R Σ N Σ G Λ D Σ - B   (D O N E) 

name Shin Hyunwook (신현욱) 

also known as  

Shen Xianxu (申賢旭) 

birthdate 7 November 1998

ethnicity Korean

nationality Korean



— Korean; 10/10 

— English; 10/10

— Japanese ; 7/10. 


stagename Athen 

talent twins

Vocal: Hwang Hyunjin (backup: Han Jisung)

Rap: Bang Chan

Dance: Cha Hakyeon (backup: Han Jisung)


plotline easy love (backup: fanfare)
position choreographer, main dancer, vocalist, rapper (backup: producer, lead vocalist, rapper) 


faceclaim Hwang Hyunjin + Stray Kids (backup: Bae Jinyoung + CIX)


persona chaotic ace/mom + tsundere


+ve ambitious, caring, friendly, helpful, confident, hard-working

= independent, charismatic, dramatic, sarcastic, unpredictable, reckless, perfectionist

-ve stubborn, blunt, irritable, impatient, rebellious


FUN FACT He's a former JYP trainee and used to train with Stray Kids 


Love interest Bang Chan



R Σ N Σ G Λ D Σ - G  ( D O N E)

name Moon Eunseong (문은성) 

also known as  

Moon Sunghwi (문성휘)
— Yvelyn Moon
— Wen Shenghui(文聖慧)

birthdate 14 February 2000

ethnicity Korean

nationality Korean



— Korean; 10/10 

— English; 10/10 


stagename Yvelyn

talent twins

Vocal: IU (backup: Kang Seulgi)

Rap: IU  

Dance: Kim Yongsun + Mamamoo


plotline fly high (backup: chase me)
position main vocalist (backup: co-producer, lead vocalist)


faceclaim Jeon Heejin + Loona (backup: Olivia Hye + Loona)


persona the hopeless romantic


+ve friendly, gentle, passionate, observant, loyal

= sentimental, responsible, humorous, sociable, mischievous, perfectionist

-ve insecure, brash, clumsy, naive, possessive


FUN FACT Her idol is Mamamoo's Moonbyul, who inspired her to change her name 


Love interest Available for collabs!

— Since she's ultimately a romantic at heart, Eunseong likes being swept off her feet and wooed and courted and all that classy cliche stuff. Cheesy, but she loves it  

— She's aual, just a fyi

— Someone who knows when to start and when to stop. She's sociable and outgoing normally, but when working, she takes absolutely no . People need to know that and respect that - when to do the right thing and when to let loose  

— Despite being an extrovert at heart, she does get overwhelmed by crowds, so she needs someone who again, respects that 

— Basically someone who respects her boundaries, and I have hope that people's characters do do that so :)  

— Protects her a little too, I guess? I mean, she's perfectly fine on her own, but sometimes she feels like being smol and fluffy

— Oh yeah, she also gets insecure and possessive. Especially of her special someone, so if your character dates her they'll need to deal with that and make her feel validated  

— Preferably speaks both English and Korean, but she's fine with either 

— For the love of God please don't be jealous, she's known to be sociable around guys and if it's a boyfriend he needs to know that she's just that naturally friendly  

— That's basically it, I guess? She's pretty versatile, so if you want to collab then comment below and we can work something out :D 



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