陪你做梦    ❝ 申賢旭 。

basic info
full name申賢旭 /신현욱/Athen shin.
languagesmandarin, korean, english.
about you
faceclaim: hwang hyunjin (stray kids).
backup: lee minho (stray kids).
appearance: the first thing anyone would notice about hyunwook would be his sharp and delicate features, characterised by his high cheekbones, sharp jawline, and more often than not, narrowed eyes. his hair is a brownish-black, though recently he decided to dye it completely black because, yeah, whims. 
hyunwook is also quite slender, with a slightness and grace that isn't often found in boys. he carries himself with dignity, which often makes him seem taller than he really is (178cm). and yeah, he has fast metabolism so he's constantly skinny (62kg), with clothes hanging off his frame. 
he has long limbs, ending with slender fingers that are perfect for playing the piano. the only distinguishing feature he has from others are the scars hidden in the inside of his wrist, though those are easily concealed with shirts. otherwise, a small bald patch on the side of his left eyebrow which looked like it was shaved off is the most distinguishing feature that is visible to the eye (he often excuses it as shaved off anyways - it's more artistic that way).
fashion: because of his slender stature, hyunwook has no trouble finding clothes that fit him. being the 'fashionista' he is, he dresses solely for style because screw comfort - he can have that in the confines of his own room - the world is his stage and he acts accordingly. 
on normal days, he wears a loose-fitting or oversized shirt paired with slim fitting pants that cling to his long legs - something he's enormously proud of. he finishes those off with combat boots and a bomber/leather jacket, though if he's attending a more formal event he replaces those with loafers and a long coat. 
another common outfit of his is wearing a black turtleneck (the man never sweats, itsg) with a loose fitting jacket, and cargo pants, with boots. but only if he doesn't have to go to work. otherwise back to the simple sophistication. 
accessories/tattoos: what really shows hyunwook off are his attention to detail and the large collection of accessories he posseses. he always wears something with a cross - a choker with a cross, a bracelet with a cross, someone once joked he had the whole goddamn cathedral in his accessory drawer. another signature of his is chains; chains on his earrings, chains from his belt, you get the idea. 
he's never seen without at least two necklaces - a simple silver one with a simple charm, and of course, the infamous choker alongside - which is far more embellished. he wears rings as well, at least two on one hand,  or on occassion,three on a single hand. and earrings as well. specifically ones with chains or a hanging charm. 
(oh yea, boi is also kinda blind so yes, glasses are needed except when he wants to wear contact lenses) 
hyunwook has a few tattoos on himself as well, though they are rather small and indiscreet. he has a small 3am tattoo on the inside of his left wrist (can't find a picture for that, sorry :/) and one of a cat sitting on a crescent moon underneath it. this piece of lilies and a crescent moon intertwined is on his right ankle, while he has the constellation of scorpio (his zodiac sign) marked on the small of his back. 
colour palette: 
usual: black, cream, ivory, white, grey, navy
other colours: burgundy, dark red, mustard 
gallery (clothing): 
gallery (accessories):
( + ) ambitious, caring, friendly. helpful, confident, hard-working
( / ) independent, charismatic, dramatic, sarcastic, unpredictable, reckless, perfectionist 
) stubborn, blunt, irritable, impatient, rebellious, fussy 
description: people who knows hyunwook from work sees him as a very hardworking individual who is ambitious about his goals, and refuses to give up, regardless of any obstacles in his way. he's a certified perfectionist who needs to see his work to the very end and to completion, which is one of the main reasons people enjoyed working with him - he's meticulous about every single last detail and does not let anything get in his way.    
'this design is really good, but...'
'but that outfit needs work. can you change the tie to a ribbon? i think that'll fit in the theme much better.' 
despite all the bad things I've written about hyunwook which might make you doubt his personality (whoops), he's actually a very caring individual, just prone to depressive moods. hyunwook is friendly to everyone, except he can be a bit aggressive in his love so it might put people off, but trust me, there's nothing more that he wants than taking care of people. he's always seen offering a helping hand around the office, regardless of whoever it was. because of how attractive he is, he had received more than a few proposals. 
'you okay? do you need help?'
'oh! sunbae-nim, I think i'm fine, thank you.'
'yeah, if you need anything just knock, okay?' 
hyunwook seemingly has an unlimited reserve of confidence wherever he goes. he holds his head high as he walks, outfit perfect to the shoes, and gives off a very charismatic vibe wherever he goes. people either look up to him or are intimidated because of him, though he usually puts those fears to rest with his friendly demeanor - unless you give reason for him not to. he gives off an attitude of 'don't touch me', which is true given his extremely independent nature, but that vibe was usually because of his dramatic nature (see his texting style). 
'i always say, you got it, flaunt it.'
he has an impeccable sense of sarcasm which prevails over any conversation with people close with him. of course he keeps up a professional side when he's working, but off work, or even during work with those he's close with, he unleashes his sarcasm with a large handful of dramatic dumped in. thus people who started to get close to him may be suddenly put off by this drastic change, but since hyunwook gets close with people who has similar types of humour as himself, the change is not unwelcome.
'it's truly disappointing and utterly heart-wrenching how you have abandoned me' - when a friend left him alone for a minute to get something 
hyunwook is a very reckless and unpredictable individual. this is not just because of his mood swings and depression and whatnot, but also because he has fits of inspiration that forces him to write down things. this sense of unpredictability doesn't manifest in work, only when he's alone with his thoughts. in terms of recklessness, he does seeks out thrills for the sake of it, though it's often socially unacceptable things rather than actual physical thrills (e.g. flirting with a man in front of a crowd vs taking a roller coaster ride). this sense of unpredictability also manifests in his sudden whims to go on trips, which jaechan is sometimes a part of. 
'what's up?'
'that guy there. you see him? leather jacket, rings, chains and the whole lot? he's ing cute. i need his number.'
'hyunwook, wait - '
*had already walked off and started chatting him up*
stubbornness to a fault is also one of hyunwook's characteristics. it's not that he doesn't take no for an answer; he just needs a lot of convincing. because of his confidence which can border on arrogance, hyunwook has much confidence in his decisions and his ideas. and because of his success, it often meant that he doesn't see the need to change his ideas. it gets even worse if you straight out and flat out tell him not to do something; because of his rebellious nature, he takes that as a direct challenge. you say no? fine, he'll prove you wrong. he goes against rules, challenges social norms and doesn't follow what everyone else does. that's how he was able to establish his own name. however, if you lay it out to him in a logical manner, he'll listen. just don't be headstrong against his sstubbornness. it'll backfire completely. (yes, even if you're his superior) 
'are you questioning my work now?' 
hyunwook is very blunt. he doesn't really have a brain to mouth filter because, yeah. this makes him a really bad person to turn to for advice, because he had a tendency to just deliver things as they are. he doesn't believe in sugarcoating the truth, but he will try his best if needed. otherwise, he settles for a hug because hey, physical intimacy always helps, right? 
'oh my god, please don't cry - uh, help? have a hug??' - him panicking when people are crying around him 
he sadly also has a very short temper and is irritable, especially when he's impatient. hyunwook is a man of action, not of waiting - he finds it difficult to sit around doing nothing when there are clearly something better to be done. he gets annoyed easily, and when he's angry it's not pretty. when he gets pissed/mildly annoyed, he makes it known through aggressive passive-aggressiveness, and makes a point of being more dramatic than usual. but when he's truly angry and well pissed, he becomes quiet and very, very intimidating. 
'right, let's move along - success doesn't come to those who just sits around and do nothing!'
remember how I said he's meticulous and needs perfection? yeah, this can sometimes go to the point of fussiness because he's so determined to achieve perfection. especially when he's agitated, he fusses over everything, even to the placement of a chain, how to tie a ribbon, or the colour scheme of god knows what else. someone has to physically put an end to his fussing because it's just so goddamn overbearing and annoying, like for 's sake, stop, hyunwook. 
'no, no, no, this isn't correct, you need to stand a bit over here, and ohmygod where's the cordi? someone tell her that minhyuk's hair needs touching up - '
'hey, hyung'
'jaechan, can't you see i'm busy - '
'you need to stop. look, you're making them nervous.'
*hyunwook takes a deep breath*
'you're right. i'm sorry guys. y'all look gorgeous.'
1996: hyunwook was born the middle child to a chinese mother and a korean father in 7.11.1997, an underweight boy who was thought unable to survive because he was so weak. the birth was difficult, and his mother struggled, but he was eventually born. people around him thought it a bad omen, but his parents loved him all the same. 
1997 - 2009: hyunwook spent his childhood years relatively normally, and relatively happily. he was a weak child because of the circumstances of his birth, but otherwise nothing too bad. the frequent trips to the hospital did make him more distant from other children of his age, but his colourful personality helped fill the gaps. 
2010 - 2012: as he got older, however, hyunwook's personality took a darker turn. no one really knew why, but as a child hyunwook had always been...quieter, more absorbed in his own world. and somehow, a sense of bitterness had fostered itself within him, and it grew during his teenage years. this was also exacerbated by the bullying he encountered in school. his older brother fought them off, but it only made them more eager to come back. 
2013: hyunwook's seventeenth year of being alive was the darkest as of yet. for one, he discovered his ual orientation, and news of that went out after he refused to have with his first boyfriend. already originally marginalised, hyunwook was pushed further away and became the target of more malicious rumours. 
that was also the year of his first suicide attempt, but he survived it. 
2014: eighteen. hyunwook's now an adult and supposedly free to make whatever poor life choices he sees fit to. he went against his parents' wishes to go to a prestigious university and study what they wanted him to, instead doing an arts and literature degree at some unknown university in some area of south korea, which had a year abroad to china. 
2015 - 2017: hyunwook could easily say that his university years were the happiest in his life, because there was no one to control him and no one to tell him what to do. sure, money was tight at times, but he worked his off and managed to land an internship at a prestigious design firm, which eventually saw his rise to a higher position that made him more financialy secure. 
plus he 'leeches off' his brother anyways. 
(yes, they live together in a studio apartment, but hyunseok is busy most times so he practically has it to himself)
2018: first year of work. hyunwook juggles a million things at the same time, mostly for his interests, but he's also raking in a lot of cash so...yeah. currently he has three jobs; the official position at the design company, being an 'actor', and whatever a 'freelance creative' means. 
2021: fourth year of work. hyunwook is getting bored but he needed the money. risen up to be a creative director, he ditches the 'freelance creative' job since he already had enough freedom to do whatever he wants. the actor job he keeps though, whenever he feels himself slipping off the dark end. 
hyunwook just wants to be free. he wants to have enough money to do whatever he wants, be it creative or hobbies. 
he also wants to get credit for his work. so best case scenario is becoming a creative onstage or in the public eye. 
that's it. he wants to be popular and loved by the public and be appreciated for his skills. 
and he wants therapy. 
current job: creative director, adult industry actor 
- in his creative director role, hyunwook does a lot of kpop-related projects - in fact his company specialises in kpop album related activites, though mostly for smaller companies since larger companies can afford to hire their own.
- adult industry actor is just his side gig for dealing with stress. 
- groups he's currently working with: vixx, oneus, dreamcatcher
- soloists he's working with: heize, moonbyul, bang yongguk, leo + hyuk (vixx, occasionally other members as well but mostly those two), dean 
past jobs: creative assistant, freelancer, student, assistant researcher (as a student)
dream job: idol/singer-songwriter/actor
career goals: he isn't fussy what kind of job he gets in the future as long as 
1) it pays well 
2) he gets credit for what he does 
3) He gets love from the public 
4) he can go crazy with his creative mindset 
home type: two-story studio apartment  
home location: seoul suburbs 
do you like your home: yes
description of your current home: surprisingly, for two young men in their twenties living together, the studio apartment is quite cozy and resembles an actual home. mainly because hyunwook is so fussy about everything. 
the first floor is the sitting room and dining room, along with the kitchen. the sitting room and dining room overlaps a little because they don't have much space, but they make do with a table that is extendable; on days where hoseok comes home late, hyunwook eats alone at a smaller table. the kitchen is in the open space as wel, though hyunwook complains about the smell and the smoke. they have a television that they don't really use except when they're playing games, and a nice sofa that doubles as a sofa bed. 
stairs on the first floor leads up to the second floor, where there are two bedrooms - one for hyunwook and one for hoseok. there is also a walk-in wardrobe on the second floor which was originally a study, and a rather large toilet. 
hyunwook's bedroom has...personality. it's painted midnight blue, with constellations drawn on it that lights up at night when he turns off the lights. he has a really comfortable bed, with about six pillows that are equally fluffy and equally soft. he sleeps with a weighted blanket, and his duvet is always a winter one - even if it were the summer months. he has a nightstand where there is a light shaped like a cat, along with a diffuser (lavender is his favourite). he puts on the humidifier every night too because dry skin is a hassle. 
because of his claustrophobia, hyunwook specifically bagged the room with a bigger window - though hoseok didn't fight his younger brother for it, given he spends most of his time in china. he decorates it with black-out curtains.
hyunwook's desk is...full of stuff. he has projects strewned about everywhere, papers full of drawings, scribblings, maps - you name it, he has it. he also has a bookshelf crammed with fictional books, as well as a side shelf with folders for inspiration purposes - newspaper clippings, art pieces, the latest news, whatever he thinks is useful for his work. then he has a small shelf above his desk that he calls the 'place of honour' - because he works with kpop artists, sometimes they give him signed albums. so that's where he puts them. 
dream home: knowing how expensive seoul apartments are, hyunwook doesn't want a house or anything. all he wants is a place to himself - large enough to be comfortable, though not big enough he scares himself walking around at night.
in the apartment, he wants a kitchen that is of decent size, and probably two fridges since he does a lot of bulk cooking and meal planning. he's fine with the size of his bedroom, but he wants his own studio to work on his own creative madness. and a nicer bathroom please, honestly he just wants a bath to himself. 
and yes, maybe a balcony too. 
❊ Shin hyunseok ❊ older brother ❊ businessman ❊ 10/10 ❊ fc: kim wonshik (vixx) 
hyunseok is hyunwook's older brother by four years, and looks menacing, but is actually a huge softie. he's extremely protective of his younger brother and sister, but mostly hyunwook - despite people saying he shouldn't choose. when hyunwook was bullied at school, hyunseok was there to defend him, though hyunwook told him to stop when the bullies seemed more eager to go back for him. 
they now share an apartment because living in seoul is expensive, and hyunwook doesn't have the expenses to live on his own. technically the apartment is under hyunseok's name, but hyunwook contributes to a quarter of the rent, and does the cooking and cleaning. hyunwook is more of an apartment keeper/housekeeper rather than an actual roommate, since hyunseok isn't there most of the time. 
hyunseok is a business man who is mainly based in seoul and beijing, but because his company headquarters are in beijing, he spends most of his time there. anyways, they're really close, and hyunwook feels he could go to his brother for anything, really. (aside from financial-related issues, ofc) 
'yo hyun. i'm back.'
'...you just left five minutes ago.'
❊ shin eunyeon ❊ younger sister ❊ university student/yuehua trainee ❊ 10/10 ❊ fc: hwang yeji (itzy)
❊ eunyeon is the family's baby, and both hyunseok and hyunwook are fiercely protective of her. she's younger by hyunwook by five years, so she's still a high school student - but soon to be an undergraduate. eunyeon isn't really interested in going to university, but she'll go since her parents encouraged it - though she'll spend a gap year fully in training before going. 
no one can really say no to euneyon; she's sweet, friendly, but bossy and stubborn at the same time, and both of her older brothers spoil her so badly. so yes, hyunwook is practically her slave. he loves his baby sister so, so much. 
'what's wrong, eun-ah?'
'can you get me bubble tea?'
'yeah sure, why not?' 
❊ persephone ❊ hyunwook's baby ❊ 2 years old 
❊ persephone is hyunwook's cat (I have no idea what this breed is but it's super cute) and she obeys no one except him - making it clear by hissing and scratching those who comes near her without consent. persephone does not let anyone touch her until she touches them - otherwise be prepared to emerge with scratches on your face or on the backs of your hands. 
❊ cha hakyeon ❊ the mom friend ❊ vixx leader ❊ 9/10 ❊
❊ hyunwook unironically calls hakyeon 'mom', just like the rest of the vixx members. the funniest thing was however, no one remembered how they met. it was probably at some event or another, or through some acquaintance or another, but again, no recollection. for some reason they became close to each other, and ngl, hyunwook actually had a massive crush on hakyeon for some time. he eventually got over it (no, not with help from hyuk), and turned his attentions to hyuk instead, especially after hakyeon went off to serve in the military. now he's back, and honestly seeing his demon baby (hyuk) and his sad baby (hyunwook) get together was a bit surprising, but hakyeon is all for it. 
'hyunnie, are you not eating again?'
'ermmmm, yeah, kinda busy lately, hyung.'
'you look like you haven't eaten in ages.'
'yeah, i haven't been eating well for the past month - '
'what - okay. fine. meet me in front of 51k at 7pm this saturday.'
'where are we going?'
'hyung is treating you to meat.' 
❊ lee hwanjin ❊ best friend ❊ fashion designer❊ 10/10 ❊ fc: kevin moon (the boyz) 
❊ hwanjin is like hyunwook - half korean, except his mother was japanese. they went to art school/design school together, and formed a relationship there (see: best friends). initially hwanjin and hyunwook had a friends with benefits agreement going on, but they stopped in the second year after hyunwook got his outlet through starring in adult films. anyways, hwanjin is a carbon copy of hyunwook - sassy, annoying, 'high-class', but more sophisticated and less mentally unstable, though his industry is full of similar people, so his mental state may be hidden amongst equally crazy geniuses. 
'can you shut up for just one second?'
'make me, .' 
❊ moon jaechan ❊ best friend ❊ model ❊ 10/10 ❊ fc: eric son (the boyz)
❊ jaechan is more sane than hwanjin, that's for sure. he's more of the no-nonsense type and has an alarm on his phone that goes off to make sure he sends his 'remember to eat and sleep and drink water, hyunnie' text to hyunwook every day (okay, he doesn't, but you get the point). whereas hwanjin is the tornado that wages along with hyunwook's unsteady and violent waves, jaechan is a solid anchor and rock against which he can rely on. of course jaechan has his moments too, and when called upon, hyunwook can actually dispense useful advice. but otherwise, jaechan is a very reliable person.
oh and why are they friends? because hyunwook has fabulous ideas for business and jaechan loves his artistic vision. hyunwook also has a habit of going on spontaneous trips and jaechan is the only one who can just leave his work at a moment's notice. so yeah. 
'wanna go to the han river now? a client just got me a box of matcha daifuku from japan.'
'...give me ten minutes.'
'great! see you there in an hour.' 
❊ what friends call him: hyunnie, wookie, athen, bro, xian-ge, xu-ge, xu-xu
❊ what his family calls him: hyun-ah, hyun, xian-ah, xianxu, athen (some people mispronounces his name as 'ethan') 
 he loves cats. his dream is to have a litter of kittens at his place, though he dislikes the smell. not a dog person at all 
❊ he loves rainy days, it makes him calm. even when it's not raining, when he's feeling melancholic hyunwook likes to put on rainy ambience. but yes. his favourite days are those where it's raining (preferably thundering) outside and he's snuggled inside, warm and toasty, with a hot drink in hand.
❊ milk tea is his favourite beverage. otherwise, mocha is good too. but he prefers tea over coffee, mainly because coffee does nothing for him and he hates the bitterness. green tea gives him the kick he needs in the morning 
❊ hyunwook has a notorious sweet tooth and loves desserts. some people speculate his dramatic nature is a result of his sugar high to which he just flips them off of. his favourite dessert, btw, is millefeuille, but otherwise he loves anything with heaps of cream and strawberries. his second favourite is tiramisu. and yes, boba is his love. 
❊ the moon - it just pulls him in. you'll find a lot of moon references in his work.
❊ favourite colours: midnight blue, varying shades of purple.
❊ mythology of any kind - this can be seen in his work too. he specifically gravitates to greek mythology, hence his english name (taken from the war goddess athena)
❊ favourite genre of music is r&b, jazz and ballads
❊ favourite kpop groups: vixx, mamamoo, bap and btob.
❊ favourite artists: dean, bang yongguk, moonbyul and heize 
❊ favourite cuisine: japanese, though korean comes a close second 
❊ favuorite seasons are autumn and winter, even though his depression is the strongest during those months. 
❊ coffee. doesn't care for the taste, and it does nothing for him. he's addicted to tea though 
❊ he dislikes sunny days. on sunny days hyunwook makes a point of wearing sunglasses, a bucket hat and a mask. hence why his skin is so pale.
❊ he doesn't like consuming chocolate because of its richness. however, chocolate helps keep him awake, so he has a bar of it by his desk - he breaks off tiny chunks of it whenever fatigue starts settling in. 
❊ trends. hyunwook prefers to set his own trends, thank you very much.
❊ liars. hyunwook has very thin patience for lies; trick him twice, you're out of his life. 
❊ he hates spring and summer the most. spring, because he has hay fever and can't go anywhere without his meds. summer, because it's just too damn hot even for his inhuman heat tolerance. 
❊ hyunwook hates waking up early. he's 100% not a morning person. anything before 9am would be ignored - he goes to work at 9:30am.
❊ cold foods are a big no for him because he gets brain-freeze. so no ice cream, and no ice lollies. if he wants to seduce someone he'll do it with a lollipop. though hyunwook does enjoy the occasional bingsu (shaved ice) 
❊ bell peppers are eurgh for him. he just hates it. mainly because it's tasteless. 
❊ sour food. nope, nope, nope and nope. 
❊ fiddling with his accessories when and if he feels nervous
❊ taking long showers. it's a good time to reflect and a good time to relax. he wants to take baths though, it's much better to slowly boil yourself in a tub of water since it's not environmentally friendly to have running water over you for thirty minutes (or is it?) 
❊ hitting snooze like 10 times before waking up 
❊ whenever he feels cold he wraps a blanket around himself. even in the office. so he has these blankets that look like the ones female idols cover their legs with, except it's warm. hyunwook is a soft babey
❊ he snacks. a lot. 
❊ hyunwook takes naps whenever and wherever he could, though not when he's supposed to be working. when he's travelling, he sleeps. when he goes home, he sleeps. he's like a cat 
❊ listening to music wherever he goes, though not when he's walking. 
❊ talking to himself is a way of making his ideas come to life more easily. 
❊ flexes his fingers when he's stressed
❊ he likes to hug people a lot, but only those he's close with. he initiates a lot of skinship to show he likes someone. (case in point: he literally drapes himself over jaechan when he's sitting and he wants his attention)  
❊ listening to music 
❊ eating 
❊ cooking 
❊ shopping for accessories - he goes on etsy like twice a day and constantly bemoans his bank account afterwards 
❊ watching anime 
❊ watching netflix
❊ posting on instagram 
❊ reading 
❊ losing his family 
❊ heights
❊ losing his folders. he's paranoid and does a folder clean every weekend
❊ getting exposed online, especially the adult side of his work
❊ roller coasters 
❊ he's a masochist and a submissive 
❊ hyunwook is really bad at managing his finances, which is one of the main reasons why he's still living with his brother. he spends his money on a lot of random stuff
❊ cooking is a way of de-stressing for him. he also meal preps, which explains why he wants a bigger kitchen.
❊ he has misophonia, which is the 'fear' of noises (you'll have to google for specifics). when he gets triggered, hyunwook tends to get violent so he removes himself from the situation on hand (it's a form of sensory overload caused by noise ig) 
❊ high alcohol tolerance but doesn't like the taste of soju
❊ he's secretly a clean freak but can't be really bothered to clean everything. it's not that he's lazy, he just suffers from chronic exhaustion syndrome. 
❊ he learnt how to play violin and piano when he was young, and still does it as a hobby. he's learning guitar now
❊ hyunwook is a big fan of anything historical. he's obsessed with things like traditional korean/japanese/chinese folklore, and loves incorporating history into his designs. 
❊ speaking of historical, he has an entire section of his wardrobe dedicated to historical dress. he wants to learn to sew so he can flaunt his skills and dress however he likes. 
❊ yes, he wears makeup. eyeliner and lipstick being the bare minimum. 
❊ he took on jobs in the adult industry because it's a good way for him to escape reality and to let out stress. it also gives the illusion that he's loved. he always demands for his face to be covered in videos
❊ a collector of vintages and antiques - as of now he has a gramphone and an antique shelf for his work.  
❊ he wants to get a tattoo of a camellia flower to commemorate hyuk's single (he recently had a song called camellia with jukjae) 
❊ bubble tea order: either 
1) milk tea with brown sugar pearls, add-on with pudding, 30% sweet and 50% ice
2) jasmine milk tea with pearls, 50% sweet, hot
❊ he's exceedingly private about his private life. hyunwook is of the firm belief that everything private, stays private. and he expects the same from his friends as well. he doesn't even reveal the fact that he's gay either - mainly because of the conservative nature of south korea and how easily he would be dragged across the mud for it. since people seem to be more accepting of biuality, he just says he's bi. 
❊ hyunwook is diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression. he takes meds but doesn't go to therapy because he can't afford it. 
social media
as shin hyunwook (personal accounts)
❊ instagram: sxx_hw
❊ weibo: 閒仙_sxx
❊ twitter: sxx_shw
❊ tumblr: depressed-creative 
for work (creative accounts) 
❊ instagram: athen_shw
❊ twitter: athen_shw07
❊ weibo: 雅典_sxx
(no, he does not have an account for his adult work) 
social media content - instagram
in his personal accounts, hyunwook's posts are mostly aesthetic and minimalistic. his life does revolve around the use of social media after all, so he prefers to keep his personal account less...flashy and more lowkey. he posts about everything, though it mostly consists of food, clothes, more food and sometimes cultural stuff. except aesthetic. so it's a lot of monochrome and toned down colours - he prefers a dreamy aesthetic like blue hour or golden hour - you get the vibe. 
there are also a lot of pictures with his friends - not all of them are famous but he includes them nonetheless. anyways it's mostly aesthetic - the contents aren't that important but the colours are. (if you want a sample then see bang yongguk's ig
it depends on what he's working on. if he was doing work for kpop artists, he helps promote their work through teasers and snippets of their music. hyunwook is especially careful with his work account since he knows any misstep might cost his client(s) their popularity or earnings. 
that was the main reason for hyunwook being so popular, because he always manages to find snippets of his work to tease an upcoming artist. it's also carefully arranged so it forms a photo overall (i hated those layouts, ngl), and is just generally very aesthetic. he does posts details of his own life, but a link on the bio directs those interested to his personal ig.
social media content - twitter
hyunwook is a person of many opinions, and what better place to unleash it than through twitter? he talks about everything on twitter, but mostly focused on politics, current news, and recipes. but mostly current events. if you didn't know better, it would've been mistaken for an activist account.
since twitter is a hellsite anyways, hyunwook uses twitter to unleash his fury and annoyance towards people who disses his work. constructive criticism he welcomes with open arms, but if someone talks about his work he puts them down quickly with his portfolio.
twitter is also a place where he shares discourse about fan theories whenever he posts a teaser, though he never confirms nor denies anything - merely reposting theories and things he found interesting. he also occassionally fanboys over his favourite artists - vixx, mamamoo and bap. anime is also a frequent guest. 
social media content - weibo 
i haven't used weibo for ages so just assume it's something along those lines 
social media content - tumblr 
hyunwook never reveals to anyone what his tumblr is, so that's his secret little haven. it's full of random stuff of his hobbies, and mostly reposts of things he found interesting. 
texting style 
there are two moods to hyunwook's texting - either eloquent and woven full of heavy sarcasm, or just plain and direct. his texting moods don't correspond to his mood either, so he's not pissed if he's direct, nor is he in a teasing mood when he was extremely eloquent. 
his texting style, to stick to simple terms, is elegant. it looks something like this; 'i won't wish any sliver of calamity upon you, but i pray you won't further stalk my dreams' when he's trying to be eloquent - really, he's just being massively dramatic. because he's gay. and gays have flair. 
anyways, on occasion hyunwook texts like a normal human being, with acronyms and simple sentences with easily accessible vocabulary that your average person would understand. 
you would've thought his dramatics would not have allowed him to use memes. wrong. he's the ultimate meme lord of the group chat - for some reason he always has the appropriate meme for the appropriate time for almost everything. it's crazy how he could predict the mood. 
his favourite emoji is the simp face - 🥺. he simps whenever he wants to and whenever he wants to be dramatic. people in the group chat are so used to seeing his simp face that they just brush it off as him being dramatic. again. 
anyways the conclusion is that he's super dramatic. 
basic information
name: han sanghyuk.
❊ hyukkie :: the most usual nickname from everyone 
❊ hyogi :: what his foreign fans call him 
❊ h:life-nim :: an inside joke; he set up a youtube account called h:life and kept denying it was him, but starlights knew it was him. hyunwook calls him that whenever he wants to tease hyuk
❊ hyuk-nim :: hyunwook's playful nickname for him
birthdate: 05.07.1995.
personality traits:
❊ +ve: kind, compassionate, caring, 
❊ = : a huge tease, sociable
❊ -ve: possessive, sensitive, moody, merciless
hyuk is an incredibly kind individual who takes care of people around him and doesn't hesitate in reaching out to others when they're in trouble or when they need help. he's also capable of extreme compassion, easily understanding people's moods and people's needs. while he doesn't bend himself over to help them out, he does extend a helping hand whenever possible. 
however, hyuk is a massive tease. he loves pushing people's buttons just to see how far they can go before exploding. towards his groupmates, he always 'bullies' his hyungs to the point of being identified as the worst 'maknae on top'. when manifested against hyunwook, it's likely that there'll be a lot of banter in normal life, and a lot of teasing in erm, nsfw situtaions. which further feeds into their power dynamics since hyunwook is a massive sub. so yeah. (link to hyuk's bullying)  
hyuk is also really sociable and can make people feel right at home with him. he doesn't hesitate to be friends with literally everyone, and is so friendly people doesn't hesitate to approach him. he's like a huge puppy in social events. 
it's really hard to say for sure what hyuk's negative traits are since he doesn't really reveal much of his personality. but i think he's the type to become possessive easily, especially over things or people he treasures. when he loves, he loves with his whole being so he hates it when people doesn't return that kind of affection. this possessive nature also drives a dent into his relationship with hyunwook since he needs freedom, but he's able to rein it in when needed. 
being so compassionate, hyuk can be sensitive sometimes. it's not that he snaps easily, it's more that he has a limit and when pushed too far, he gets annoyed. because he's so in tune with his emotions and knows what he wants, sometimes he gets moody, though only around people he's close with. he doesn't often have moods, but when they manifest he broods a lot and retreats into himself. oh yeah, he's also merciless when it comes to teasing so good luck with that.
career background: hyuk was first revealed to the public eye through the survival program 'mydol', which was set up and hosted by jellyfish entertainment in order to choose trainees for vixx. he was the youngest contestant at age 16, and was a wee little thing scared of the other hyungs (especially leo)
because he was still studying and juggling school with his career, he was really busy as a trainee. add the fact that he was a new trainee, hyuk wasn't as close to the other members as they were to each other, so he started off with a rocky relationship with the others. 
though hyuk was chosen to be in the final lineup, he was considered one of the less talented ones. as the years progressed however, he gained more singing lines and more dance parts, to the point of graduating to a main dancer position and able to sustain high notes (someone noted he's the best vocalist after the two main vocals - i'd have to agree, except the spot is shared with n).
anyways, he grew up under the care of his vixx hyungs. initially a fetus, he became more 'rebellious' and outspoken; his confidence to talk back to hyungs and to reveal more of his personality on camera earned him the nickname 'maknae on top'. also, he's the tallest in a group full of giants (average height is 180cm; hyuk is 185cm), so he likes to throw his hyungs around. he's kinda violent, ngl. 
personal background: hyuk was born and raised in Daejeon, south korea. his family consists of himself, his parents and one older sister. he studied practical music at the hanlim mult art school and was a kpop performance major at the dong-ah institute of media and arts. 
(for some reason, it's really hard to find anything on the vixx members' pasts online) 
❊ his favourite band was ukiss when he was little 
❊ favourite food: gopchang. hyunwook likes eating organs as well so they go out for gopchang together often.
❊ he likes pizza and spaghetti as well, though hyunwook isn't a massive fan of western food. 
❊ his favourite artists are park hyoshin and justin bieber. 
❊ he likes to snack late at night, though he's trying not to lately. but if hyunwook is staying over he gets hungry pretty quickly (especially after *coughs* ) so they end up eating at a late time anyways. 
❊ favourite colours: black and white. which is why hyunwook finds it so easy to borrow his clothes 
❊ sleeps in a comfortable t-shirt and pajama pants 
❊ boi likes to read 
❊ he's lactose intolerant. which is a pity because hyunwook is a big fan of anything dairy 
❊ hyuk wants to raise a big dog someday 
❊ he also finds it hard to express his feelings 
❊ boi knows judo
❊ has a dog called jumuk
(note: again, it's really hard to dig up information about him, mainly becuse starlights are a really chill fandom and there aren't many sasaengs who are interested in finding out about their private lives)
first meeting
because hyunwook has a bad memory, he just assumed he met hyuk when he met hakyeon, or some other day when they were hanging out. anyways hyunwook met hyuk through hakyeon.
however, the time when they actually established a relationship was when he was asked to work on hyuk's solos as creative director, since hakyeon recommended him. initially he started off with winter butterfly in 2019, but after hyuk saw his work they began working more together.
love story
hyuk finds hyunwook's work and artistry fascinating, and so constantly seeks out work with him. hyunwook, in turn, thought hyuk was a fascinating individual and made all sorts of excuses to see him. mainly because he thought hyuk had a strange pull in him...yeah hyunwook isn't the most intuitive person, but he sure follows his instincts.
2017: vixx's shangri-la concept was the first project that hyunwook was allowed to be part of as an intern. granted, he didn't do much aside from running errands for his superiors and helping fix things up, but he still had the chance to see vixx up close and upfront. i guess you could call this hyunwook's first unofficial meeting with hyuk. hakyeon fusses over hyunwook because he's the only intern onsite. 
2018: he was again working with vixx with his favourite concept as far - scentist. however, this time he was assistant creative director and more involved with the details. he got really interested in the group's concepts and wanted to work with them more. and yes, his crush for hakyeon grew. 
jan - june, 2019: continuing with his work with vixx, he worked on both leo's 'muse' album and hyuk's 'boy with a star' album, though again as an assistant rather than a leading creative. after hakyeon left for the military, his crush slowly died down and he focused on his career again. 
july, 2019: hyunwook got promoted to creative director. because he had worked closely with vixx, the members continued their partnership with him, and it was the first time hyuk and hyunwook got to work together, face-to-face, on a more personal level. (the result being winter butterfly, released at the end of the year) their relationship soon developed to more than that of a working one - the two became friends. 
5 may 2020: hyunwook helped with the styling in ken's first ep 'greeting' 
autumn 2020: autumn is the season of changes, right? which also meant that their relationship saw developments. november also happened to be hyunwook's worst month when it comes to his depression, and it was on 6.11 (hyuk wanted to celebrate his birthday but let him have 7.11 to himself) that after drinking too much, hyunwook broke down. luckily they were at a place close to where hyuk lives, so he brought him home and let him stay over for a night. fast forward to the next day, hyunwook apologised for being such a mess but hyuk says it's okay, he would always listen if he needs it. hyunwook took him at his word, and went more often to hyuk. 
they don't always talk about depression and mental problems though - there are some shared interests. and not just about artistry and creative things, there are also more mundane things; books they are both interested in, anime, and food. hyunwook always make a point of cooking at hyuk's to thank him. 
22 dec 2020: hyunwook helped hyuk with the mv in his song 'camellia' with jukjae 
27 dec 2020: hyunwook went over to hyuk's again to celebrate christmas with him. they ended up drinking too much, and started playing truth or dare. for some stupid reason hyunwook decided to dare hyuk to kiss him (he told hyuk he was bi a few weeks ago), which he did. 
22 jan 2021: hyunwook finished his project with oneus for their first album 'devil', and he decided to call hyuk up to celebrate and rest, who had also finished up his filming for the movie 'croissant'. since 22.01 was the release date for the movie, hyuk decided to take hyunwook along for the screening. 
it's not a date, but it could be. 
anyways, after the movie they walked around the city for some time and ate gopchang (stir-fried intestines) by the han river. 
new year, 2021: since hyuk wasn't technically an active idol, he was able to spend new year by himself, and went back to visit family. hyunwook, however, was busy working so he didn't have a chance to go back. he didn't want to anyways, so it was perfectly fine for him to work throughout new year. however, hyuk, taking pity on him, decided to bring hyunwook back home with him so he could get some home-cooked food (since both hyunseok and eunyeon were in china, his parents went back to china. hyunwook made an excuse and decided not to go).
feb - april 2021: hyunwook and hyuk were able to spend more time together, which is more indoors than outdoors, but they didn't mind; both were indoor people. hyunwook especially liked to stay the night, since hyunseok was always away in china. whenever hyunwook stays the night, they always end up talking into the wee hours, which usually evolved into something more. 

❊ texting is always a precursor to something else. because hyunwook has a close relationship with hyuk, it's always easier to meet up rather than text each other.
❊ however, since hyunwook became more busier after being promoted, they turned to texting more. they don't video call; hyunwook has no patience for that kind of thing and he's always multi-tasking, so they just voice call if they want to talk. 
❊ hyunwook is careful not to be too suggestive on chat. mainly because he knows how dangerous it would be if it gets leaked. so his 'flirting' or suggestive texts are often what he would say in real life; dramatic proclamations of love, be his life tragically because yeah, he's like that. basically it's nothing that people who knew him wouldn't know. but since he reveals so little to the outside world, it would seem strange to well, strangers.
❊ they're careful not to initiate pda or skinship in public. to bystanders, whenever they're walking around, they are two handsome and young close friends who are just walking around seoul having a good time. and of course, since they aren't exactly a couple hyunwook sees no reason to do anything suggestive either. 
❊ however, in private they're much more intimate. again, as mentioned hyunwook isn't shy to initiate skinship, and hyuk doesn't shirk or shy away from it at all. he likes to hug hyuk, lean against hyuk and just touch him whenever he wants (not uallY)
❊ hyunwook's favourite form of physical intimacy is leaning his head against hyuk's broad shoulders. because he's frequently sleep-deprived, he likes to just fall asleep against hyuk in his apartment, which would make hyuk sigh in exasperation and carry him to bed. 
❊ their height and size difference also makes hyuk more possessive of hyunwook, even though he never shows it. i picture hyuk as someone who likes to bite his partner or mark them, so it's likely that hyunwook has a lot of love bites under his clothes. whenever he's cooking (usually making breakfast the next day), hyuk likes to hug him from behind and kiss the marks he made. 
❊ their verbal communication is...complicated. on a surface level and in normal situations, hyunwook and hyuk has a lot of sarcasm going around. they banter and tease each other, though are super serious in a work setting. 
❊ in work mode, both of them are extremely concentrated in their work. there's no flirting or teasing involved, and both of them are focused only on their goals. hyunwook treats hyuk as a client, and hyuk treats hyunwook as a colleague. sometimes they have differnig ideas, which leads to heated arguments. though both of them know not to take work-related issues into their private lives, so they are able to make up relatively easily. 
❊ hyunwook has a thing for hyuk's voice. but he hates voice messages. so what they do is voice call each other if they aren't spending the night together, because hyunwook claims his voice helps lure him to sleep. 
❊ hyuk has incredibly thick and muscular thighs. once hyunwook suggested thigh riding. it became a regular part of their time together after that. 
❊ hyuk isn't very dominant in daily life, but when needed he can be quite . which is perfect since hyunwook is more on the submissive side.
❊ hyuk enjoys teasing hyunwook, which he claims helps relieve stress better. he gets really ruthless when he teases him. 
❊ hyunwook has a voice and hand kink. hyuk satisfies both of that easily. 
❊ hyuk likes hyunwook's neck the most, and gets whenever he's wearing a choker or a collar (which is like, most of the time but when hyuk gets especially by hyunwook wearing red or burgundy chokers)
(❊ if you want more I can keep adding, but i was worried this might turn too nsfw whoops) 
current relationship
ermmm so their relationship is really complicated. hyunwook has had a lot of difficulties in his love life and personal relationships, so it's not easy for him to find someone he fully trusts and loves. however, hyuk is one of the few that actually fulfills his criterias. 
basically hyuk is his closest confidant and best friend, and someone he's able to shed off his outer facade around. hyuk is one of the few who doesn't mind hs dark humour, his self-depreciation and depression and embraces him fully for who he is. hyuk has a lot of dark humour hanging around as well, so they vibe pretty well and find amusement in similar things 
they spend a lot of time talking together. when hyunwook is around hyuk, he isn't afraid to share his thoughts on anything and everything, and hyuk likes to listen to his thoughts. similarly, hyuk also shares his thoughts around hyunwook. 
basically they're really really close friends, excluding the sweetness and intimacy of being a couple. and hyuk is like jaechan; he pulls hyunwook back from the depths of his mind and keeps him alive. whenever hyunwook feels like he's slipping off the dark edge, he calls hyuk - and only if he can't reach him does he phones the others. 
neither of them remember how it progressed either but eventually their relationship became more than just psychological and mentally supportive of each other. it's not that the relationship became one that's purely friends with benefits, but there's a fair amount of physical intimacy involved as well. 
whenever hyunwook seeks hyuk out for advice or verbal support, they go back to hyuk's place, either to eat, drink, or just talk - or even just watch a movie or something. hyunwook isn't shy to initiate physical intimacy with people he likes, as mentioned in the trivia section, and hyuk doesn't shy away from his initiations either. especially since there's a fair share of sarcasm involved, so their interactions ended up with a lot of banter and playful flirting that eventually evolved into, well, . 
and as mentioned before, hyunwook finds release (literally and mentally) in , seeing as he dips in and out of the adult industry. since he has a stable relationship with hyuk (coughs coughs), the time he spends with him often involves...physical activities as a means of relieving stress. not to say that emotional intimacy wasn't present, but the precursor was often depression. which can make the relationship very toxic.
but yeah, very close friends with occasionally frequent is probably the right name for their relationship. 
end relationship
hopefully stopping the toxicity in their relationship. it would probably involve hakyeon smacking some sense into hyunwook and the two being closer than just (coughs) buddies. speaking of hakyeon, he would also probably smack the distrust out of hyunwook and make him see sense about his feelings, and making him realise that he has genuine feelings about hyuk.
relationship trivia
❊ hyuk has persephone's stamp of approval 
❊ hyunwook is the little spoon, periodt.
❊ for how protective hyunseok is of his little brother, you'd think he flipped out when he heard he was in a relationship. wrong. hyunseok doesn't even know his little brother was sleeping around, let alone seeing someone. so no, hyuk has yet to have the older brother's stamp of approval.
❊ however, eunyeon knows and she adores hyuk. she keeps playing wingman even though hyunwook insists they aren't dating, she isn't convinced. 
❊ they don't really make plans to see each other. often 'plans' were made thirty minutes or an hour prior to meeting; if hyunwook or hyuk were in the neighbourhood where they're working, they'll meet up in a cafe or something. they always make sure the other is at home before crashing though, otherwise it'll be awkward.
❊ speaking of homes, hyunwook doesn't let hyuk into his apartment, mainly because he has no idea when hyunseok would return. so they often hang out in hyuk's apartment.
❊ hyunwook likes to cook for hyuk. after making sure he's at home, he just goes shopping and crashes at hyuk's place to make dinner for the two of them. he constantly bemoans how empty hyuk's kitchen is since he usually orders takeout, so by now, hyuk's kitchen is well stocked. 
❊ hyunwook likes to call hyuk 'hyuk-nim' whenever he wants to . 
❊ yes, hyunwook steals hyuk's clothes. even though hyuk is a good 7cm taller than him. 
❊ hyunwook likes to listen to hyuk sing. if they aren't drinking together, hyuk just likes to take out his guitar and they jam together. hyunwook usually sings the main verse, hyuk harmonises. 
❊ hyuk indulges in hyunwook's recklessness. they're both restless souls, despite how calm hyuk is and how he can anchor hyunwook into reality. since hyuk needs to escape from his reality too, often this takes the form of long car drives in the middle of the night or sudden road trips to god knows where.
❊ i feel like this is a bit ooc so i'm not sure whether to include it or not. but i feel because hyuk entered into the entertainment industry so young, he didn't get a chance to grow up properly despite his hyungs taking really good care of him. and so hyunwook's whims and sudden trips elsewhere is a good way to experience that inner child again, which is why hyuk tags along. 
❊ hyunwook was in one of the h:life videos as a 'friend', which helped throw starlights off hyuk's scent. but when it was revealed that hyuk was h:life, they wondered what their relationship is. starlights aren't a toxic fandom at all and are completely chill, but anyways they were revealed to be really close friends. the problem came when someone dug up past interviews of hyunwook where he states his favourite artist is vixx - they thought he's a fanboy who went too far. (not starlights, other random- people who followed his work) 
❊ of course, the stigma that comes with male-male relationships in south korea even if there's no proof. 
❊ and yeah, some of the more 'suggestive' texts which led to a massive blow to both their reputations. hyunwook is careful not to reveal too much on a public chatroom though, he knew the risks; so it's mostly vanilla stuff. but still, it could be quite a shock. 
❊ hyuk finding out hyunwook sleeps around for stress relief. it caused great tension between the two; eventually hyunwook compromised by quitting his roles. 
❊ speculations of hyunwook 'cheating' on hyuk with hakyeon because they're so close - hyuk isn't the jealous type, but given enough speculation by the media he might get annoyed. 
❊ hyunwook accused of using hyuk as leverage for his work, which was funny because 1) vixx is popular, but not bts-level popular and 2) he's quite well established as an artist 
❊ dispatch being the creepy stalker as always - after news of ravi and taeyeon allegedly 'dating' came out (that was in the beginning of 2021 I think) they decided to go after hyuk, who was the only active vixx member at the time. so hyuk and hyunwook were often seen going back to his apartment together. 
❊ vixx had never had dating rumours before (except for ravi and taeyeon), so there had been speculations of the group being gay (this was mentioned by ken in a show). now that hyuk was exposed to be 'intimate' with a man, there were speculations of the other members being homoual as well. luckily leo and ken were in the army so it died down pretty quickly. 
❊ tensions with hyuk's family. hyunwook has had a hostile relationship with his parents ever since he remembered, so he wasn't too concerned about his parents. but he was worried about how hyuk's family would react, which caused a lot of sleepless nights, truth be told.
❊ the 'age difference'. technically there's no age difference since it's just a year, but hyuk debuted pretty early (2012) and the general view of him is an older, established and more mature idol (especially with his group's concepts). so that caused a bit of a fuss as well. 
couple song
i should probably explain the song i chose a little because it might not make much sense. the song is basically about a, literally, 'bloody love story', meaning that it's toxic and not at all healthy. hyunwook and hyuk's relationship is healthy, but what brings them together (most of the time) is toxic, since hyunwook uses hyuk for escapism and relief from reality, while hyuk uses hyunwook to lose himself with his spontaneity. anyways, currently they're treating each other as therapists rather than confidants and establishing a normal relationship where there's give and take. so that's why it's toxic and needs to change.
size 47x47
statusit's complicated.
let's chat
let's have a conversation!
answer these questions as your character, like they were replying to a chat.
welcome to the dreamer's club chat! can you tell us a little about yourself?
greetings. i'm shin hyunwook, part-time creative director, part-time stylist, and full-time creative, depressed and bi.
how would you describe your relationship?
it's complicated.
how do you feel about your relationship as it is right now? is there anything you'd like to change about it?
none of your business.
how is your relationship with your s.o's labelmates, coworkers, and bandmates? 
hakyeo - erm, n hyung is practically my mother so there's that. i work with a lot of the vixx members as well, so yes, i'm well-acquainted with all of them.
would you ever want to go public with your relationship?
i think the proposal of me committing suicide through jumping off a thirty-storey building would be more enticing.
where do you see this relationship going? is this just a fling or is there something more you'd like?
again, none of your business.
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