How do you feel today?

  • Rainbows 🌈 and cupcakes 🧁
  • Meh 😐
  • Stressed cuz of school 😣
  • Productive, Ima go write a story right now ✨
  • Fighting to stay awake, got 4 hours of sleep last night 😴

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Personal Message

Sometimes there is nothing that

needs to be written.

You are poetry.

We are the words.

Mankind is the story.


- Raquel Franco -

About Me

Hey to anyone who's reading this.Β I'm mostly just a reader,Β I tried to write my own story but didn't get very far.

Correction: I did end up writing my own story. Good job me. Go check it out. It's called Rainy Night. It's cringy but the best I can do -_-

Β I'm a multistan and am open to being friends and chatting once in a while so hit me up. Here's a bit more about me:

  • I read a lot. Like a lot. I used to be obsessed with dystopian novels and now I'm obsessed with fanfictions.
  • I like to make up plots and fantasies but when it comes to actually writing them out I end up failing -_-
  • I like poetry. My favorite poem is "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Dylan Thomas
  • I can design graphics pretty well. I mean, I think I can. I do images for my mom's website and they've been popular so idk.
  • My top 5 bands are BTS, NCT, EXO, Stray Kids, and Seventeen.
  • I'm a highschooler
  • That's basically it. I'm kind of boring and a lazy . I also procrastinate a lot.