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Hello! my name is sien! I'm a 23 year old belgian girl who's a big fan of lol esports, especially the european team origen, and also a bit of kpop and cpop, I guess. oh, and the exile tribe and their sibling groups. i am really bad at updating stories. currently i'm mainly just doing applyfics but i fail to update them as well, rip. i mainly make apps for other people's stories nowadays. I'm the mom of the #hoesquad, aff's best squad (totally not being cocky lol) and i also have the bebs too who are mainly very inactive nowadays (youngandmenace, ryjeveuse, randomfan101 and sakura-hoshi). youngandmenace aka nele is my baby and i love her with my whole heart. well, i love all my children here with my whole heart. but the person i love the most is jonas kold andersen. well, of course it's not love since i'm just a fan and i don't know him personally, but he's a sweetheart and while other people here usually have ultimate biases who are asian... i'm here loving this danish floof. also im not kun biased, it's jeno.

the best bois

the hoesquad