NAME : jung sera  

 love - used by junmyeon all the time, sera blushes everytime she is called by this

BIRTHDAY : december 20, 1995 (25 years old)
OCCUPATION : Works in an Advertising Agency (part of the creative department /editorial photographer + graphic artist)
PROFANITY : sera only cusses when she's stressed, or sometimes scared, and even amazed

korean // fluent // her mother tongue. born and raised in south korea
mandarin // fluent // she was an exchange student back then -specifically in beijing- for 2 years, she picked up the language pretty well.
english // conversational // she was often going abroad due to photoshoots and other projects she's in (back when she haven't met joonmyun) so she understand and can speak limited english, (Like "Hi, how are you? Nice to meet you. very nice shirt." to models but she would later cringe as she doesn't know what the hell she's saying, she would usually let her colleagues talk for her though.)

BACKUP : Hyerin (EXID)

APPEARANCE : standing tall short at 5'2 and weighing at 49 kgs (108 lbs), she has a medium short blonde hair (back in the day she used to have long hair and she would dye it crazy colors but then her hair got fried and she resulted back to her blonde locks and short hair as it feels like it suited her better also she's going to get bald if she's gonna dye her hair crazy and she doesn't want it looking like that.) has a tattoo on her right arm. gummy smile is prominent when she smiles widely or laughs. has toned stomach, and a fit body over-all (with curves).

STYLE : sera is a stylish person. she would wear accordingly to what event she's going for. if it's casual though usually would wear ripped jeans and too big of a shirt on her because it's comfy, but it still depends on the style she feels comfy and stylish to wear. (sera's closet)

+ creative, high-spirited, focused, romantic
- overly-competitive, workaholic,
// esfp-t. type seven. the enthusiast.

+ creativeness is something sera has with her whole life, even as a child she would always create something out of nothing, originality at its finest has always been her motto. she likes (and loves) giving out grand ideas, whether it'll be possible or impossible, she gives it all. and when she gives her all. and when she gives her all 100%, her high-strung energy is what causes people to be enamored towards sera ,with her charming abilties, parties, clubs, even photoshoots, she would gather a plethora of people  to gather or go outand she likes that she can carry such energy, she absolutely love it even more when she's in a crowd of people dancing and entertaining, or even talking about anything really, (specifically about work). speaking of work, sera is focus driven, always on the job and want to make things as perfect as much as possible, call out her name she wouldn't even glance at you because time is money gold and she doesn't want to waste it on even resting for a bit. due to that though, and as much as she doesn't want to admit it, she's a huge romantic, you can't see it when you first meet sera because for having such a huge personality, and a focused driven responsibility you would think she had it all under control. wrong. she cries at sappy romantic movies, goes to blind dates and such, has a worrying ammount of dating apps on her phone, she dreams of having finding the one, whenever it's valentines day or even a couple would remotely ask her for a wedding photography she would gladly make discounts cause she believes true love exists.

- being in the industry where original is the key to success, sera can be
overly-competitive, she likes crushing the competition and wants to get what she wants in order to succeed, not only in her field but also in life, she wants to one up others who are mocking her and wants to know that she's capable of everything -everything- that she is, the downfall of it though is she take it by heart and is really sensitive when losing so when she is desperate for any sort of validation against it she tends to overwork herself. a huge workaholic, remember when she tends to focus on everything she is doing? well it can be extreme when she's under a big pressure or when she is stuck with ideas, she sometimes can't be put to a stop when she's needing a great idea or what to prove someone something that she desperately needed to prove of. sera has a high level of dense when it comes to relationships, romantic as she may seem she's a huge dum dum when it comes to feelings and relationships, the blindness of being the romanticist itself is the cause of it, you need to tell her the bigger picture of your feelings or else she would laugh it off awkwardly and would tend to over-analyze anything as a friendly joke or whatnot.

hobbies includes: photography, skiing, watching movies, dancing
✤ likes going out like club, parties etc. can become restless when she wants to do something.
✤ has a huge collection of romantic movies, so whenever she's bored she plays all of those as much as she can. -she memorizes almost all of the dialouges in some movies-

✤ cries and overly emotional with movies or any romantic genres.
✤ can handle her alcohol intake well but would go stupid and crazy when she's close to collapsing
✤ can't cook for . -one time it ended up a trip to a hospital after she almost burned her hand-
✤ likes matching outfits and adores cute couple photography.
✤ heavy sleeper, -once she hits the bed she's already off to dreamland.-
✤ when nervous she would weirdly disorganize and then organize things
✤ loves excercising, would organize a zumba class session if admitted
✤ anyone – male or female- who says “We’re pregnant”. Are they sharing a uterus?
✤ spontaneous, one minute you're in your house the next you're being dragged to go to a random road trip
✤ hates late people cause she wants things on to go and quick
✤ takes energy drinks early in the morning because she's not a morning person. also doesn't like coffee that much.
✤ although she's quite a foodie herself, she doesn't really like seafood.
✤ at sitting still and silent when it comes to nerve-wracking meetings (eg. meeting your inlaws.)
✤ automatically wakes up early as she's used to it
✤ but would wait for someone to cook her breakfast cause she doesn't want to burn the house down
✤ screams at anything she thought ominous (or her paranoid self would be screaming at a coat hanger)
✤ regardless if she's tired or not, it has been a tradition for her to bring back cakes, sweets, ice cream whenever she came home from work.
✤ she can't for the life of her watch horror movies, she will dream about because she would cry like a baby 
BACKGROUND : jung sera was born in a family where everyone values the meaning of inheritance.  being in a middle class family with a family restaurant, she is expected to inherit the business as being the oldest and only child. but sera has other things in planned. she wanted to travel around the world, meet new people, create ideas that has been itching to be let out and let out her creative drive that she has been passionate about ever since then and with her personality to boot she can achieve anything she really wanted to. the thing is, her parents we're against it, "why would you waste your time partying sera?" "please sera oh my god are you serious with this?" "what about your grandma what is she gonna say? she's rolling in her grave for christ sake!" with a little bit of overdramatic crying here and there and her father trying to convince her behind his crying wife that she has a business to take care of and a family reputation she needs to uphold. firs of all, it's not partying, it's college. it took a lot of convincing for her parents to go to college, she wanted to take photography courses as she is always inclined in the artistic side of it but of course her parents we're having none of it. (second of all her grandma would most likely be encouraging her if she was here, she wouldn't take her own daugther's dramatic antics serious.) don't get her wrong, she loves her parents to death, her mom is always supportive of her, and her father -despite of the big gruffiness that he has- has a soft spot for his only daughter. sera does too, she has the soft spot for her parents when it comes to helping out at the restaurant she would, and swears she will. but this time, she wanted to have her own choice, wanted to have a will of freedom for herself, so when her parents eventually gave in -even though a little bit forced -but happy nonetheless, they mellow out due to years of sera being insistent on her college journey- she was approved to do what she wants, (her mother a little bit pouty and sera gets over it when she said she'll be fine, but really her mother is just being nostalgic about how she's all grown up. as for her father he was reluctant. that's his princess going out now into the real world, now a woman with freedom and in her own terms, he was proud and always will but couldn't help but worry because his daughter can be quite stupid and reckless with a lot of things).

fast forward to when she first got her first job in an advertising company, she was ecstatic, she hit the goal of being the editorial photographer and a graphic artist. works almost everyday of her bone and starts over-working too due to this, but she likes the thrill, she loves the energy that it brings her. although all the happiness has been hitting it quite good on her, sometimes she can't help to think that there is something missing in her boisterous life, like let's say ahhhh love life. oh to be having a boyfriend because everyone seems to have one, oh to be having someone to come home to and talk to all of your problems, oh to be sweet and watch movies till late at night. oh how she wishes she would have that someone in her life, not until that someone isn't really what she was expecting all of her life.
MIN HYORI // 40 // MOTHER // HOUSEWIFE // lovable, enthusiastic, cheeful

INTERACTIONS : sera and her mother are like two peas in a pod. they would always create antics and likes to go out and hang out whenever they have free time, it's like watching two girlfriends getting ready for a night out, fun, casual and light. though maybe it was one of the reason why her mother is so against her going out and having fun is because she will miss all the dates and all the shenanigans she had with her daugther. hyori doesn't wanna admit she's getting old so she used all of her time to have fun and still enjoys cute dates with her husband (although her husband is still shy as a button he complies to it a lot since it's hyori, and well she can talk her way out of his heart), getting on that topic that one day her daughter would too have someone that she can call for and have double dates is something she looks forward for excitingly, that's why her and sera are always on the updates about potential husband ("mom please stop planning 300 names for the non existent children that i don't have, i'm still single.") she loves to know her daughter's love life, and sera loves to tell her the deets on anything about love life, but nowadays it isn't really all sweet and fun. now that sera has a stable but hectic job she finds it hard to reach to her daughter that's why sometimes she would pout and complain how she wouldn't really keep in touch with her . ("as your mom i deserve the right!" "mom you don't have to cry your way here, i'm okay." hyori would still keep the act of a worried mother despite seeing sera okay lmao), but that was then and this is now when suddenly, unannounced and suprisingly kim junmyeon entered the family, she absolutely adored junmyeon especially on how timid he is, of all the relationship sera has, her mother can tell this one is gonna last for a lifetime, although it doesn't still excuse the fact that sera almost hide this relationship and to sera's excuse she's afraid they're gonna fawn over junmyeon (exception of her dad) of course it would bombard questions of "When is my grandchild gonna arrive hmm??" sera would sometimes hide or even groan in embarassment, but that's how all mother's act when their only one daughter finally found the one. 
✤ JUNG WOOHYUN // 42 // FATHER // BUSINESS MAN (RESTAURANT OWNER) // calm, caring, over- protective

INTERACTIONS : jung woohyun isn't really that type who's strict, or really controlling in terms of being a father figure. he was strict yes but only when it comes to disciplining sera when she was a little brat back in high school. in fact, he was known for being soft, and supportive of anything and really everything that his daugther does. you can say he's a little bit whipped for his two precious girls, moreso when sera is his only daughter, can be protective at times whenever sera comes home with different "dates" as he hears it from the two. back then he didn't really want to restrict sera into doing what she wants as long as it is safe and as long as she is happy, he's all for that really. sera knows this because she has a soft spot for her father as well, even if she's a loud mouthed brat up until now, she loves how her father always have been letting her whatever shenanigans she can have. but now that sera is all grown up, wanting to step up into the real world, he wanted to protest, wanted her daughter to stay and let them help with the business. he wants to always have his family side by side, but he knew it was unrealistic, despite of all the soft warnings, and maybe even teaming up with his wife, he can't bear to make sera sad or even remotely depressed about the things she wanted to try in her life. sera and her father had a long talk about this (with her mother still pouting from tons of protest) he knew he had to let go too, once she has a family of her own as well, so kim junmyeon came knocking at the door to announce he's taking his daughter's hands in marriage, he suddenly want to keep sera all by himself.

daring, independent,

INTERACTIONS : sera and mina met when they are in college, at a welcoming party to be exact. sera entered her first day on college meeting a lot of people, and even though she has been a social butterfly ever since then she couldn't help but to feel a little bit nervous, besides with her personality being so out-going she thinks people might even go out of their way to avoid her. but when she bumped into mina, she knew that she found someone she can console to. sera doesn't really have bestfriends to begin with. sure she knew a lot, and really a lot of people even in her high school days, but none of them really stuck to her or even considers her as a bestfriend. only an acquantance here and there, but with mina everything else seems real. sera and mina both work at the advertising company, with mina as a web designer. like a real sister who would scold her for anything stupid sera does, consoles her for when sera feels like the world just kicked her in the face, and sometimes wanna knock (sometimes physically) some sense into sera whenever she does something stupid. and with her love life, mina all knew of it from a-z so when she suddenly saw junmyeon and sera together she can't help but to grab some popcorn cause she can't wait for the chaos these two es will create.

PARK HYUNWOO // 27 // EX // MODEL // ambitious, entitled, charismatic

INTERACTIONS: sera and hyunwoo's interactions are slim to none because back then they started dating for 2 years. they meet at a photoshoot in which sera was an intern at, and out of all the past relationships sera has this is the most memorable, and she doesn't mean this in a good kind of way. sure it was sweet and normal, the usual routine of boyfriend picks up girlfriend, go on dates, stay at your house tonight and what not. hyunwoo is so sweet though and would always tell her if everything's alright, pamper her with what she needs and whatnot, flirts everytime they see each other and sera would vice versa. everything seems to be okay until it wasn't. being the model that he is, sera saw him smooching another girl's mouth and it leave sera speechless, heartbroken if you wanna call it but most of all speechless. their relationship isn't really the most magical thing, but it was the most sweetest normal sera could ever have. hyunwoo tried to explain this though to sera, but the said it was just business whilst hearing another woman, but then again who would sera kid herself? it was just an attraction at the beginning so why should she go crawling back into his arms, at the end they broke it off. hyunwoo finally admitting that it became boring so he did what he had to do ( that was the time sera punched his pretty face, hyunwoo was astound he looks like he was about to cry that poor face of him) but she doesn't need any of his sorry filled face and never wanna see him again. though from time to time hyunwoo would sometimes say sorry, sera isn't really a forgiving type so when it comes to that she wouldn;t really answer. and hyunwoo? man now he just isn't he, when he heard the news of sera and junmyeon together he would sometimes like to talk to sera, sera knew it was a trap so sometimes she would time it whenever junmyeon is there, and hyunwoo is just a lost kicked puppy cause junmyeon always thought he's a creep so its more often that he gets called by the police lmao (it wasn;t junmyeon's intention though he didn't even knew who the hell is hyunwoo, but sera is all satisfied nonetheless)

KIM YENA // 20 // JUNMYEON'S YOUNGER SISTER // COLLEGE STUDENT // mature, social, overprotective, eloquent

INTERACTIONS: yena and sera first met in a not so good way, yena is still on the fence with sera but sera is really trying her best to win his younger sister's heart. well she couldn't really blame yena though she can see that she did in fact admire her older brother (even though she doesn't show and would somehow just roll her eyes at her brother, from time to time she would see that she will smile and see the twinkle in yena's eyes whenever they got to meet up)  yena when she first meet sera though, she was a bit distant, doesn't really like to talk to her as she would always face her brother, whenever they are alone though, yena would always observe her from top to bottom, sera should be offended but in a way her gaze really translates to "i hope you make my brother happy because i love him to death." and that was the sweetest thing ever that she can't help but to treat her like her own sister since she's an only child. yena would sometimes drop by their home and she would accidentally meet up with sera, sera is still awkward with yena but she tries her best to melt the awkwardness around them and although yena is still not convinced his brother is married to her, despite the several dates she likes to link with junmyeon she couldn't help but to feel a little bit at ease with sera, hopefully as time goes by they would be talking and even treating each others as sisters in no time.


INTERACTIONS : first impression sera had with maisie is "she's adorable????? let's be friends!" not until she actually does know maisie a bit moe in terms of personality and you know what? she really does like her and they are of the same age so anything that they can talk about, they can. also would go on spontaneous trips because they can't be restless if they don't move. also it feels like sera found someone she can speak to in terms of hubby talk so whenever she likes to chit chat (sometimes hours) maisie is always there to listen. also would have talks and advices about relationships and married life so on and so forth. 



NEW GUY. (2013) sera and junmyeon first met on junmyeon's first day at work. being at the sales department (he's an account coordinator) in the advertising company. junmyeon was a shy little guy, he's full of nerves so he asks everyone to take care of him. it was always customary to visit every department on your first day of work so junmyeon did just as that, and every single one of them. when he stops at sera's place though he saw her busy at her work, sera's nose was deep into the monitor with work of course. junmyeon stuttered like a fish out of water, of course he can greet someone according to rules, but....when it comes to an indimidating sight like this well.... he doesn't know what to do. besides everyone keep saying things about sera, how she's day in and night out, and how loud-mouthed she is, rumours are rumours to be honest, but he didn't really see what's the problem despite of him acting like a in front of sera suho gathered the courage to say the customary greeting. ("hello uhm, my name is kim junmyeon from the sales department, nice to meet you.") sera wasn't sure why this guy look like she's gonna bite him, but she smiles back a bit, she was busy at that time maybe then later she can really talk to him so she dismisses him off. junmyeon quickly bowed and almost bump himself into one of the walls, he's a clumsy even at time like this but sera fondly smiled at the way he moves.

so first week came by fast and the summary was something junmyeon and even sera wouldn't forget. sera goes up to junmyeon everytime it's lunch, invites him through her group of friends and even though junmyeon fumbles from here and there sera was there to help him through it all. the small glances sera would make to junmyeon, junmyeon bowing to sera whenever he walks by her office, sera and junmyeon meeting at the office pantry and have small talks. (in reality just sera talking non stop and junmyeon fondly listening to her), sometimes acknowledging each other through office meetings, sera bringing junmyeon lunch when she has an extra one so on and so forth,  you can say they have a pretty much office mate relationship. it doesn't really go further than that. they were officemates and that really there is to it. 

WELCOME PARTY. 3 months later, they remembered that it was their boss who suggested they would have a welcome party (a late one you may add) and although junmyeon don't really like formalities like that, his officemates insisted since it's been a long time they had a welcome party for a newcomer like him. of course the one who enforce such a big gathering was none other than sera, during this time they were a lot closer before then, sera would always complain to junmyeon about her boss, ("he even, out of all the people, reject my project all because the budget is really tight! i saw his post on insta, he was jetskiing with two girls and they are on a yacht too!" sera complained, they are sitted at the office pantry -one of their regular hangouts- junmyeon couldn't help but console her through those times and nods in agreement and although sera couldn't see it, he was quite fond whenever she came for him for advice, usually it's the other way around but through the months of them talking and seeing each other it was a regular routine he somehow enjoyed), junmyeon sought for sera whenever he needed something in terms of office related problems and often times just about junmyeon's love life in general ("how come you don't have a girlfriend? you look cute!" sera will off handedly compliment him, junmyeon cleared the lump on his throat and god damn it he's blushing like a teenage boy again looking like it's the first time he heard that compliment, "i- well, i guess people have a type." he tries to be casual but failed as he keep blushing.) and even though junmyeon was quite against it hearing it from sera that she would be behind all of this makes him ease a little bit. he doesn't really work well with crowds, especially if it revolves around him so knowing sera would be there is such a relief for him.

until it didn't. the party did go well, with booze and food it was all in all a good time, if you count the times where junmyeon would sheepishly smile still and being forced to drink some alcohol (which he at tolerating), sera really tried to block all the people who tried to get into junmyeon's nerves (if he even been angry as far as sera knows she hasn't seen him angry.) but she was distracted to people having a good time and maybe perhaps junmyeon needed some time to talk so she let him be. after hours and more, it was already late (3am late.) and by that time everyone else is still partying that sera wonders if this is really a welcoming party now, she took a peek at junmyeon who looks like he was planting his face on the table, hiccuping endlessly, his face beat red all over, oh well looks like he's having a good t- wait. junmyeon is drunk. holy .
sera didn't know what to do of course she was panicking it was 3 am and she wanted to go home as well but everyone is partying their lives off (curse her boss for being the first one drunk even at the very beginning,) and now she doesn't know what to with junmyeon's state. to make things worse, junmyeon is deadass giggling like he founds everything funny. . now he's hallucinating, is junmyeon really not that good with alcohol? and to make matters more worse, she was assigned to bring junmyeon home.("yo boss junmyeon is out!" her boss laugh, that stupid old hag. "Well you go on and tak him home ms. jung, besides you're the one whos close to him!" that ing old hag.) it's not like she hated junmyeon, but first she's against it because she's not her chaffeur and second of all junmyeon is heavy as hell. she doesn't to bring this all mass of drunk junmyeon to the taxi, she looks around to spot mina; mina was having a good time of course and as much as she tries to call for her she was already -faced, it was no use. she's going to strangle her tommorow if sera has a tommorow to look forward to.

long story short, sera doesn't really have  a choice but to take his drunk to his home, and newsflash she doesn't know where he live, so she let him stay in her home for awhile, apologizing in her head to her neighbors about how noisy they are she chants a silent prayer to have strong will through the night. (that night junmyeon vomits like there's no tommorow on her favorite shoes of ALL DAYS. but she let it slide because she's a good co-worker, she is a good and AMAZING co-worker she's NOT gonna hinder herself to fling junmyeon out and leave him on the street.) junmyeon was a mess though, a drunken mess, but he was still cute, okay now she's hallucinating as well, how she can call junmyeon cute on a situation like this amazes her maybe she needed a good amount of rest. just then when junmyeon reaches through her hand before she change the wet cloth on his forehead he said those damning words, it was so sweet and so real sera has slap herself awake if it's true. 

"I like you..." and then he pulled her closer for long sweet kiss. and sera was stupid enough to kiss him back.

CALM AFTER THE STORM? after that incident junmyeon noticed sera isn't really talking to her, it was weird because usually he would be greeted with a smile, or even a little "hey myeoni!" (the little nickname that he secretly adores whenever he calls for him) or just basically calling him over for another complaining session that sera sometimes do when she's stressed. he thought he did something (after that horrendeus welcome party junmyeon did apologize for the ruckus he made when he found himself sleeping into sera's home) sera at that point was already distant, he thought it was because she had to break her back because she carried him all the way to her home just to crash by. he knew he did something wrong but what was it exactly??? he was stupid to even recollect what happened that night because he can't even remember a thing. sera on the other hand is yes, shaken and was really.....tame. mina found it odd, in fact she found it really weird. ("you've been slouching for an hour there, where are the files i was supposed to get?" mina bonk her in the head that would usually illicit a groan but nothing. mina knew something was happening between junmyeon and sera so she wanted to investigate it further) sera knew this too, but she keeps replaying the part when junmyeon said the "L" word. what did sera think of junmyeon? well he was a friend, she can rely on him a lot other than mina, and other than that she feels calm, it's like he can compliment her crazyness in one. and well...she isn't gonna lie about the kiss being the most romantic she ever felt in awhile. but he was drunk it was more likely he was just spouting non-sense and like that cause really who would fall for that? or so she thought after the coming of days she thought.

PUSH AND PULL. "Okay you guys are both dumb asses." was the first thing mina said when sera ha been avoiding junmyeon for months, they wouldn't even look at each other, or even yet when they are looking sera is the first one to break it off leaving a dumbfounded and confused junmyeon. of course her bestfriend would say this, she's has the bluntness of a knife so to speak. "why can't you guys just talk???" to which sera would defend "it isn't easy!!!!" "yes it isn't easy seeing two stupid people ignore each other because of one drunken confession, confront him!!" it was then sera knew mina is right. she was stupid, he is stupid well we all are stupid but that's bessides the point when she analyzes everything. now it seems like a game of push and pull, junmyeon glances at sera, sera ignores it, sera would walk by his department once and junmyeon would somehow finds his way to the bathroom. it was so frustrating to see them playing this game it was long overdue and the only way they were somehow meet each other again was through a really huge deal the advertising had in a long time. it was when sera and junmyeon meet on a daily basis since almost every day meetings happen, despite of saying hello it was only a glance for junmyeon and despite of saying "here, coffee." all sera ever received is a hum and and a light nod. they were at each others wit. sera would always one up him whenever it comes to reports, junmyeon would purposely make sera drink coffee in which she despises a lot thank you very much. it was like push and pull, cat and mouse. not until one late night they were pulling an all nighter that they faced each other. it's been months -5 MONTHS to be exact- since that welcome party incident.

"i like you." well that was the imagination sera believed and albeit everything she wished it was true. "I like you Jung Sera." wait.....she's not hallucinating is she. when she looks up Junmyeon looks....determined, he's hands is shaking but he looks determined. "What?" sera doesn't know if she's hearing things yet again. "I know what i did about the drunk incident caused you to imagine things but i did say it. I like you." sera's heart goes woosh inside her. junmyeon likes her....junmyeon- "you like me???" she questions again, she was like a stupid recorder going on and on again. "I like you jung sera!" he's red as a tomato now and good lord was he so cute sera wanted to squish his cheeks. but instead she stared at him with wide eyes, and her heart going crazily against her chest.  "even the kiss?" she wanted to confirm if it's true. "yeah ev-even the kiss." damn it this is the first time junmyeon gathered the courage, although he's been pissing off sera these past few days he grew tired of it and wanted to come clean. yes he likes sera, likes the way she can talk to people and not stumble on her words, likes her energetic side, likes the way she smiles, likes the way she held him close when they kissed and likes the way she is sera. sera of course almost got teary eyed, she was feeling guilty and also a big idiot herself, she let her naivety get the best of her and to not talk to junmyeon for months still. "i'm sorry" was the only thing sera could say but once she looks up junmyeon looks at her tenderly in the eyes and smiled so fondly it made her think of her warm comfortable home. "hey, it's okay, we're both stupid." sera chuckled lightly as junmyeon tapped a soft kiss on her head. he was still red as a tomato but sera smiled so warmly at that fact, maybe just maybe those pitter patter that she felt on her heart was the sign she was looking for. the sign "i like you too, junmyeon." came to be.

RELATIONSHIPS (2014-2016) when they first got together and started dating it was really awkward. (ft. mina trying to not to snicker every chance she will get the two stupidly in love and akward. she remembers saying "finally you dumb dumbs knew what you all are saying huh?" to which earned a hard nudge from sera) their first year together consists of stealing glances and secret smiles, cute dates that sera always dreamed off and junmyeon being the shy one as he is, they would often times stay at sera's place back then when they caught an all nighter, they would cuddle, watch movies and sometimes hyoyeon would dooze off fast asleep on junmyeon's arms. it became a routine for them, a real boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, and although sera is still the same out-going sera, junmyeon is still the shy but yet now slowly coming out of his shell junmyeon, sera doing dumb things and junmyeon always protecting her against it no matter how much it takes, they complete each other. 2nd year that they've been together and they learned more about each other, how sera can't cook for the life of her and junmyeon cooking for her. how junmyeon was actually once a choir boy, sera would let him sing for the fun of it lmao. all those little things they would love, and sometimes get irritated by but it's all part of the relationship proces, trying to learn each other along the way but even so as time progress into their 3rd year it became a little bit hectic, with them both working at the same company, of course there is bound to be a misunderstanding, a little heated argument about work has a big rift between them, this was the time when a big project comes in place, at that time all the office worker knew they were both an item but it was hard for the boss to even concentrate, sera is a workaholic so it's hard for her to even find time to talk to junmyeon, and in the midst of it junmyeon is almost certain she isn't gonna listen because by now she's gonna be so focused it doesn't matter whatever it is and all junmyeon wanted was for her to take it slow. well that was the tick that started all of this huge fight, it's like that aftermath of the welcome party the only difference is that this time, it was something so huge and so heavy it's llike watching two bulls going head to head against each other. and as much as mina and the others want to intervene, they didn't (although their boss is itching to really.) junmyeon tries to reason out everything for sera, sera wanted to realize about her dreams and how this is so important to her, for her. words were exchanged that day when they were in a heated argument, everything seems to be falling apart aside from that junmyeon asked the most idiotic question that sera first heard from him, "who's more important me or your work?" and of course a slap came in contact on  junmyeon's cheeks. wow, what kind of nerve did junmyeon hit? the deep one, because clearly the most important thing is both of them, work and junmyeon and it had to be choosing between one????  they both knew it was over for them, when junmyeon was left stunned to a door closing behind him to sera's tear striken face that day. they we're over.

IS IT REALLY OVER? it was almost 6 months since then. junmyeon and sera would ignore each other and it was something so unusual in the office because usually they would always be inseperable, (with mina sometimes tagging along but she can't stand couples like them sometimes so she ought herself out) even at meetings it was a casual, "i need the files back at my office" to a heated argument of "well who do you think put the coffee in my desk, i don't even drink those!" of course sera knew it was immature, that day when they broke up she knew that slapping junmyeon was a little bit over-kill, and besides she was the one who started it all. junmyeon on the other hand has been blaming himself because of that stupid question he asked, he knew sera love and will always love her line of work, so why did he question it over their relationship? they had a lot to learn about each other but they are too dignified to even talk to each other, junmyeon tried meeting other girls but of course he comes out like a blubbering fish. sera did too, she tried all the parties and club she can go to but everytime she goes home empty and unsatisfied she can't help but to overthink everything else again and that started her to work and work again. they both knew this was unhealthy, they still really did love each other the most. so junmyeon had none of it. that day sera was on a location for a photoshoot. albeit the really gloomy day (it looks like it's gonna rain) sera pushed through the photoshoot with of course, surprise surprise, a wedding photoshoot for a advertising product. who would even think this was a good idea? but then out of the corner of her eye she saw junmyeon on one of the staff, he wasn't supposed to be here to be honest, yet...here he is...wearing this silly tux and then it started raining heavily. junmyeon looks so dumb wearing this tux that he borrowed from his co-worker, he had this grand idea to visit sera on one of her location photoshoot just to apologize...well he did practice a lot. (he remembered her parents almost integorrating him for half an hour, "so you love our daughter?" 
"yes sir...and...i want to make everything right."
"are you gonna propose to her??? OH MY GOD SERA IS GONNA FLIP-" 
"PLEASE DON'T TELL HER-" junmyeon almost got a heart attack when sera's mother reaches for the phone almost as if she's gonna spill the deets.) he faced sera whilst raining heavily, he couldn't care less if he looks dumb or soaked, all he could care so much more is sera in front of him. it's been months, and he would always glance at sera, he would secretly buy her that energy drink that he doesn't like for her to drink but he comply to it since it's her favorite, put extra more onto his lunch and put on sera's desk,  becausse he knew she wouldn't really eat while she's focused so he does that almost everyday. sera knew this of course, even without looking she knew it was junmyeon, it was stuck on her head how junmyeon does things here and there, little things like putting his lunch on her desk, putting her favorite drink as well. going out of his way to put the coat on her when she's asleep on her desk, all of the things she knew junmyeon did.

"what are you doing here, it's raining." sera almost feel bad, she saw junmyeon shivering under the heavy rain so she stepped forward, god she wanted to hug him so bad, he looked dashing in a tux but he looks like a puppy under the heavy rain.

they communicated for the longest time under that rain and even though it was stupid of them to do so, they wanted to know the wrongdoings they did. junmyeon smiled and held out a box, and sera stared at it almost like she was skimming through it. "oh that's pretty where did-"

"will you marry me?"

"hahaha, that's cute are you gonna mo-"

"will you be my wife jung sera?"

and sera stared at him wide eyed, and junmyeon almost saw the wheels turning on sera's head. "y-you're.....proposing?" she was heavily breathing, of course she couldn't believe-oh my ing god he's proposing to me- junmyeon laughed at this familiar scene all of a sudden, "yes. i am proposing to the woman i love.,,so...your answer?"

the answer junmyeon received is a tackle hug and sweet tender long kiss that he's been missing for the past few months. it only meant one thing only: yes, i do.

WEDDING OF THE YEAR. planning the wedding was something sera has been dreaming of ever since then, so when it comes to that she is full on committed to the planning, with their work though it can be a lot stressful. both of them still have a lot of fights though it mostly consists of them being stupid as hell but they would later on apologize. the meeting of inlaws has always been in the back of sera's mind but then she saw how elegant and how junmyeon's parents are literal angels like she sometimes question herself if she's gonna be the one for him, but surpise surprise! of course junmyeon's parents are more than happy that their son is finally getting married. ("it's been a long time coming, do you know how many blind date we got for him? it's almost up to a thousand and none of them took a liking to my junmyeonieee~" in which junmyeon would hide his embarassment and tries to tell his mom to stop it.) it was so warm and welcoming that sometimes sera has doubts about it, but when junmyeon held her hand and smiled at her so tenderly she suddenly got rid of the feeling. gosh junmyeon really does made her feel calm through it  all. of course their wedding was something out of a fairytale as sera wanted it to be grand. they had their wedding at a outdoor venue about a year later celebrating it with a lot of friends and of course with their loved ones.


✤ after the wedding they put on hold their honeymoon for awhile as they still have a lot of work to do + sera wanted to work as well, junmyeon completely understands as long as she comes to him.
✤their first year of marriage was something a bit awkward, although they've been through ups and downs, fighting here and there they still couldn't get past the mr. and mrs. kim. sera lkes to hear the word and so does junmyeon, whenever they would say they are married the both of them would be a blushing mess, (makes you wanna gag at some point but hey it's their cutest charm)
✤ as much as junmyeon wanted to work alongside with sera, junmyeon decided to work in another company as an accountant firm (since that is his specialty)  reason behind is because he wanted to branch out a little more, and since they are already husband and wife he decided it would be best to have another experience in other company, (he lasted almost 3 years in the advertising company sera is in) this was 5 months after the wedding, sera didn't want to of course since isn't gonna be used to change but they talked it out a lot. (with sera cuddling and pouting just a bit to junmyeon, in which junmyeon really isn't complaining)

✤ both of them decided to live together since they were used to it even before the marriage happen, so they happened to have met maisie on the way to live in the apartment.
✤ on their first year of marriage though, it was well eventful. sera's + junmyeon's parents always bother them with gifts and whatnot, her inlaws trying to always bombard her and junmyeon's time, one time when they were having their sweet time a loud knock came crashing on the couple, it was none other than her parents for the fifth time that week. of course they knew that the couple needed their time but parents being parents can't help but to visit sometimes pester lmao them, junmyeon being an angel that he is always welcome them despite of getting the timing at bad time sometimes.
✤ count that to the fact that mina would always visit the couple to deadass annoy them and also pester sera ("so i heard you BOUGHT THAT LINGERIE YOU'VE BEEN EYEING AT THE MALL TODAY" mina purposely made it loud so that junmyeon would hear at the kitchen while making them tea.)


✤ as stated before. they would often fight, but those fights don't last long (maybe sera being pouty and junmyeon slowly inching up to her as he hugs from the back, 99% it works almost all the time) it's usually sera who teases junmyeon how shy he is and junmyeon would blush and automatically tease back at her.
✤ when they do indeed fight though, (either junmyeon being jealous, sera being workaholic and ends up getting sick, or about schedules that they would meet up) they wouldn't even dare speak to each other, like a cold war brewing into their house and would often ignore each other and do petty lol but at the end they ended up apologizing each other after a long talk (and a lot of pushing with mina and other friends who most likely telling them they are dumb once again)
✤ junmyeon always cook for sera always in the morning, but with sera always waking up early ahead on him sera would use that time to pester junmyeon on his sleep, or better yet cuddle the out of him (junmyeon would groan though because he's a light sleeper but he just let him be because it's sera, and sera is cuddly whenever morning comes)
✤ enjoys dates on theme parks, and long walks on park when they have free time. sometimes go to sera's restaurant and dine in their when they feel like it, (of course her parents would be gushing all over the couple again, but the dad can be a bit pouty as well so sera would always hug her dad affectionally)

✤ though sera is the one who likes to party she adjusts it according to junmyeon's comfort, and junmyeon vice versa to sera. he is already handling it really well, but needed a lot of baby steps so he's still glad sera is there.
✤ shopping is something sera loves, she loves to shop for new clothes and with junmyeon's addition she actually even more so likes buying junmyeon's clothes. so whenver they have free time, or they feel like it they would go to malls or shopping districts whenever they can, it's like a date too and they actually really enjoy it even if they don't end up buying anything (but with sera she might even buy random things that aren't needed in the house and sometimes junmyeon would have to drag her out of the shop)
✤ on lazy days they do their romantic movie ck, but sometimes junmyeon would put horror movies that sera absolutely hate, junmyeon loves it though just because sera would cling to him and never really watch the movie
✤ when celebrating birthdays, sera like to have gatherings with only close friends at a restaurant (usually at her parent's), for junmyeon they would celebrate it at their house and sera would throw the bestest party ever even if it's just the two of them.
✤ junmyeon always, and ALWAYS stop sera whenever she will do stupid , junmyeon knows this because even back then when they aren't a couple he knew these instincts so well. sera would be stubborn though but that just because she wanted to try new things, but those new things are what's gonna get her in trouble so junmyeon is always ahead of her lmao
✤ junmyeon doesn't know jack about social media (he does have facebook but only for announcements about the company and so, don't even ask how the company have their public facebook group) so whenever he's on work his co-workers would always about the latest pictures sera would update on her insta, it would usually be posted on faceboook as well so he tries his best not to melt out of embarassment and well out of love really.
✤ when on company dinner junmyeon would always decline alcohol (as based on experience alone) sometimes sera would pick up junmyeon though, not because of trust issues but because she can't handle junmyeon if he ever gets drunk (based on experience as well)
✤ as much as sera likes excercising and such, junmyeon declines saying he doesn't have the time but sera would do a lot of convincing (mostly blackmail) to make junmyeon excercise. junmyeon albeit pouty but at the end of the day he can have sera all by himself.
✤ junmyeon is a jealous type of guy, although he knows sera wouldn't really cheat, he always would kiss her so many times and will say cheesiest (to be fair sera likes it very much cause junmyeon only acts like this infront of her), sera is a gorgeous woman and she's out-going as well who knows if there are a flock of men around her, oogling at her so he would always sometimes bring her closer and just show how sera is his. sera thinks this is cute, she wouldn't even look at other man other than junmyeon heh
✤ physical intimacy is always active in their relationship, and really active. sera always would stick to junmyeon whenever they go out and is all lovey dovey, and junmyeon -even though he's a blushing mess- would gladly accept it because he's whipped and there is nothing he can do about it (not that he doesn't want it he actually welcomes it a lot) 
✤ junmyeon's work schedule depends on the amount of work he would finish at the end of the day but he would usually wake up at 7 am in the morning, if he finishes at 5pm he would call sera if she likes to be picked up (sometimes sera would say she's in a company dinner, or in parties, junmyeon would pout a bit but will always remind her to come to him, in which sera would blush profusely). sera is used to wake up at 4 in the morning but would use those alloted time to cuddle to junmyeon in bed and burries herself unto the blankets. after that both of them would get up, junmyeon cooking breakfast, and sera doing her morning routine, they we're used in a rhythm like this getting in the car and driving off to their work, (sometimes it would take them a little bit more time to get to work as sera likes to have physical intimacy with junmyeon which results them in being late.) when it's lunch time usually junmyeon would eat along with sera if time allows them to meet up, they usually eat at their favorite restuarant just in between their offices, sera would often stall time by walking around the park to digest the food intake along with junmyeon, but on busy days they would say their goodbyes with a kiss and go back to work. at around 8pm junmyeon would go home it still depends around the work he can get by but it's usually around that time, he would cook sera dinner and wait for her and while he waits he would usually work on his paperworks. if sera has a late night, junmyeon would wait, although when tiredness came to junmyeon he would usually wake up to sera and a blanket over him in the couch (usually would sleep at the couch because he's waiting for sera.) and if sera is the one who is early at home, she would open the customary food she always bring after work. waits for junmyeon even if it's slightly already midnight, once she hears the jiggle of the keys though she would run and open the door excitingly and hug junmyeon first thing and take off his coat. sometimes they would eat in the living room while watching a tv, sometimes they just sleep straight and cuddle on a lazy day.
✤ on weekends it will be usually around the time sera would wake up early (around 4am) to excercise (she only do strenous excercise on weekends) do a full light excercise for 30 minutes, and then a full routine by next hour or so. junmyeon is already awake by 8 am and goes to the kitchen to have breakfast (sometimes sera would help, but of course it's just gonna be her distracting him) they eat breakfast and do nothing if they are that lazy. junmyeon do his paperworks on productive days and sera with her photography, editing photos and what not, they work side by side though.  (sometimes though sera work on weekends since her job is mostly on the creative department and she goes outside most of the time for photoshoots advertisement) junmyeon would tag along if the drive is long, they also treat this as a date. whenever they want to go out, they would go to amusement theme parks, and parks in general enjoying a walk, in the night when sera is on her spontaneous streak she would party and go to clubs but not much now that she is married with junmyeon, she would just go to a nice gathering if she's not that busy and would always have a lot of friends with her. with junmyeon though, he enjoys the late night walks they sometimes have on weekends and then end it on going home with them lazing around the bed or doing cooking sessions or watching movies until late midnight.


their biggest hurdle yet is making a family. sera absolutely loves kids as well as junmyeon, but to sera she isn't really ready as she wants to explore more. to junmyeon's side of course he always wanted to have kids, (not because his parents + sera's parents are pressuring them to give a grandchild) but because he wanted to be stable and want to see little kids of their own. it took a lot of years to even bring that topic in their many years of being together, and now that they are married it was even harder for them to enter such a "sensitive" topic. well at least to sera. junmyeon and sera fought for this for many months, sometimes even going to a year. with sera trying to balance work, being in a married life and junmyeon it took a toll on her, and with junmyeon (even though he threads carefully with the family topic) always like to make hints that he likes to have a child. sera let him be on the first few months he is actively excited, she doesn't really want to make junmyeon sad. but junmyeon knew that sera is just faking it. comes to an argument where they would say hurtful things that they didn't mean.when they are on a serious fight it's like walking through a field of bombs. it almost came to a point where they are considering divorce, so sera seeks to her parents and junmyeon did the same. after months, they didn't speak, it grows more and more silent as time goes by, not until one day yena had enough about this situation she basically just lure junmyeon out of the house that day as sera is on another location shoot. junmyeon wasn't really willing and yet yena forced junmyeon to speak to her. ("you know you guys have a lot of time, it will come eventually ! stop stressing her out about making a family talk it out!" she swears she almost rip her hair apart) that night sera was drunk, but she wasn't drunk to the point of not making sense. they laid down in bed, although sera smells like a mix of her cologne and beer junmyeon talked to her that night about making a family. sera listened carefully, and as well as junmyeon was talking she was happy and regretful she became yet again kicking junmyeon away and fighting childish things with him. they promised they wouldn't succumb to that anymore, but here they are, they both knew it's part of being in a relationship and their conclusion is to wait. that night was full of revelations, (and a very intimate one)

 after the long talk, their relationship only grew stronger. they promise themselves not to heed on much with the family making and when it gets there, it gets there. they come to that agreement and maybe in the future junmyeon got promoted and sera got to travel to (sometimes with junmyeon along) and when they raise enough money for a family they start planning.

✤ married : april 15, 2018
✤ they had their honeymoon on jeju island for 5 days, junmyeon and sera wanted to extend their honeymoon though but because of work they postponed it for awhile.
✤ dream honeymoon location : paris, venice and japan

✤ their first ever dated back when they we're on their 4 months together. junmyeon was all nerves and basically consists of ("wait...i'm not ready yet." "oka...y.. i'll wait i guess-" to "you know what....let me just...let me just go and shower for a bit." "junmyeon you don't have to force yourself." "i'll be back i promise!" to "i don't think i can do this....." which results into sera pinning junmyeon down with a frustrated face "junmyeon, baby, you don't have to do it my god you're shaking like i'm gonna eat you alive." "i'm nervous!") sera guided junmyeon that night and although it ended like that, it was something sera (most especially junmyeon) won't ever forget. 
✤ junmyeon mostly is the one who does all the household chores and does everything ( a good loving house husband that he is)
✤ sera is the one who usually do the fixing things, she knew all of this because she likes reading stuff online about DIY and what not.
✤ one time out of crazyness (and maybe drunkness) sera gifted junmyeon the classic "kiss the chef" apron. junmyeon of course love the sentiment and he feels the instinct sera's gonna say something stupid, and yep she said he should be in that apron . junmyeon that day never wore that apron, he knew it's gonna drive sera's lustful instinct at the same time sera is keeps driving and pushing him to wear the apron until one day he really did, it was well memorable and really embarassing but to sera it was a blast. (they call this the "apron incident" sera would most likely tease junmyeon about it)
✤ sera is the ert between the two
✤ sera is the most cuddliest person in the planet, whenever junmyeon works on his desk, sera would sit on his lap and cuddle the out of him. whenever he's cooking, she'll back hug him and cuddle him to no death. whenever he's sleeping or napping, sera would go and burry herself in the blankets with him.
✤ uses myeonie a lot to him so junmyeon often times would be a mess while blushing
✤ that couple who are too sweet that you can't help but gag
✤ junmyeon sneaks into wearing clothes he wants cause sometimes sera would love to match with him whenever they go out. it results to sera being a pain in the sometimes 
✤ if junmyeon likes organizing his stuff, sera likes organizing her food so sometimes if she bought a snack she's been saving she'll put a note that says "JUNMYEON IF YOU EAT THIS I'M GOING TO PUT SUGAR ON YOUR TEA" sometimes got out of hand that junmyeon would piss sera off but then cook her almost a grand buffet to apologize.

✤ loves taking candid shots of junmyeon, sera has a full out pictures of him on her desk, even at home the walls are designed with their cute little trips to everything they've been to. (junmyeon blushes so hard everytime he sees the pics.)
✤ speaking of candid shots, sera would sometimes make junmyeon her model so tha she can visualize her own ideas, no matter how dumb junmyeon looks. ("a little bit to the right, yes-YES- closer....YES PERFECT."

"love, is this necessary...")

✤ sera loves (and i mean LOVES) matchy matchy with junmyeon, for junmyeon he can't help but to be shy around it. sera embraces it really well though with a proud smile as she likes to be fashionable whenever they go out. (ex. 1, 2, 3, 4)
✤ junmyeon tried to teach sera how to cook but all sera ever does is touch and junmyeon's stomach and yes his . so he can't concentrate and in the end the food ends up burnt lol
✤ likes being piggyback by junmyeon
✤ dumb and dumber duo
✤ sera has a soft spot for junmyeon's ears (but junmyeon is like sensitive with his ears so mostly he would run away from her)
✤ junmyeon absolutely adore sera's cheeks so he always bites it when they are laying around, sometimes sera hates it though and would punch him lightly on the stomach with a whine.
✤ walks in on each other every time they change clothes, and would shower together because it saves water (according to sera)
✤ sera loves sending memes to junmyeon that she finds funny, but junmyeon would be the one saying he needs an explanation on why this is funny in a innocent way.
✤ sera loves wearing junmyeon's t-shirts, cause they are big and comfy, junmyeon would sometimes be a little agitated but sera would always get her way with anything whenever she cuddles junmyeon
✤ have heated arguments about movies ("this doesn't make any sense why would he die just like that-" "because he was the one who-" "no- no- i think-" "LISTEN JUNMYEON-")
✤ that "you thinking what i'm thinking ?" kind of couple
✤ likes to influence junmyeon into pranks lmao
✤ also likes to pester junmyeon, but junmyeon is a saint and has the longest patience
✤ always in sync when they are doing things together (brushing teeth, thinking of something, even the way they sometimes move)
✤ they can communicate through eyes and it's actually kind of impressive lolol
✤ night time for them is laying in the bed and slowly drifting to sleep (with junmyeon caressing sera's hair and of course sera cuddling junmyeon) when they talk about their day until they are off to dreamland.


BACKUP : JR (Nuest)

✤ myeonie, junnie, loves- sera uses these sappy (but cute to junmyeon's defense) nicknames every time she calls out to him, usually would use myeonie a lot.
BIRTHDAY : july 16, 1996 (23 years old)
OCCUPATION : Accounting Supervisor at an Accounting firm (Previously an Account Associate at a advertising company.)
PROFANITY : junmyeon doesn't cuss, in fact it's rare for him to even cuss.

+ responsible, caring, honest, genuine
- timid, irrational, critical
// isfg-t. type two. the helper.


+ junmyeon has always been 
responsible, always at the top of his work and doesn't miss a single thing, everything that he is told to do, he would always does it in a mannerly way (also does this in a right way), he doesn't go against anything as long as he does the right job. caring also comes naturally for junmyeon, he probably got from his mom but he remembers how he would always take care of his mom whenever his father would always go to an important bussiness trip. he would always take care of everything in the household as much as possible, sprinkle them with love (sometimes a little bit too much, junmyeon wants to practice that as well cause he can be a little overbearing) and a warm smile, maybe that's why he would always pamper sera with his caring tendencies, he will prepare her drink, breakfast and sometimes even her clohes for the day. he's just that caring towards the people he really cares about. junmyeon can't lie and he doesn't have the heart of him to do so, heck even if he did, he would always get flustered and get busted seconds before he utter one single lie, honesty really does stuck on junmyeon because he will feel guilt of even lying on a ridiculous unbelievable lie. (which sera find endearing really). junmyeon's heart is genuine, pure and soft. of all the things he did, he did it with a genuine feeling, people around him seek for comfort and junmyeon is just the person for that, he just emits an aura in which you'll feel comfortable around him cause you know it's all true behind his soft smile and warm eyes.
- junmyeon doesn't really like crowds, to be honest his 
timid self held him back from meeting people, sure he does work and talk to a lot of people only if it pretains about work, but when it comes to gatherings with lots of people and stuff like that, he's a blubbering mess. (although he's trying to overcome it little by little with sera's side, that's the only time he can be comfortable around people.) most of the time though even though junmyeon looks like he can do no wrong, he's irrational, always spouting out things that doesn't make sense that will illicit a fight or even an argument and at the end of the day he would critize himself for it and always blame himself for everything he did, he'll over-analyze and then be critical of everything he do.

junmyeon grew up in fairly rich family with his mom, younger sister and his father. it wasn't the typical strict kind of family, in fact they are just like any other family there is, it's just that they are rich which is not a bad thing in itself, well the thing is his father is a CEO of a huge company for airlines and even so junmyeon didn't really became spoiled. he was actually just inside the house, he struggled to even meet with other kids sometimes because he doesn't know how to hold up a conversation, if he did he would be a blubbering mess (unlike his younger sister who was more onto the side of being social side and very different towards junmyeon), all he really did was to help his mother with household chores, read books in his own library or even watch the maids cook (which the maids adored junmyeon for), in a way his mother taught him not to take anything for granted, that's where junmyeon basically learned from it, and how he wanted to live a normal life. junmyeon's  childhood is him being at the top of everything, achievements, honors, and being the council president almost every year of his high school life he most dedicated himself to that. so when junmyeon announced to his parents that he wants to have a regular job, they were a little bit surprised, why? because they knew that even junmyeon did a lot of these amazing things he would always have a heart for yearning one thing: to have a normal life. you know even if junmyeon knew her mother was all aboard for it, his father however was something he didn't expect, sure his father never really talk, in fact he was scared of him as growing up, (still does though, but it's minimum now) he was action first before words kind of guy so when he heard his father trying to object his job, junmyeon only stand firm on his choice and without any thinking secretly applied for the position of an accountant in an advertising company. of course it was his first time to go against his father (and behind his back of all things), his mother knew it of course as well as his sister (though his sister really is against this as well but what else could she do she loves her brother a lot), but it only took his father a short amount of time before he knew junmyeon did do it behind his back ("dad how did you know?" "junmyeon are you forgetting that i was in the same room when you were jumping for joy while calling your boss because you got accepted?"). he loves his son, there's nothing much he can do it as long as he doesn't step on someone along the way on his life, he just let him be. besides junmyeon actually likes the regular life and job that he has, he doesn't have much plans into anything in his life. he counts the days of being able to work really, his sister pestering him somehow to get a girlfriend because he's wasting away his bachelor life to his work, -along with his mother- perhaps life is always simple like this, this is all he ever years for. 

but meeting sera? now that is one of the most eventful and unexpected thing that happened in his life, he was strucked, kicked and punched to the gut with sera entering his life. it's like a new fresh of air entering his life and a lot more chessy he would definitely not say to her. not saying he isn't content with his life, in fact he likes it, loves it...but with sera, everything just falls into place really. even though she's the loudest person he meet, even if she goes out to clubs, hangs out with a lot of people, and just be sera with a huge energy to share, in his eyes she's just sera. sera with a big heart, sera who is friendly, sera who likes to talk, his sera. and you know what? he doesn't regret anything in his life, through all the achievements and the honors he got, nothing is much more worth with sera entering his once so simple life.


✤ hobbies includes: reading, cleaning, cooking, paperworks (he found those very soothing to him actually, he likes something to do especially with including numbers and stats.)
✤ cooking skills of a god
✤ on the topic of cooking he likes to watch cooking channels as he it gave him inspiration to cook for sera, he's always grand when it comes to cooking. 
✤ also likes baking in ungodly hours when stressed, ("junmyeon....what are you doing, it's like 3am..."

"i'm.....baking a cake.....")
✤ fluent in english, so sera is basically teasing him to speak more of it because she thinks it's so y
✤ organized to the brim, his stuff is always labeled (sometimes he would name sera and his stuff accordingly but sometimes sera would borrow junmyeon's things and it would be a mess again), he hates it when something is askew and would stare at for an hour or so
✤ slow eater, sera hates it so much she's the one feeding him sometimes 
✤ likes watching horror because he's immune to scary , it doesn't look like it but he just think it's fascinating.
✤ likes tea, he would always offer tea to his guests, but at some occassion he would drink coffee but he much would prefer tea.
✤ very low alcohol tolerance, one drop of alcohol and he's already red drunk
✤ loves classical music, he would play it whenever both him and sera is at home, sometimes just to sleep in.
✤ loves pets and has a soft spot for children
✤ good at juggling stuff, he doesn't know where it came from but he suddenly got the hang of it
✤ he's a normal sleeper but is restless when sleeping, he tends to move a lot but sera always held him down when they both sleep so he tries not to bump her lol
✤ is a noob with slangs and terms though (and social media, he only checks on them because his company have a public facebook group where he can see all his co-workers post a lot of their stuff there, he isn't really much on it tbh. only when sera post stuff and sometimes with him on it, he wouldn't lie if he said he wasn't smiling tho.)
✤ when he messages sera though he likes sending a ton of cute online stickers to her, (example.)
this is so long im so sorry, if you have any questions about my app you can ask me and pm me about it, i really had a fun time filling this out and sorry for grammar mistakes or spelling because i'm dumb at english ;w; 

also this fic is sooooo cue i can't wait for you to write it! good luck on the fic and i hope you enjoy my app ^^
✤ a girls night out would be fun lmao especially with sera being an out-going person and likes to party
✤ a power interuption at eden hall, i always wonder what kind of shenanigans would happen lmao
✤ maisie and sera being lil s to their hubby lololol
✤ basically just want all of the hubbys to meet at the same time like, when they bumped into each other idk really it's up to you! 



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