so many ideas, so little time...

Hi loves! I've been on this site for 2 years now and I've been loving every minute of it. 

Writing is my favorite creative outlet, and I've always suffered from the blessing/curse of having a vivid imagination. 

There's so much I want to write! So many plot ideas, so many characters, so so so many tropes I want to explore, but I absolutely don't know where to start. 

Guilty as charged, I don't update as often and I find myself losing that writing spark once I publish a story. Writer's block is a b-word I feel terrible that I don't update consistently, but gosh- pumping out a chapter is hard. 

I tried taking a break from writing, but when I do- my brain is ALIVE. As in, it won't SHUT UP, and the itch to create and build a story eats me alive. 

Anyhoo, I thought I'd get that off my chest. 

I'd love to make more meaningful connections here on this site, not just with those who read my fics (I love ya'll thank you so so much for supporting my stories), but with other authors as well. 

Think about the fun brainstorming sessions we can have together! Fangirl moments over our fav idols and c'mon, the Pinterest boards we could make together? Immaculate. 

My sheltered shy- is incapable of reaching out to others, even with my anonymity, on this site. Writing this blog and expressing this is my way of reaching out. :D

On another note:

Ideas! Tropes! Characters!

These are the ideas that have been keeping me up at night lately.

1. Kim mother-effing Mingyu. This 187cm tall hunk of muscle HAUNTS me. Why? Because he is a gift from God with the most devilish aura. The stories I want to write about him ahem- not for the faint-hearted. 

Ideas are but not limited to: (look at me using the MUN format, so academic)

Fantasy trope! Hear me out. Cliche and done before, yes, but! It'll hit the spot.

Mingyu as a dark knight. The best soldier on the battlefield, master of a sword. He's hot. Very hot. Smoking hot. All the maidens swoon for him, all the witches want to cast love potions on him. 

Enter OC. Princess. Pretty and pink, sheltered, the youngest child. A little on the damsel in distress side, a bit frail, which is perfect because she'd need a strong knight to protect her. Boom. Mingyu. A dark brooding knight. Traumatized. Needs a little sunshine in his life. Over protective. Obsessive. Mean at first. Rough. Will break bones for his princess. Plus, the ual tension between him and OC? Choke me. A forbidden/secret love. The ? 100 million Scoville units. 

Will I write this? Yes, maybe, hopefully someday. 

2. My fav, my heart, my OG, my sweet boy, Jenoh Yee. 

Ok, we all can tell Jeno's my favorite. Sue me, but understand that Jeno has a charm to him I'm obsessed with. Sweet yet charismatic, alluring, and hot? He's a caramel candy disguised as a hot Cheeto. The Jeno I like to write is romantic. Down bad. Whipped. C'mon, Apathy? He's the sweetest thing. Douse me in insulin. Fake it Till We Fall in Love? He's a cheeky bastard, but I'm getting there. This med student Jeno is going to give you'll a toothache so bad you'll sprint to the dentist. 

I love Jeno, I do. But a trope and characterization I want to explore is drumroll please...the legendary, the iconic, the classic, tsundere. 

Hear. Me. Out. 

Theme: Superheros. Spies. Action. School-based. 

NCT will be characterized into different sectors represented by different colors based on their special abilities/powers. Eg. Red: Physical powers. Super strength, speed. Green: Elemental powers. Air bending, plant growing. Blue: Mind powers, which include abilities such as telekinesis, dream walking, and in Jeno's case, mind control.

Yes. Basically, I want him to be a cooler, meaner, darker version of Edward Cullen. Jeno's the strongest agent. He reads minds and manipulates them. Literally OP. 

Enter OC. Of course, it's got to be our girl Jang-mi. 

But this Jang-mi isn't the usual snappy, sassy, fierce girl we all know and love. This Jang-mi is Rose. For those who haven't read Apathy, Rose is Jeno's nickname for her, and the name I associate with her vulnerable self. 

Jang-mi's power? Desire. 

The ability to identify and influence a person to act on their deepest desires. 

Why you may ask? Because! Be-ing-cause, who is Jeno's deepest desire going to be? Her! 

Tropes will include the classic: I'm totally not into you, but I show up on your doorstep and demand we cuddle for the night. I'm definitely not into you, but I will sock anyone in the face that looks at you because you're  m i n e. Perfection, is it not? Will definitely have to write this one. 


Okay, I have a couple for Mark. 

I'll start with the oldest idea that I've tossed around in my head and contemplated writing all the damn time. 

Inspired by the amazing All of Us Are Dead series, I want to yeet Mark Lee into a zombie-infested setting so frigging bad. Why? Let me ask YOU this. Why NOT? 

C'mon, he's spiderman. Jokes aside, this Mark will be your classic chivalrous MC. Perhaps class president. Serious when he needs to be, but overall well-liked. I confess Mark isn't the spice in this story. It's going to be the OC. 

OC. Girl I have yet to name is going to be a bomb. A film junkie obsessed with guts and everything gory, she's going to be the saving grace. Smart, witty, an outcast. Strained relationship with the Queen Bee character- ahem, most likely going to be Jang-mi, and perhaps- she's Haechan's twin? Don't ask why. I think it adds some sparkle to the plot.

While Haechan is that jock, outgoing, popular kid, OC is your typical back of the class, headphones on blasting death metal, hides a lighter in her shoe, and always on a lollipop. She carries around a pocket knife, and everyone thinks she's weird, but no one dares say it to her face for fear she'll break their noses. It's a very- good boy, bad Girl, situation. She's smart cookie. A tough one too, and surprise surprise, here's the twist. How is it that she's able to walk right past the zombies undetected? Think World War Z, Brad Pitt, the ending. Zombies ignore her. They walk right past her like she's air. How? Why? 

Read to find out.

If I ever do write it. 

Second idea! A continuation of Fake it Till We Fall in Love.

University setting. Mark's a laid-back character in this one. The girl? Hah! A little firecracker. A heathen. A MENACE. For those who have read Fake it Till We Fall in Love, Mark's a mechanical engineer. So you just know he got some cool cars. Ridin n rollin. Vroom, vroom. 

Tropes: I have to put my girl on a leash because she bites. Wakes him up by pouncing on him. Vibrates with energy. Zooms whenever she can. Mark just wants to sleep, but SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. Growls instead of talks. Doesn't know how to whisper. A waterfall and a calm river. 

4. Our lovable Jung Jaehyun. 

Valentine boy, the MC of my murder mystery fic, Covert.

Hmmm, this idea is a tricky one to explain. It's going to be a short one. One shot. Sad.

Tear-jerking, hopefully, if I execute it properly. 

OC. Jinah Suh. Setting. Seoul. Both working. Mid 20s. Married. Happy. Content. 

The story will be centered around the idea of the red strings of fate. This is my favorite fictional love story feature. 

Marriage is treating them both well. They're in love. Always has been since the day they met. Jinah's still got that sassy attitude, and Jaehyun is still our swoony dimple boy. Everything's going great for both of them. They live in an expensive apartment, drive good cars, eat good food, and earn good paychecks. Good. Everything is good...until Jinah finds out she's dying. 

Heartbroken, afraid, and worried not only for her future but for Jaehyun's, she visits a psychic and realizes the only way he'll move on from her. the only way Jaehyun'll live a normal and happy life when she's gone, is if she cuts their red strings of fate. This way, he won't suffer. But once cut, they'll never meet again in future lifetimes. They'll never love again. 

This story will have a play in time. Their past when they were falling in love, and their future, in which Jinah is desperately trying to get Jaehyun to fall out of love with her. It'll be an emotional rollercoaster, a story that is one long poem, the style of writing I'm most accustomed to and enjoy a lot. Pain. It'll hurt. Much like Apathy. 

I hope to plunge a knife in your chest, turn my words into onions that make you bawl, and to leave you crippled in your beds after you reach The End. 

Not all stories have to have a happy ending. I'm personally a er for happy endings, but I want to explore a non HEA story. I wonder if writing this story will break me. Curious. Very curious. 

Tropes: If you love someone, let them go. I've loved you in all my lifetimes. I don't want to keep hurting you. Baby, you deserve better. 

5. Oh. Oh, oh. Oh lord. Oh Sehun. 

Oh Sehun, the backbone of AFF, the classic, the legend, the icon, the one we all love. Who doesn't ing love Sehun and who wouldn't tear their heart out and chuck it at him? Oh Sehun is...Sehun. He's God-tier. Naturally cute, but also mind-blowingly handsome, and has so much potential to fit into various characterizations. 

This idea, this plot, is a simple one, in a sense. It's also complex. 

Unfortunately, the complex part is the backstory of it all, so I have to start with that. Hold your horses, bear with me. 

Setting. Think of it like The King: Eternal Monarch. It's Korea. But in an alt universe. 

This Korea, this fictional Korea, has a rich history. The foundation of the country was built thousands of years ago by what the people call- the 12 Clans of the Kingdom of Korea. 

Now, have you ever wondered by most Koreans have the same surnames? My fictional explanation for this is: every Korean comes from one of the 12 clans. The originals. 

The Lees. The Parks. The Kim. The Ongs. The Ohs. so on, you get the gist. 

Thousands of years ago, these clans functioned independently, each claiming a different territory of Korea. For instance, the Lees were up North. The Kims had reigned over Jeju island, and The Oh's conquered the area in the center of the Han River. 

They lived together harmoniously as separate groups, until invaders from foreign countries- perhaps American explorers, decided to try to conquer the land. The 12 clans came together to defend their land of Korea, and once the battle was done, realized how strong they were as a single entity. Thus, they founded a council. The 12 clans agreed to a treaty, appointed their first King through voting, and established Seoul, as the capital of the new Kingdom of Korea. 

Cut to the modern day. Korea is a democracy, but the 12 clans, now business tycoons and chaebol families due to generational wealth and prestige, control different aspects of Korea. For instance, the Lee's are in the healthcare business. The Kims do energy and public transport. The Ongs are a political family, always diplomats. And the Byuns. they own the agricultural sector. The clans all contribute to different aspects of society and are the pivotal foundation of the nation.

Traditional. Filthy rich. Powerful. Clan families are treated like royalty, especially by those who use their last names. 

Oh Sehun is a clan heir. An original. Rich boy. Spoiled. Raised to take over the family business, and bound to sit in the council of the 12 Clans, representing the Ohs. 

Now, the OC? Hmm, haven't given much thought to her as much as the concept of the story. But I feel that she's a...quiet, live-in-my-own-world type of girl. I'm thinking she's a scholarship student. She's a harpist. Smart. Sehun probably cheats off her in school, but she doesn't mind. She doesn't care. She's the blink blankly in response type of girl, but once you pique her interest, once you get her talking, she's a train down the tracks on full speed. 

This story will have the Heir's vibe. It'll start off in a high school setting. My favorite. Sehun's that guy every girl dreams about, and the OC is that underappreciated beauty. Cliche? Yes. Do I love this trope? Heck yeah. Over the top parties, school and family drama, a lot of emphasis on traditional hierarchy and fighting it. ? Yes. Filthy. All the kinks that exist. Big on dom, sub. 

Tropes: Take my black card and use it, baby. Sir kink. Spoils her with diamonds just because. No one disrespects my lady. Give me the name of who hurt you, I'm hiring a hitman to annihilate them. Bathes in money. 


And that's it! 

Total word vomit. Just to get it off my chest. 

Here's the big question. Which story would you read? 

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