IMPORTANT (I'm not sure how relevant this still is but please read this)

TW for mentions of gore; I'm not rating this M because there's no explicit content here, but just to be safe 

I've posted this on my feed but I'll elaborate here because there are a lot of people on this site who 1) uses twitter 2) are underage 

What's going on apparently is that there is a cult/organisation which is editing clips of gore in between kpop fancams on twitter, and they are incredibly disturbing videos as well. I myself don't use Twitter so I don't know for sure nor have I (gladly) watched these myself, but if you do watch fancams on Twitter these are some telltale signs that they are not legit: 

(Also TW the comment for mentions of explicit stuff, I have a toned down version of main takeaways condensed from this comment right below if you get triggered by this)

(This is from a comment thread under one of the kpop funny moments compilation videos so I'll just put the link here, the video is 100% safe if you want to watch it as well) 

NOT RELATED BUT IMPORTANT : BE CAREFUL WHEN WATCHING K-POP FANCAMS BECAUSE THERE ARE DISTURBING EDITS. AT FIRST IT MAY SEEM NORMAL BUT IT WILL CHANGE INTO SOMETHING DISTURBING LIKE BLOOD, SUICIDE, GORGE, OR CORPSES. THESE ARE ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA. IF SOMEONE ASKS YOU "WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF" OR "WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR", DO NOT REPLY! I REPEAT DO NOT REPLY!! IT WILL SEND YOU A FANCAM SO PLEASE!! PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND DO NOT WATCH THEM. MAKE SURE TO WATCH OFFICIAL FANCAMS ONLY!! KINDLY SPREAD THE WORD!! seen many for myself , and all i can say is .. please look out for big group of people with slits/slitz/slit/s/z/ in their bios/usernames and "⍎" in their display names. they are part of some messed up cult and the fancams they use seem normal (like you said) in the beginning , but only for gore and jumpscares to show up half way through. the ones i know of is momo twice fancams , yoongi bts fancams , chuu loona fancams , yugyeom got7 fancams , hyunjin skz fancams and more. i've also came across some which will look like a video of a vlive being translated and will show up with gore/jumpscares too. if your dms are open for them , they will add you to a group chat (if they can) and they will continuously send videos of , murder and suicide (also like you said). if you have posted any pictures of yourself for a selca day they will save your picture and post it in the group chat , they will tell you that you're ugly and say horrible stuff about your appearance. they will use slurs in the chat and will be racist, homophobic and ableist. they will also speak about how they want to be by idols. some accounts will not add you to a group chat but just use their fancam under your posts , or they will privately message you instead of group chats and ask you if you've ever been and some really graphic questions about it. like you also said , they will ask you about your fears and purposely find videos resolving around that to send to you. it's really traumatising and gross to see. lately they have also been spamming their fancams under tweets that are spreading awareness about them. block these accounts , they aren't real kpop stans and are doing this to try get us off the apps. this is happening on instagram , twitter , youtube , tiktok and now is on picsart and an app called wit. i hope i helped give more information and please turn your auto play off , don't trust any fancams PLEASE PIN THIS FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW

(The person who posted this goes by the username Archita Borah sings btw, none of the above comment is from me or by me, I just copy and pasted it. This is also unedited) 

So yes. The main takeaway from this comment is 

- Watch out for twitter accounts with slits/slitz/slit/s/z/ in their bios/usernames and "⍎" in their display names
- Don't talk to them, communicate with them, dm them, interact with them, or they'll add you to a group chat where they harass and post a lot of explicit stuff and ask you very graphic questions
- Don't click on/watch any videos on a hashtag that might be spreading awareness about them 
- These videos include gore, so like (trigger warning, I wrote these in white so if you want to know what's in it [according to people who have watched them] just highlight) corpses, blood, a lot of blood, mutiliations, generally very scary stuff
- Be careful of other apps such as instagram, youtube and tiktok as well, ESPECIALLY youtube. Watch fancams only from verified accounts like mnet, or maybe fansites you know are 100% legit 
- Be ESPECIALLY careful about popular groups/singers/soloists, from what I see these have been done to stray kids' fancams, got7's fancams and of course bts' fancams. Not to say less popular groups aren't in danger of this as well but I'm guessing there's likely a lesser chance
- (This is from the thread so it's not in the comment above, but credits to the user going by Jhaz Lutero who wrote this in the same thread) These 'edited' fancams are apparently always one minute longer than the normal fancams. So it helps if you know how long the original song is. I'm guessing if the song is originally 3:21, and if it's 4:21 then be very careful (especially if it's not a remix ver. with a dance break in between) 
- Only watch the videos with a lot of views, usually the ones with views below 2,000 can be a bit sketchy (of course there are also wonderful human beings posting great content of never seen before concerts, but just to be sure) 

So yes. As a newly legal person (sadly) I'm telling everyone to be extra careful on social media, only watch videos on sites/accounts you know are safe and trust, and be aware of the stuff above. Turn off your autoplay as an extra caution, and spread the news so people won't accidentally click on stuff like this. 

Additional point to note is to NOT search Twitter fancams on youtube just to see what the fuss is all about and what people (there are usually accounts of commentators posting content on youtube analysing stuff) say about it, if you're easily freaked out by horror stuff like me. I haven't clicked on the videos to see what kind of content is there, but the thumbnails of the videos talking about them are pretty disturbing so...yeah. 

Please spread the news! The comment posting this was from 3 months ago so I'm not sure if it's still relevant but it doesn't hurt to be extra sure 

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