FINAL NOTE: "Midnight Blues"

Midnight Blues is one of the stories I had perhaps the most fun writing, and that's why it will always have a soft spot in my heart. It was my first time writing a wolf AU and MPreg AU,  which was difficult, but fun nonetheless. It was a fantasy universe - something that isn't my genre of writing as such. What is also notable is that it was initially a oneshot requested by Kpoploveralways on Falling in Love, that I decided to turn into a full-length story.

It's also when I truly saw what it meant to have a literary journey as a writer with the readers. I remember when I first came out with the chapters and published them live here, readers would be very invested in the story and actively discuss it in the comments. It was heart-warming, and it showed me what a warm and open and friendly community AFF houses.

Starting on April 8, 2015 to January 18, 2016, Midnight Blues was a story that made me hold on and feel a bit better on some of the darker days of my depressive relapse. In that phase of life, seeing my story get that kind of love and reception was comforting, and I'm forever thankful for that.

Midnight Blues to me back then was about finding a source of comfort during loneliness. About finding a sense of community and togetherness and belonging in a life where I always felt like an 'other'. It was written in a time where fantasy was a great way for me to lose myself and leave my worries behind - through reading and watching fantasy, yes, but I never imagined I'd write fantasy as a way to ease myself from all the anxiety and stress. So this also became a story of challenging and exploring more about myself as a writer.

I hope y'all enjoyed this series! Thank you for having been a part of this wonderful journey!

However, I do have something to say before you consider hopping off: the journey doesn't end with Midnight Blues. That's right! Here's What If?, a spin-off on Midnight Blues! It explores the various questions and scenarios readers had regarding the Midnight Blues characters from when it was first uploaded. I do hope to see y'all there!

Thank you once again!


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