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Hello Kenzie! Thank you so much for applying for Eclipse! I'm going to combine both reviews for your characters just to make it a little easier so lets get right into it!

First off, Chaewoong! Ahh a brother for chaesis! I really love Chaewoong's background in the idol industry. It sounds like he has been through a lot but at the same time it seems very realistic to me. It actually made me feel quite sad when I was reading because he was so close so many times but didn't make it. If he was a real idol, I would be rooting for him! I also think if he was chosen it would work well with some of the other characters that have stray kids and itzy connections if they are also chosen!

Moving on to Soye, I love Soye. I didn't know how I would feel about a member so young as I feel like some people tend to make them seem more mature but I find Soye very charming. Her personality likes, and really everything feels very realistic. I feel like she would be a very fun character write and expand on over time and watch grow throughout the story. Since she is so young there are a couple of things I would like you to add to her application. First off, will she grown any taller? If so could you add that to her height section. Also if Eclipse gets really successful and since she doesn't have the best grades, would she even bother with high school or would she start and then drop out or to please her parents would she continue to the end? Also would you be open to her having a love interest once she is older?

All in all, I really love both Chaewoong and Soye! Since the things I would like you to add to Soye's application aren't that much I am haooy to let you know that they have both been accepted! Please let me know once you have added those things to Soye's application!
Ooooo Kwangsu and Chaewoong would totally be friends!!!