The N-CITY SERIES (To be written)

Season 1 DONE: Mark, Haechan, Jaemin, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Yuta, Jisung, Johnny, Jeno

Season 2 DONE: Hendery, Lucas (WIP) 

Character Title: Winwin // <3

I've always had a passion for gaming. Back in high school. I'm no longer in high school, however, and as much as Chenle tells me to reach for my dreams, I know that it will never work out. So I go for the second-best thing, a gaming start-up. Turns out the head developer is someone I have crossed paths since highschool. Dong Sicheng? No, I know him as ID: letswinwin97

Character Title: Huang Renjun // I.O.U

Hi, my name is Sign and my mother was the Mad Hatter. She's dead. I don't know much about life, or emotions or anything for that matter but I'm sure that Huang Renjun-- my caretaker, cares about me. And Jeno said, (Jeno is a doctor. So is Kun, so I have to listen to them.) that if someone cares for you, you have to pay them back with triple the love. 

Huang Renjun, I owe you. 

Character Title: Yangyang // Radio Romance

My neighbor is weird. He dresses up in all black, always has a camera, and one time, I caught him in the elevator with a huge duffel bag. Blinks. Could he be a serial killer? Doesn't help that I have seen someone in a white lab coat entering his apartment. I have also seen THE Lee Haechan by his doorstep. But it's alright. I find solace in a podcast by a guy named The Sheep. His voice calms me down. And his German? *chefs kiss* 

Little do I know that he's closer than I think he is. 

Character Title: Moon Tae-il // To the Moon & never back

Sunny is a great kid. 8 years old, flourishing, and always so lively. She talks about her father a lot and her mother, Bunny, picks her up from school. One day, I see her mother in the mall with someone else. Jeno, she called him. Right then and there, I found myself stressing how to tell Moon Tae-il that his wife is cheating on him. 

Oh, poor Sunny. 

Character Title: Zhong Chenle // The Final Encore

I've always been an actress. I've always been paid for little jobs; pretending to be a girlfriend, sometimes a friend, sometimes a sister. You name it, I do all kinds of realistic acting. So when the opportunity arises that the heir of a Chinese family asks me to act as his girlfriend on his birthday in Shanghai, I agree. I don't know how long I'd have to act the part but the final encore is when I realized that maybe I wasn't really acting. 

Character Title: Qian Kun // Only Human

I dated Kun for two whole years when I realized that being a doctor was his only goal in life. So I broke up with him and we parted ways. Two years after, he saw me once again... With his son. 

Character Title: Xiaojun // DNYL (I do)

"I have always watched you love someone else." That was what Xiaojun told me on my wedding day. I guess I didn't realize the severity of his pain until he stood up to oppose the wedding before I could say "I do.". 

"I don't need your love." Xiaojun had always told me, repeatedly back in high school. 
Years after, now that I'm about to walk down the aisle, he had corrected himself. 
"But now, I think I do." 

Character Title: Taeyong // The Seasons Call

Autumn was when his Soundcloud came out. Winter was when people began to know his music. Lee Taeyong was a one-night miracle producer and singer and I have always been his fan since the start. Spring was when I began to know him and summer was when we began to drift. 

"Back to this time of the year." He told me, 365 days after. "Back to fall, right now to when I'm falling for you." 

Character Title: Ten // Love Talk

Not yet brainstormed

keywords: language, possible diplomat, different language, ((FALLING FOR A STRANGER GOOD GRACIOUSSSS))

Character Title: Jungwoo // -

keywords: hangover 

Yuta's sudden wedding had brought everyone to Thailand. So when everyone decided to go hell-bent crazy on the alcohol, Jungwoo finds himself down an adventure of crazy events (Talking shaving Jeffrey's head and losing Mark throughout the night) and maybe falling in love with a backpacker-- just to realize that she's going back to the same place he would be. 


Character Title: Sungchan // 90's Love

Sungchan never believed in love yet he finds himself hung over, addicted, and crazy in love with a co-worker (A woman working in environmental law who was born in the 90's, '93 to be exact.). So he seeks help from the one person who knows all about love. Our very own Cupid. 



I will write them little by little but this is the gist of it. Once again, no idea if I will put it on AFF because every time I write it, the copy and pasting of images and chapters can be tiring. That being said, this is just used as a plan to guide me for the remaining stories and it may change. 




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OMAGAWD! I'm so excited! There's Taeyong's draft too! I didn't expect him to be with a fan! I really thought he's in love with Daisy but too bad she's gone TT so I thought he would end up alone just focusing on his career hahah. There's Sungchan's too! I'm looking forward to Cupid! Idk but I imagine her to be so cute (like Chuu) hahaha XD Kun's story is expected to be angsty I mean I can feel the heartbreaks already just from the draft! Becoming a doctor is so much stress I can cry!

Excited excited! There's also Jungwoo! Renjun! Xiaojun! Yangyang who does a podcast! Wow! Good luck!

I less than three you XD
I MIGHT EVEN FLY OUT TO VEGAS, XD I find it concerning yet hilarious that I could literally hear WayV sing in my head when I read about Ten *sighs before chuckling* (Diplomat is so frickin' intriguing tho, I cannot wait to read about him and his escapades, then again, all of these stories sound sooo good!)

On a more serious note though, I won't lie when I say reading about you feeling burnt out when it comes to writing makes me upset. I mean, like you said, AFF really is slowly becoming more and more slow or maybe obsolete in terms of updates and authors have been lately finding it hard to be able to find the motivation to write for this site, but your stories were some of the only ones that were being updated and made me excited to hop on over here.

That's not to say you should continue churning out stories or long fics because you feel obliged to, I think if things are truly not working out here on AFF or even just generally, then I support you. Your stories have been amusing, heart-warming (and shrieks and giggles inducing because it's a rollercoaster over here, man) and overall, examples of writing that inspire me to write all the time, and though I will miss coming here and seeing random, new and fun stories with new characters, your ('s and Sora's) mental health is the most important here :)

Having said that, I look forward to reading the rest of the N-City series whenever and wherever you decide to post it, take care and hope you're well! See you then <333
I hope i get to read them cuz they all sound so fun!!! I love how your stories have a sense of real life yet some have twists like a once ina life time chnce kinda thing, afterall it is story but seriously im excited!
I love this series so much. Their different personalities and plot are very exciting. Let's see if there'll be a couple that can top my fav, Jeno x Bunny 😆
I love this series so much. Their different personalities and plot are very exciting. Let's see if there'll be a couple that can top my fav, Jeno x Bunny 😆
I can already see the chaos in To The Moon and Never Back...well, when there is Bunny, I believe there's chaos everywhere..😂 Taeil, stay strong man...😂
I can already see the chaos in To The Moon and Never Back...well, when there is Bunny, I believe there's chaos everywhere..😂 Taeil, stay strong man...😂