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" but i didn't say no homo "
NAME nam jaehyun, 남재현
 AUSTIN NAM  jaehyun was born as a roman catholic and baptised when he was a baby. this was the baptismal name given to him. right now, jaehyun is non-religious and uses his baptismal name as an english name
 JAELEPHANT  a combination of jaehyun and elephant, because of his iconic elephant costume for halloween. the nickname was given by the fans and it stuck ( gif for reference )
 RANDALL  jaehyun doesn't exactly have the best eyesight in the group ( he loved reading as a kid and still does, don't @ him ) and needs to often squint in order to see. after noticing that, doyoun gave him this nickname, basing it off of randall boggs, a monster from monsters inc. who also squints because of his poor eyesight
 SNEEZY  like squinting, jaehyun also has a habit of sneezing because of his allergy to dust. and he sneezes a lot. so, he got the nickname sneezy (based off the dwarf from snow white and the seven dwarves) from cam
 상남재, SANGNAMJAE  a combination of sangnamja (meaning macho man) and his name nam jaehyun, this nickname was given because he acts like a macho man on stage
 CHARITY CASE  a nickname that his former classmates in elementary and middle school used when they learned that jaehyun was adopted. this is also a common nickname amongst anti fans of tarot, especially after the truth behind jaehyun's adoption was formally revealed
 DUMBER  part of a joint nickname given to him and doyoun. doyoun is dumb while jaehyun is dumber so that makes them dumb and dumber

DOB may 4, 1999 [ taurus ]
HEIGHT + WEIGHT 176 cm + 69 kg
FACECLAIM bae173's hangyul [ cix' bx, oneus' ravn ]
STAGE NAME namhyun [ 남현 ] - his surname and the last syllable of his name combined
NUMBER #30 - because... he doesn't even know the reason why
GROUP + POSITION tarot dance unit & co-choreographer [ main dance, sub vocal, sub rap ]
TALENT TWINS skz' lee know
LOVE INTEREST kim "milo" doyoun @booty [ #namlo #bigdumbduo ]
— nam jaehyun aka namhyun, big dumb. like once tried to heat up a peeled hard-boiled egg by putting it in the microwave dumb. how did jun even appoint him co-captain of the dance unit? oh yeah, he's a damn good dancer.
— born in incheon, he was left at an orphanage because his biological parents weren't financially stable enough to raise a child. he was adopted by a social worker from busan at the age of 7 and had his surname changed to nam on every official document he owned. he has a brother and a sister who are twins and are older than him by 15 years.
— wanted to be a singer since he was young and was actually very afraid of telling his family about it since he thought they wouldn't support him. however, his parents were very supportive. they enrolled him in dance classes and searched far and wide for a company he could audition for.
— brothers from other mothers with fellow tarot trainee doyoun, wherever one goes, the other follows. they share a single braincell, they could just be talking normally about something, and then doyoun interrupts him to leg wrestle. and jaehyun stops and joins in.
— everybody and the daughters of their second cousins know that they like each other, but sadly those two are so oblivious. it takes both of them having a mutual crush on fellow tarot trainee gumuo to realize their feelings for one another. overall, they're the "two bros chillin' in the hot tub" vine but they're gay. somebody help those two idiots.

" it's the sEAAAAAA "
NAME seo keumsan, 서금산
 JAYDEN SEO  his english name given to him by jiho. jiho thought that the name "jayden" suited him, so his english name became jayden
 DJ SEO  keumsan is usually in charge of choosing and playing songs in the van when the members of misfits are going to or coming back from a schedule, so the members gave him the nickname "dj seo"
 GOLD MOUNTAIN  a nickname that was given by one of the english speaking members of the group because keumsan's name literally translates to gold mountain, with keum (금) meaning "gold" and san (산) meaning "mountain"
 금사탄, KEUMSATAN  this was a nickname given to him by fans because of his stage presence, which fans have likened to that of "being possessed by a demon/satan himself". variants of this nickname include satan's spawn, son of satan, satan, seo keumsatan, seo satan
 SANSHINE  a nickname that was given by jiho, one of the misfits members, as keumsan is an entire sunshine. and using the second syllable of his name, jiho came up with the nickname "sanshine"

DOB july 16, 1999 [ cancer ]
HEIGHT + WEIGHT 175 cm + 58 kg
FACECLAIM ateez' san [ oneus' keonhee, onf's e.tion ]
STAGE NAME keumsan [ 금산 ] - his real name is cool as f sooo
GROUP + POSITION misfits main vocal #1, lyricist [ new / taeil / sungwoon ]
TALENT TWINS ateez' jongho [ vocal, rap ], txt's taehyun [ dance ]
LOVE INTEREST song jiho @ariel [ #jisan #chaoticmemeduo ]
— seo keumsan, an entire meme. the kind of person who runs around quoting vines and memes all the time. recently learned how to play the titanic broken flute song on recorder. (x) rip to sangyeon. is also a shameless flirt.
— highly empathetic + sensitive (not like the tough kyeongsangdo guys at all). cannot bear to see s sad. if a member is crying, you bet your keumsan is crying too while hugging them to calm them down. but once the crying dies down, be prepared for angry keumsan bc oOF. boy will kick the of whoever made cry.
— duality king. is literally possessed by the devil on stage and dances like it, hence all the satan nicknames. the fact that he has a habit of rolling his eyes to the back of his head during performances doesn't help either. fun fact, he actually got a nosebleed when he went to church at nine years old, so fans actually joke that he is in fact a demon.
— former sm entertainment trainee and was a part of sm rookies. very close to most of the nct members, kijeong, jisoo, sam and some sljk trainees like cam, liam and mystic. closest to jisoo though, teams up with sora to bully him into asking his crush, sam the labradoodle, out.
— has known he was gay his whole life, but is in the closet. his family is super conservative and he knows that he will be disowned if he comes out to them, so coming out to them is a big no no. the only people he came out to are jisoo and his older sister, nara. he came out to jisoo back in 2015 and turns out, the vocal trainer knew all along. nara is also extremely supportive and got a rainbow tattoo on the back of her ear to support her brother. he also wants to come out to the members of misfits but is very afraid of the response he will receive.

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" i regret everything "
NAME wang junyun, 王俊雲
 LOST BOY  of course with misfits being a pretty large group, there are moments when the trainees get loud and talk in rapid fire korean. and kyler sometimes doesn't understand them and so he just stands there with a lost look on his face ( reference ) fans noticed that look during their v-lives and thus nicknamed him that.
 MYTHOLOGY GEEK  self-explanatory, kyler is a greek mythology G E E K. like he's obsessed. he also loves the percy jackson series by default
 GUARDIAN  kyler is very protective of s. combined with his fast reflexes and the ability to get himself and others out of trouble easily, the trainees of misfits have nicknamed him "guardian". variants of this nickname include guardian wang, bodyguard, guard junwoon.
 KING JUNWOON  a nickname he got from fans after one of his phrases "bow down to your king" went viral. it also doesn't help that his last name wang means king
 MOOMOO PRESIDENT  a nickname that both fans and the trainees in misfits use, because kyler is a huge mamamoo fanboy. he has supported them since debut. his bias is hwasa

DOB september 18, 1999 [ virgo ]
ETHNICITY + NATIONALITY chinese + american
HEIGHT + WEIGHT 175 cm + 58 kg
FACECLAIM cravity's allen [ seventeen's the8, nct's renjun ]
STAGE NAME kyler [ 카일러 ] - his english name
GROUP + POSITION misfits lead vocal, lead dance, visual #2 [ hyunjae / jisung ]
TALENT TWINS monsta x' minhyuk [ vocal ], nct's yuta [ dance ]
LOVE INTEREST noah bang, bang "junn" junwoo @ichii [ #2jun #soulmemes ]
— wang junyun aka kyler wang, the sane one. has the braincells some members do not have and the adult supervision that they need even though he's younger than most of them. chill gay, usually observes and facepalms in the background as the chaotic squad up.
— ethnically chinese, born in shanghai and raised in the states, in denver, colorado right near the mountains, used to go on a lot of hikes with his family so his gut feelings are at god tier. his mother, wen jiayi was a dancer, she taught him everything he knows but she sadly passed during his first year in training. has a voice recording tattoo of her saying "i love you to the moon and back" in commemoration of her on his right wrist.
— introverted extraordinaire, prefers speaking chinese and english over korean but, he clings onto the members who he knows won't mind a lot because he believes that actions speak louder than words. he's SOFT for hair pets, will literally purr like a cat if you pet his hair.
— also a er for the maknae. he literally has kyler wrapped around his finger. snacks? you got it. cuddles? here you go. blanket? there it is.
— i might go down a dramatic route for his love story this time, so anyone who wants to plot a ton of drama with me, hit me up uwu.

BUNSTER is typing…
" i've had 30 minutes of sleep for the past five days and now i can smell sounds please kill me "
 #11 — AHN YEJI 
NAME ahn yeji, 안예지
 LUCY AHN  as a roman catholic baptized at birth, lucy was the name given to her
 BUNSTER  a combination of bunny and hamster, yeji has chubby cheeks that remind people of a bunny and a hamster, especially when she stuffs with food, so she got the nickname bunster
 켜지, ON-JI  a way to refer to the motivated, energetic and overall "on" yeji, the opposite of "off-ji"
 끄지, OFF-JI  opposite of "on-ji", this explains the unmotivated, lazy and tired yeji, usually seen after a long day of producing and working
 BUSYBODY  asides from being a trainee, yeji is a producer, lyricist and composer. so she's basically doing something all the time, and that got her the nickname "busybody"
 아예, A-YE  pronounced as "ah yeah", this is yeji's producer handle, which she got from combining the "a" part of her surname "ahn", the "ye" part of her name "yeji" and adding a hyphen between them, thus creating "a-ye". usually styled as "A-YE" in all capitals
DOB october 11, 1997 [ libra ]
HEIGHT + WEIGHT 159 cm & 48 kg
FACECLAIM kim chungha [ clc's seungyeon, fromis_9's gyuri ]
STAGE NAME yeji [ 예지 ] - nothing special, her real name
NUMBER #11 - her birthday is on october 11 and she's a big fan of eleven from stranger things, so yep.
GROUP + POSITION #gems chaeyeon/mia [ lead vocal, main dance, bnjkx2 captain, gems co-captain ]
TALENT TWINS loona's yves [ overall ]
LOVE INTEREST tba [ doing some plotting~ ]
— ahn yeji, the perpetually tired co-captain of #gems. her mother is a classical pianist turned piano teacher so she grew up playing the piano and has perfect pitch. her older brother yejun is a producer under fnc entertainment under the moniker NØAH
— is either zero or hundred, there's no in-between. she can produce a song all day, take a ten minute power nap and then run through a dance like it's nothing, hence the nicknames "on/off-ji".
— her laptop, blue light glasses and midi keyboard are her prized possessions. fans usually joke about stealing her laptop, but joke's on you. most of her songs are on her external hard drive. nobody knows she's a producer though.
— is the member who says things that seem like they're fake subs but aren't and is also the member who has no braincells because she lost them due to lack of sleep and producing songs. literally once sprayed hand sanitizer into her eyes.
— is a long-time sm trainee, first joined in 2011 and was a part of sm rookies. she was kept for all this time because she was continuously promised that she would debut. red velvet debuted in 2014 and yeji was told she and yeri would be added to the 4-member group to make it 6 members. but, in 2015, only yeri was added and red velvet became a 5 member group instead of 6, and yeji was thrown into the dungeon again. she was one of the first trainees that madame kang thought of for the sljk project and fans were overjoyed to notice her in sljk live videos.

" hi, i have no idea what i'm doing here "
NAME akashi irisa, 明石 イリサ
 IRIS AKASHI  with iris being her stage name, she chose to adapt the name as her english name and she now uses this name whenever she's abroad
 RISA-CHAN/YAH  just general nicknames that her family, close friends and members call her. she used to get angry at her members for calling her "risa-chan" that because she thought it was a childish nickname but over time, she has grown to like it
 USAGI-CHAN, BUNNY  due to her round face, squishy cheeks and beady eyes, iris is nicknamed "usagi-chan" aka bunny. she loves this nickname and has a bunch of bunny plushies in her room to prove that yes, she is in fact a bunny. she also loves carrots and that's just the cherry on top
 WEAKEST LINK  having joined the lineup of nrg very late and not having had much training, irisa struggles with keeping up with the rest of the girls at times and sadly, eagle-eyed haters don't miss that. this nickname is given exactly for this reason but iris is working very hard to prove the haters wrong
 MIPI PRESIDENT  stray kids' seungmin is the myday president. kyler from misfits is the moomoo president, keumsan and jiho are the self proclaimed horizon presidents. but, we need a mipi president, right? well, fear not because akashi irisa is here to fulfill just that role! she's the biggest fan of misfits and can always be seen cheering for them and promoting their music
 BABY MAKNAE  if hinata is the evil maknae of misfits, iris is the baby maknae of nrg. she's always trying to up to her unnies by doing aegyo (she's successful about 99.9% of the time) and as such, she's often referred to as the "baby maknae"
 CINNAMON ROLL  once again, in regards to her adorable looks and soft personality, iris is also described as a "cinnamon roll" by both members and fans alike. she definitely is one

DOB march 5, 2005 [ pisces ]
HEIGHT + WEIGHT 152 cm + 43 kg
FACECLAIM lightsum's hina [ purple kiss' yuki, yabuki nako ]
STAGE NAME iris [ 아이리스 ] - she chose it because it's written similarly to her japanese name and also because she loves irises
GROUP + POSITION nrg elly plotline
LOVE INTEREST hamashima hinata, @booty [ #hinarisa #japanline ]
— if hamashima hinata is misfits' evil maknae who gets what he wants through whining and persuasive words, akashi irisa is nrg's baby maknae who gets what she wants through aegyo and puppy dog eyes.
— a daydreamer at heart and having grown up watching disney movies, iris just wishes to find a love on par with disney movies. it's easy to spot her among the members of nrg, as she's usually zoning out with a dazed look on her face, caught up in her y/n fantasies, imagining her own knight in a shining armor with a white horse coming to take her away.
— born and raised in sakai, japan, iris was a child actress, having starred in japanese tv shows (her most famous role being hinata sakurakawa in "full throttle girl" in 2011, when she was just 6) and voiced characters in anime movies, (most famous one being yotsuha miyamizu in "kimi no nawa" in 2016, when she was 11), so she's no stranger to the acting industry. her parents are also big kpop fans as well, so she's no stranger to it either.
— she started to watch produce 48 with her parents in 2018 when it started airing, after learning that japanese trainees were going to be in there and she started to support one trainee loyally: miu, sullen when she didn't make it to iz*one. when she was 15, irisa was dared by a friend of hers (jokingly) to audition for dna entertainment, an entertainment company that miu was rumored to be joining. so she did, just to prove to her friend that she can.
— at least that's what she would tell people if they asked her about it. truth be told, irisa wanted to be an idol ever since she saw miu performing "naekkoya" in produce 48. so imagine her shock and happiness when she found out she was accepted. thankfully her parents were accepting as well, being the only ones who knew about their daughter's actual dream of becoming an idol.
— joining the trainee lineup of what would eventually become nrg alongside miu only two weeks after she started training, irisa, now given the stage name "iris", received a lot of help from her unnies. she's considered the weakest link, she knows it but thanks to her father's advice of "being the best in whatever she does", she works very hard to keep up with her unnies.

" someone just asked me if i have ever fallen in love. fam, i have insomnia, i can't even fall asleep "
NAME ahn yeseul, 안예슬
 RACHEL AHN  her baptismal name as she was born as a roman catholic and baptised at birth, just like her older brother, yejun (noah) and older sister, yeji (lucy)
 스리/예스리, SEULI/YESEULI  just general nicknames that her siblings, close friends and members call her, usually with the suffix "-ah"
 예지의 여동생, YEJI'S YOUNGER SISTER  sadly, this is a nickname that many tabloids and most people like to refer to her as, as she is the younger sister of ahn yeji, a member of #gems. this nickname started out after nrg's pre-debut single "uh-oh" came out and yeseul was revealed to be yeji's younger sister
 포스트잇, POST-IT  a post-it is very necessary, but not precious. and that's what yeseul is, according to her bullies and nrg's anti-fans that is. the fact that she can't turn down a request also causes the nickname to go around even more
 안솔로, AHN SOLO  this is also quite frequently used by her friends, members and brothers, only for teasing purposes though. this nickname can be interpreted in two ways. one: yeseul has never been in a relationship before. two: she's a star wars nerd and her favorite character is han solo

DOB june 25, 2001 [ cancer ]
HEIGHT + WEIGHT 163 cm + 44 kg
FACECLAIM aespa's winter [ loona's choerry, itzy's yuna ]
STAGE NAME yeseul [ 예슬 ] - she wanted to go by her real name, no specific reason behind it
PLOTLINE + POSITION nrg #6ix [ triple threat ]
TALENT TWINS itzy's chaeryeong [ overall ]
LOVE INTEREST jiung of p1harmony [ #jiseul #triplethreatline ]
— ahn yeseul, the perpetually done triple threat of nrg. born in seoul as the second daughter of ahn muyeol and yoo heera, yeseul has always been the overlooked sibling, living under the shadow of her older sister yeji
— yeji was the favorite sister, yeseul knew that and her parents made it obvious in their actions too. it was always yeji who got the nicest things the world could offer, while yeseul always received her sister' leftovers. it was always yeji who was the perfect daughter, not yeseul. yeseul is on the same level as her sister but being overshadowed by yeji, yeseul prefers to keep her intelligence and talents to herself. the words of others, especially that of her parents', cut through her but she could never hate yeji
— a hobby the ahn sisters had in common is dancing, starting from the age of 4 where they used to dance with their family in their little living room. so, upon their request (read: yeji's request), their mother sent her daughters to a small scale dance academy in seoul
— when yeseul was 10 and yeji was 14, one of their trainers in the dance academy told her and her sister that entertainment companies were holding auditions to accept trainees. while yeji went on to audition and get accepted into sm entertainment, her mother didn't allow yeseul to audition, as she was still too young. when yeseul herself was 14, her parents finally allowed her to audition to sm as well and got in
— after three years of training in sm, the sisters were told that sm entertainment would be holding a project of sorts similar to their sm rookies project, which would end up debuting four groups. while yeji was chosen to join the program, yeseul didn't make the cut. she ended up leaving sm after that, and even though she still keeps in touch with most of the trainees that did make it into the program, yeseul is a bit salty because the sljk program is the hot issue in the entertainment industry right now and the thought that she too could become a part of it still makes her feel bitter and brings back very ugly memories
— after leaving sm, yeseul went back home to be with her family for a while. one day, while she was out shopping with her mother, yeseul was scouted by a representative, who asked to audition for dna entertainment which she happily accepted. packing up, and joining the roster of trainees in dna entertainment (which were, so far, only seven boys and five girls) yeseul eventually debuted with nrg as the triple threat
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