Writing Crack With Autofill

New chapter added 5/16


Aka: Auntie Bebop is bored. 


First round:

Ten and Lucas walked into a room with a little bit of an eye for a new man. Judging by the fact that the Boyz Kevin is a great player, the fresh and the most important thing is the same as the other members. 


Second round:

Jongho said he was born in a country where he was a member of a church of the United Muffin Fairies. He felt like he could hear the sound of his voice as he had been doing it for a while now. Now that he was a little bit more of a big deal, he knew he wanted to play with the Dreamies and he gave into the fandom. 


Round three:

Eric was going to be a little bit more aggressive than the Boyz New. Starting with the Dreamies and getting ready for work is a great way to make your life decisions. 


Last round:

Jhope dada and RM are both in the mall and they have spiders that eat the other members and they were just trying to make a difference in the way that people think they have to be healthy. 

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