these guys look really ridiculous!” or “Let’s toss them in some suits.” or “Let’s emphasize their abs/legs (for the ladies) as much as possible.” or “Let’s put some work into this and make them look cool/kickass/badass.” And these four approaches are appropriate in different scenarios. YG went with the Ridiculous category (at least for G-Dragon), and it WORKED. T.O.P looked absolutely stunning in that long red coat and in the gray war hero uniform. Oh, don’t even get me started about the fur coats/capes over the shoulders made me squee.


Yes, Captain T.O.P, I’ll—WAIT.

Is the background in that portrait The Great Wave off Kanagawa?

Hgnrghdf—two masterpieces in one.

I liked the change from brilliantly ridiculous to modern-day graphic jackets and tight pants. Another consequence of the liberation of the world! The change from Daesung’s ness from the waist up and T.O.P’s Yo-ho attire to their being in really nice suits was a hint as to the changes.


What’s Their Score?

Grand Total: 13.5/15

I love Fantastic Baby; as a person that reads really deep into lyrics and the like, I felt like the lyrics should have conveyed more of an uprising feeling. The bridge kind of carried that message across which was good, but I really think that T.O.P and G-Dragon could have carried this song a bit more. The urge that this song gives you to get up and do something about something is so overpowering that when you hear G-Dragon’s first lines, you’re already lilililalala-ing along with the song. The setting and plotline of the video were nicely made; it certainly kept my interest (although I still don’t know where, why, or how Seungri and his clawing woman harem fit in…


Oh, and look at who’s suddenly not complaining.)

Overall, the lyrics were really the only things that tripped me up. Everything else was spot on for me, and that’s why Big Bang’s FANTASTIC BABY gets the very nice, very club-bumping score of 13.5.



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Omg I love ur reviews, even this is the 1st one for me lol keep doing them!! ^^