2 days of trailer- Finally done! THE BRACELET CLUB TRAILER!

I don't know how people edit videos. They are so hard to handle but yeah, I did a trailer! I will adding BobaCorgi's one onto this post too because honestly, hers was is more relevant but hopefully the story will take a darker turn. Heres to the app crashing and me redo-ing it and me crying because it was hard and my petty self wouldn't let it go. Hours of scouring for voice memos in korean that fit with english and galore. 


The Dark Version, Mandalee



The Original, BobaCorgi


Honestly love both of them and can't wait to do more trailers because it's fun even though they keep me up for hours. Do check both of it out and give it a like! <3 Sending love and more love <3


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So awesome!! Get some rest now knowing you did a fantastic job.
You are expanding your wings and I am so proud of you! I love the trailer excellent job! :D
taeyeonkin #3
you cried when the program crashed hhhhhhhhhhhhh
i hope you’re feeling better now or at leasT ACHIEVEDDDD

Bc that trailer be sooooo goooooood the beats the DUN DUN (steph soo intro coming up) two days paid off now sleep ok