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FEAT. dean and heize
why daehyun is my profile: he's the best vocalist in kpop, no I'm not taking constructive criticism. he has also completely taken over my life and somehow snuck his place into the centre of my heart. jung daehyun is my current source of serotonin, because of his voice, his mischief and him being absolutely boyfriend material. i love him y'all.
why winwin was my profile: because he's a precious baby who needs to be protected against all evils of the world and is a gem that is wasted by sm fight me i dare you
why jinyoung was originally my profile: because my favourite oc is shin hyunwook and he's the faceclaim
fluent: mandarin, cantonese, english, french, japanese
learning: korean, spanish, romanian
oc list: working on
please watch: the crown (netflix series)
stage of life: biually dying
about me.
Hii i'm suhyo, you can call me hyo or just suhyo :) (or bestow a nickname of your choosing upon me but warn me first lmao) 
i'm trash for kpop, anime, classical music, history, classical literuatre, basically everything niche so if you're someone wanting to share their love of anything obscure with anyone, chances are, that's me :D
mental breakdowns
jung daehyun
reply speed
currently playing - 'fermata' - (kim himchan, jung daehyun, yoo youngjae, moon jongup) 
formerly playing - 'lovely' (billie eilish x khalid)
formerly playing - 'Only one for me’ (btob)
as shown from the pictures upstairs, i'm a multifandom fan and here are the groups i stan:
1. vixx
scale: ultimate bias group
why: concepts. all said. 
Bias: i'm sorry did you just ask me to pick? I love all of them
2. btob
scale: ascending fast to my second ultimate bias group
why: ballads, vocals, heart-wrenching songs
bias: minhyuk, hyunsik (but i love all of them you'll see in time)
3. b.a.p
scale: heartbroken because they apparently 'disbanded' 
why: deep lyrics, concepts
bias: youngjae, daehyun 
scale: a group that I stanned but not that much anymore (sorry monbebes)
why: concepts, dances, kihyun's vocals
bias: kihyun
5. super junior
scale: just a group of idiots on crack that i love
why: see above and link
bias: half of them lmao
6. a.c.e. 
scale: my babiessss
why: out of world dance skills and amazing rising rookies 
bias: jun 
7. oneus
scale: getting into them but damn their songs are nice
why: erm concepts and songs? tbc
bias: none as of yet
branches reaching out and blossoming under newfound light of the sun
tbh i'm not really a social person, but people say i tend to get along well with others...? what am i saying here are my fams
(click on picture to direct to profile) 
my hyung who is a huge squish and one of the best people i've met on this site
my grandma who is currently sick af and in college. a meme and an idiot who i randomly spam with kpop stuff on instagram lmao. 
my little demon poof who is so fluffy and smol and precious :) a little bean that must be protected at all costs www
my unnie whom i haven't really communicated with for a long time (sorry > <) an amazing person who is always ready with advice that we do not deserve www
one of my closest friends in real life who is completely dead on her account. extremely talented writer who also writes poetry and will definitely change the account later on whelp. 
(as you can see i don't really socialise much around here)
let the words drip from your blood and form unseen worlds on parchment
i started writing pretty young, but the first time i actually started drafting out a story was in sixth grade, and it was a weak attempt at storytelling. still, a start. 
now i mainly write poetry (because i don't need to go back to it), fanfiction and sometimes, original stories.
genres: historical, angst, fantasy
i'm mainly a fantasy writer, thrown in with angst, death, some love (mostly unrequited) and procastination. 
i also write historical fiction; i'm a huge nerd for history and mythology
decent stories i've written linked below