Life update and why I've been gone

Hello, my Little Beeps


I honestly don't know how I can apologize for my absence, or even know if anyone noticed I've been gone. The past year has, quite frankly, been hard. I was in a pretty bad work enviroment and crashed into a pretty bad depression during a five month work furlough. I thought I could get through it, or tough it out by myself. Holy was I wrong. It took me leave my job to realize I needed a lot of time to, for lack of better terms, get to know myself and what I wanted in life. I started experimenting in content creating, started a tiktok (bebop_chan), and realized that I need to get back to what made me happy years ago, writing. I missed the friends I made on here and creating for them and my followers. I miss the interaction, and shame on me for letting people ruin fandoms and this platform for me.

I have restarted writing the book I put aside when I joined AFF. The reasons I originally joined was to strengthen my writing skills and have interactive feedback. If someone told me I would be an "Auntie" to hundreds of readers, I would have laughed. Now I feel like I abandoned them. And with that feeling, I found myself avoiding here out of guilt, and it just snowballed. I don't expect forgiveness, but I am genuinely sorry for leaving like I did.

A lot has gone on since I've been gone. Rarity's birthday was yesterday and she just turned four. I turned the big 4-0 back in November. Am I too old for this page now? Too bad, I've too invested in the stories I began and my online kids to simply walk away now. When I began, I honestly thought I might have a few readers to interact with and that would be it. As of now, I'm still at just shy of 350. The fact that I never lost subscribers is honestly mind blowing to me.

I can't promise to be as consistant as I was years ago with updates, but I do promise I won't walk away again.

Love and purple you, Little Beeps!

Auntie BebopChan 


Would any of my readers be interested in seeing some of my non-fanfic writing?

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