NAME : 한나경

✤ 포비 (poby) — poby is a white polar bear character from the cartoon, pororo. as a chubby child, nakyung used to be called poby from her family since young. her childhood friends call her poby too.

✤ 한나 (hanna) — nakyung doesn't have a problem with people calling her nakyung; but she prefers being called hanna by her friends. she feels like hanna sounds more chic.

✤ 한나 (hanna) — nakyung doesn't have a problem with people calling her nakyung; but she prefers being called hanna by her friends. she feels like hanna sounds more chic.

✤ 사랑 (love) — hyunbin calls her this <3 

BIRTHDAY : october 31 1997 (23)
OCCUPATION : makeup artist & hairstylist.
PROFANITY : yes, very much. she feels like cursing adds flavour to her conversation. she even curses in front of her family; they've grown accustomed to it.

✤ korean // fluent // mothertongue 

✤ english // fluent // nakyung can carry a conversation in english; and can read english books without having to refer dictionaries a lot. she mostly learnt english through her parents at a young age, only letting her watch english cartoons as a child. in a way, she picked up the language and started doing basic reading until she's good at it. she can speak well with fellow koreans — but when she's put to the test with native english speakers, she gets tongue twisted as well. 

✤ mandarin // basic // nakyung learnt mandarin during her college years after picking up chinese characters as an elective in high school. in university, she picked up the language to get an extra edge in the job market. nakyung can speak basic phrases like compliments; or showing you the road. she can also read simplified and traditional chinese characters without necessarily knowing its' meaning too.

FACECLAIM : april's lee naeun
BACKUP : dia's jung chaeyeon

APPEARANCE : her face claim and her are pretty much the same; but through out the story, she keeps her hair long. <3

STYLE : welcome to nakyung's
closet. there's nothing such as not enough closet space for nakyung. nakyung has every dress for every occasion there is. nakyung leans towards a more feminine style. she loves dresses; and high heels. she loves them so much — the more it makes her look glamourous, the better. she doesn't mind showing off some of her skin. being able to express her style is pretty much everything for nakyung. given that she was surrounded by people who does take a lot of care in their style, it's only normal that she does too. 
TRAITS : enfp, the enthuthiast (seven), scorpio, elle woods from legally blonde, ditzy cheerleader trope, blood type b. 

positive — optimistic, cheerful, caring, honest, hard-working, observant, friendly, open-minded. 

✤ neutral — seductive, playful, argumentative, clingy, bold, loud, spontaneous, romantic.

✤ negative — envious, stubborn, impulsive, clumsy, blunt, secretive, sensitive, spoiled.

meet high-spirited han nakyung. nakyung is full of life and her main goal in life is to live her life without regrets. nakyung has an optimistic geheral outlook in life. she believes that every cloud has its' silver lining and it's up to her how she views her obstacles in life. perhaps, that is why she will always try to be the best; to give it her all everyday. she works hard, so, she won't have any regrets afterwards. she doesn't have an end goal, per se — she lives her life spontaneously. she's just following the flow, what life has to offer her.

while being flexible is nice, it also made her impulsive. due to her, trusting her guts and following her instincts all the time, she stopped relying on logic and do things that she feels right at the moment. she doesn't think about the repercussions because she believes that everything can be fixed, right? well, some things can be fixed easily, while some others are harder to be fixed — especially when it comes to clumsy nakyung. she has a short attention span and is not good at house work. she likes to daydream and forgot her to-do list of the day. peep the burning toast. 

work hard, play hard, they say. while she is a pocket full of sunshine, she's also a wild young adult who craves excitement in life. she's the kind of seductive girl who gets everything that she wants with a flick of her hair. she frequents the vip side of the night clubs; with free bottles of drinks. she goes on dates in luxury high-end places. she knows the most influential bachelors there is. life is pretty much on her side. she plays around with everyone. she can play tag with kids, bingo with the elderly and well, 7 minutes in heaven with some others. ;)

having your wishes granted by a genie she called face has a price though. she's accustomed to get everything that she wants, making her spoiled. she's a princess. she won't back down until she gets what she wants. she lacks life skills and depends on others heavily to do things with her. she can't be left alone at nights because she's scared :( she can't cook, and she needs her teddy bear (read: husband) for her to sleep tight. she's childish — she still wants to wear cat ears to fun fairs and she cheats while playing card games but that just adds to her charm, she said.

with that being said, she's always open-minded. she's always open to choices and would not judge others on the choices that they made — unless if it intentionally causes pain to others, like cheating. she knows how it feels to be scrutinized by your past mistakes; and she would not participate in such thing that cause heartache to others. 

a popular girl in the neighbourhood for her beauty and her friendliness — she's loved by the aunties and the boys around. she always knows how to play with her words and sneak in some friendly jokes here and there. a true social butterfly at heart, she knows how to communicate with people from different age group, coming from different wealth classes. nakyung is also cheerful in general. with her loved ones, she'll try to lighten up the atmosphere. she's loud and bubbly — she talks a lot and wouldn't make you feel awkward, at all. 

to a lot of people, nakyung is an open book — she says what's on her mind and she tells you how it is. however, nakyung is actually secretive and very much reserved about what she shares with others — especially when it comes to what makes her feel sad and her insecurity. she feels like opening up about her flaws would only make her an easy target once they can manipulate her. she couldn't risk being hurt — especially considering how sensitive she is. nakyung is a cry baby and the littlest thing offends her. loyalty is a huge thing to her — the closer you are to her, the more impact you have on her emotions. you can give her the silent treatment for a day and she'll be the one saying "sorry" while sobbing. 

just because she's open-minded and communicative, doesn't make her agree with anything you say though. nakyung is very argumentative. she likes things to go her way — and unless you talk things out with her and reason with her, she'll probably think that she's right and you're wrong. she is stubborn though – and convincing her would need very good reasonings. she doesn't like to be wrong. i mean, who doesn't? 

nakyung is as useful as a spork but that didn't stop this girl from trying to reach out to everyone around her, asking if they're okay and if they need help. nakyung may lack life skills but she truly has a genuine heart that cares for her loved ones. if there's one thing that she's good at though, is reading other people's faces and gestures. she's very observant and would catch on lies easily. she knows when you're sad and when you're happy — and the things that make you feel a particular way if you're close enough to her.

while she can read when someone is lying, she, herself, is terrible at lying. she's extremely honest – with herself and those around her. she doesn't lie; she doesn't know how to. she may evade the question, but lying is not her forte — even those little white lies. she's very blunt and will tell you as it is. your dress is hideous, your hairstylist scammed you. she may rephrase the words to make it seem nicer – but the point was still there.

as a wife, she's very clingy. while she is extroverted, nakyung tends to keep her closest circle small, in which she would love to shower them with her fullest attention — and so shall they shower her with the same degree of attention; especially when it comes to dearest husband. she's also very romantic — and she likes showing her affection. she loves skinships and kisses; she likes pulling on little surprises and she enjoys y times as well ;) 

getting everything that you want is nice — but it taught nakyung to be possessive. what's hers is hers; she doesn't like sharing. nakyung gets jealous easily – in which she'll pull off a tantrum when she is. 
✤ an accounting major who has problems keeping track of her own finance.
✤ she is not a morning person.
✤ she's very good at making ramen (despite having two left hands in cooking)
✤ an aegyo connoisseur.
✤ she has one cat —
cheetah which she very much loves.
✤ famous on instagram with 30k followers.
✤ spent a huge portion of her parents' allowance for makeup. she stops getting allowance from them after she got married though :(
✤ her father hates the way she dresses and her lifestyle, in general — but he doesn't have any control over her since she's an adult now
✤ high alcohol tolerance.
✤ can't handle coffee. her heart starts beating and she'll become restless.
✤ a serial dater before being married.
✤ she loves bubble teas!
✤ she likes cafe hopping.
✤ a huge club goer. she's the girl that gets you on the guest list.
✤ she's a good dancer.
✤ easily distracted. 
✤ she's generally messy uwu
✤ a night owl; but is practically dead when she sleeps
✤ she's not choosy when it comes to food. when you can't cook for , you have to settle for a burnt toast. so, she eats everything < 3
✤ loves makeup to death. being a makeup artist >>> accountant
✤ very sensitive to dust. huge sneezer. 
✤ smells like coconut and vanilla. 

nakyung was born into a family of five — her parents, her older sister and her younger brother in a middle class family. as a child, nakyung has always been bright. she likes reading and studying, she's a fast learner, she's obedient and demure. when she gets into school, she became number one in everything. she was on the school's debate team, she was the school's english public speaker, she was the president of the book club — nakyung was a stellar student. in a way, her parents know what nakyung is capable of. she's capable of big things — and despite her newfound rebellious nature, they believed it was normal. she's a teenager after all. 

so, when she was accepted into a top university, her parents were more than happy. her parents didn't say it out loud — but out of the three children they have, they believe that nakyung would be the one meant for success. sure, they believe in their other children as well — but they held their hopes high on nakyung. if they were to choose which one of their child who would probably be a billionaire, it's nakyung. 

in university, nakyung is finally free from her parents. they are not restrictive per se — she's just not comfortable showing them her preferred lifestyle. she doesn't want to disappoint them. oh, how surprised would they be to see their dearest daughter going to night clubs with short dresses every thursday, making out with random strangers with her phone notifications filled with messages from her tinder matches. after she graduated, she decided to take a break from practising an
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INTERACTIONS : kyungjae and nakyung were never close due to vast differences in terms of personality but she was really close to nari. after the marriage, she lost contact with her parents. they had a big fight about the marriage; where kyungjae and nakyung swore they'll never speak again. nari, nayoung and hyunbin act as a mediator to repair the relationship between them; but with egos as tall as the great wall, it seems impossible for them to be talking again.

nari and nakyung maintained a close relationship — while nari is disappointed at nakyung for her early marriage, she believes that nakyung knows what's best for her. nari always goes to nakyung's place and she still sends her money. to her, nakyung will always be her beloved baby <3
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nayoung was the one who suggested eden hall to nakyung. when nakyung wanted a break from her social circle and leave the neighbourhood she was in, nayoung suggested eden hall to her. plus, it was closer to nayoung's house where she can keep a close eye on nakyung. nayoung is very much protective over nakyung — and she's kind of grateful that nakyung didn't end up with someone irresponsible. 

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both are chill with similar mindsets. one is introverted, one is a radio box. nakyung is comfortable with him since he doesn't mind if she takes the lead in conversations. in a way, their relationship works in a way where sehun treats nakyung like a younger sister. he'll help her when she needs them — and pretty much, bullies each other all the time.

"call me when you need anything, uglyface." - sehun
"you too, chicken legs." - nakyung

since sehun works as an event coordinator, he'll recommend nakyung as a makeup artist to his clients and vice versa. they share the same humour as well, which is great since he's pretty much the only person who would laugh at her jokes all the time. 

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despite maisie being the older one, nakyung enjoyed spoiling maisie. she loves maisie like her older sister — and would always side with her during sehun and maisie's arguments. that doesn't mean she wouldn't help sehun to pull a prank on maisie though! maisie also tends to help her a lot in adjusting to marriage life, in general. aka how to cook something that's not ramen.

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it may be obvious to some — but not so to nakyung; that taking care of a baby is tenfold harder than taking care of a cat. nakyung generally is not good with children; it's a bit of a shock for her when nahyun cries out of the blue and wakes her up just after two hours of sleep. it was tough — but it was fun; how nahyun would smile when she sees her, or when her little hands grip her finger. fun fact: nahyun prefers hyunbin than nakyung; which he really likes to rub it in to nakyung.


han nakyung has always been experimental when it comes to romance. well — to be frank, she doesn't believe in the idea of "everlasting love". sure, her parents are happy and married — but for a self-centered girl like nakyung, the idea of devoting yourself to someone irked her. however, she likes the idea of having someone to be infatuated by her presence. the idea of having boys lining up to do anything for her. she likes it.

what better way to search for short-lived relationships than tinder? she's a modern woman; she knows how to avoid trouble at all costs. so, what's stopping her? thanks to the modern way of dating, nakyung finds herself switching men once a month – two months, if you're lucky. 

so, when he saw hyunbin's profile, it intrigued her because for one, she have never dated someone way older than her — number two, her friends said older guys are more financially stable; and number three, he's quite hot. so, he swiped right on him and they matched!

they went on several dates before she decided to sleep with him. a farewell gift; as she would like to call it. they have been dating for a month and she's bored. plus, he treats her right – and well, it turns the young girl on. turns out, he was quite good in bed. so, she stayed – for another month. plus, she actually had fun with him. he's financially capable of treating her to fancy places. he listens to her. while he does have some differing views than her, it only makes it better for them to bicker.

a month later, nakyung missed her period. they took a pregnancy test — she's pregnant. she doesn't even know his favourite food. nakyung planned for an abortion — hyunbin thought of settling down. after a huge debate with him and a lot of negotiating, they came to a consensus. they're keeping the baby — but on few conditions, number one, his house in hannam will be transferred under her name and number two, they'll move closer to her older sister until the baby's old enough to walk by itself.

he agreed — and they got married in a private wedding ceremony, attended by nayoung's and his closest family members. it wasn't what you envision a marriage ceremony should be — the bride's parents left after they bid their vows, the bride was sad and the groom was confused of what he should do. 


with a baby on the way, nakyung decided to work from home or do some freelance job as a makeup artist. she doesn't really like to be seen outside. most of their time spent together are in their cozy home — where they cuddle up on their bed for netflix (while arguing of what to watch) or hyunbin teaching nakyung how to cook. it's basically a process of knowing each other better — like their pet peeves, what they like and dislike, what's their boundaries while hyunbin is a very successful architect in korea. 

turns out that they're quite opposite — but compatible nonetheless. hyunbin is more reserved but gentle while nakyung is loud and all over your face. nakyung showers him with a lot of attention and clings to him a lot — and he kinda likes it. she likes physical affection and would pretty much hold his hands or wrap his arms around her all the time when she's free. 

what started off from pure financial reasons developped into actual feelings on nakyung's side — and she made sure he knows her feelings. he warmed up to her as well; and is more than glad to know that she actually enjoyed his companion. 

their relationship used to be centered around materialistic things — looks, financial ability, level of education, the list goes on. so, during their marriage, they started getting to know each other's personality. nakyung now knows that hyunbin isn't 'cold', he's just reserved — he's actually very warm at heart. she finds his little displays of affection can be endearing too; the way he'll wait for her to sleep together, how he never complaint about her salty food, how he plants kisses on her forehead when he thought she was sleeping. those little things. when they were dating, hyunbin thought of nakyung as foxy, brilliant charmer; but she's actually a soft baby who just loves attention because she put a lot of attention on others as well. he likes how she starts to ramble and whine about him not responding. he enjoys the little things with her. 

nakyung shows her affection very clearly. she likes skinships, a lot. hugging, kissing, cuddling and everything that comes under the umbrella. she loves his scent; it comforts her to be close with him. after all, he's the only person she has beside her sister and her mother. she's also very playful with him — fishing for compliments whenever she can. 
"tell me you love me back", "say that i'm pretty", "you're lucky to have me as a wife". he actually likes how playful she is. he's more cool and less talkative; but he likes listening to her rambles and entertaining her. she likes 'bullying' him and he actually doesn't mind being 'bullied'. he piggybacks her, he brings her to eat icecream at 3am when she's craving for it; and she'll shower him with kithes < 3 he likes to nag at her for being spoiled and clingy, even argue at times, but at the end of the day, he's more than happy with who she is now. 

they're seldom separated. the only time they did; is when he goes to work. in fact, when nakyung has a makeup gig, if he's free, he'll follow her too and wait at a cafe nearby — but when they are free, she'll usually just... hang around in her house? she'll do makeup tutorials, she'll watch netflix, but mostly, just sitting at home. she'll go cafe-hunting alone sometimes — but that's it. hyunbin basically would read or workout in his alone time. but he doesn't really have a lot of alone time, given that nakyung is mostly free. and would annoy him to go cafe hunting with her.

being with nakyung is tiring — even she, herself, could vouch for that. nakyung likes to pick fights — and they always argue with nakyung usually winning but it bonded them better. they bonded through those little bickers. of course, there are some arguments that are more serious. nakyung loves pda — while hyunbin can feel a little bit uncomfortable with it. when hyunbin didn't reciprocate her pda, nakyung would be offended. both would get into an argument of who should be more understanding. 

hyunbin is also not good with displaying his affection in general — when clueless nakyung needs to be showered with affection. nakyung would argue that he doesn't love her — and while most of the time, he'll convince her how much he loves her, there's times that she crossed his limits as well. 

hyunbin is ready to risk it all for his wife and spoil her with the finest thing in life; but he's not fond of her, asking help from other people so often. one, it makes him seem helpless from an outsider's point of view. two, she doesn't want people to take advantage of her. he doesn't want people to think that she owe something to them.

they're both get jealous very easily — in which both will argue when someone is giving them that look or one of them gets too close with other people, especially with nakyung who can be too touchy with other guys. 

perhaps, in the end, when nakyung made amends with her parents and is capable of doing her housework, they'll end up moving back to seoul to start a family in hyunbin's house? c:

✤ got married on her birthday, october 31, 2019.
✤ moved to incheon from seoul to  incheon to avoid meeting people nakyung knew and to be closer with her sister. 

✤ they haven't went on their honeymoon because of their baby on the way and both don't want to go to each other's dream destination.
✤ they plan to go on their honeymoon after their newborn is 3 years old
✤ hyunbin wants to experiene total serenity of high mountains in iceland while nakyung wants to experience total city life in new york.
✤ nakyung does the cooking usually and it's usually not edible, so, it's a wonder how this two are still alive considering how she fries salty fried chicken and tasteless fried rice.
✤ delivery services are their saviour most of the time.
✤ very very very peculiar about their laundry. probably because it's the only thing she's good at.
✤ their house is very pretty because both are critical on home decor. c:
✤ her baby is due on may 2020. 
✤ if it's a boy, they want to name it kyungbin and if it's a girl, they want to name it nahyun.
✤ they didn't know the baby's gender yet; because they want to keep it a surprise.
✤ hyunbin gives good massages which nakyung really likes. c:
✤ he is her official pillow. favourite part to lie on is his chest. c:
✤ nakyung makes sure that their outfit matches when they go out together.
✤ nakyung would leave out one nail when painting her nails – and paint on his nail at the finger where she left hers untouched. she thinks it symbolizes that a part of her is his. 
✤ they have matching everything — rings, nails, outfits, shoes, and even cups. nakyung likes it c:
✤ nakyung does his tie all the time.
✤ they're a very couple. uwu
✤ hyunbin cooks on weekends when he doesn't have to work. 
✤ inseparable – to the point they shower together.
✤ he likes to take pictures of her sneakily when she's not watching. he has an album full of her candid pictures.
✤ every night, before they sleep, they'll do their skincare together because nakyung said she will leave him if he have wrinkles before she does.
✤ she often sleeps in his studio when he's working overnight.
✤ nakyung is more of a libra than hyunbin is and hyunbin is more of a scorpio than nakyung is.
✤ she likes watching horror movies with him since she's too scared to watch them alone (but she likes horror movies though :c)


BACKUP : julien kang, ok taecyeon, lee sunghwa (gray)

✤ 자기야 (baby) — a term of endearment nakyung likes to use with him. <3
✤ 아저씨 (uncle) — while they both agree on cute nicknames for each other, nakyung likes calling him ahjusshi occassionally just to :3 he'll call her poby back. 

BIRTHDAY : september 24 1982 (38)
OCCUPATION : architect.
PROFANITY : not really — sometimes. he'll curse when something really bad happens, or when he's driving. apart from that, he doesn't really curse. 
TRAITS : istp, the challenger (eight), libra, blood type b.

positive — responsible, observant, calm, kind, matured, patient, open-minded.

✤ neutral — career-oriented, selfless, cheesy, spontaneous, lone ranger, adventurous.

✤ negative — reserved, insensitive, non-commital, envious, blunt, cold.
cold and mysterious — some like unravelling the mystery while some, like nakyung, thinks that it's boring. so, when she finds out she was pregnant with his child, she was contemplating of aborting it without his knowledge; but that would be unfair for him, she thinks. that was the first time he actually gets to know him better — hyunbin is a responsible guy who would take responsibility of his actions. however, hyunbin is also non-commital. commitments are one of the things that he didn't like as he dislike the idea of facing the same thing or the same person everyday. however, he is trying to improve himself. plus, he underestimated the idea of marriage as a whole. instead of the same person everyday, he gets to see different sides of her. getting to know her more is a challenge that he actually enjoys solving. 

a calm and collected man, he will always have solutions for every problem. he's good at managing his anger and is very patient. he doesn't complain about a lot of things and just go with the flow. he's quite spontaneous and while he does have his life plans, he's flexible in making amends here and there. things don't go his way if he lets things don't go his way, he thinks. his open-minded way of thinking has made him definitely made him more adaptable and accepting of other probable consequences. 

hyunbin is very matured — while he was once immature and irresponsible, he believes that his experiences really mature him to where he is now. he is good with dealing confrontations and his words are well-articulated. however, his maturity did not teach him how to be less egoistic. he gets jealous very easily — romantically and career-wise. while it drives him to do better career-wise, he can come across as possessive around her. it's cute — how he'll pout without him even knowing when he's jealous but it's not nice when he feels inferior over her friends and over comments on social media.

hyunbin is mostly a lone wolf, preferring seclusion over having companions. he likes to work individually, he appreciates his privacy very much and he just likes being in his own thought — but he guess nakyung is an exception. while nakyung is very demanding in terms of physical closeness, she never demands on knowing everything about him. he appreciates how she never forces her to share things he doesn't want to.

hyunbin is also adventurous. he loves new challenges and new places. he likes to travel and finding places where he can retreat and have fun. 

despite of his rather arrogant exterior, he's actually quite friendly. sure, he's not the chatty type – but he's actually very warm. he doesn't say it outright but you can tell how kind he is by how he treats children and animals. he is quite selfless. he puts his loved ones before himself, he doesn't mind going the extra mile to help those in need; which is really nice — but there are situations where he put himself in a tight position as well, which isn't as nice. he has this nice vibe that everyone chills with. he is also observant — he notices things quickly, even quicker than nakyung did.

with that being said, hyunbin is very reserved. sure, he has no problem with communicating with others – but he's not good with expressing himself and his feelings. he tends to eat his feelings and not be transparent with it. which because it's hard to know what he's thinking. 

hyunbin may seem very serious upon first impression — but he's very cheesy. he is the master of dad jokes and cringy pick-up lines. nakyung hates it so much that she ironically grows to love it. perhaps, one of the things that nakyung didn't fancy about him is how career-oriented he is. sure, working hard allows him to be on top of his games — but she dislikes how he would occassionally brings work at home.

she also dislikes how insensitive he can get. despite the fact that he knows about what people like or what people dislike, he pays little to no attention of it — even sometimes, go as far as using it to his advantage. he is blunt — and he says it as it is. no sugarcoating, no filter – but he recently learnt how to put his words nicely when nakyung goes on a one hour rant on how his words can sound like poison to her. he can also be cold at times — he doesn't have problems with ignoring people, which always makes nakyung cry when they fight because she doesn't like it when he ignores her <\3
hyunbin was born in an upper class family. well, not chaebol rich — but quite rich enough to be considered a 'wealthy family'. his father is a doctor and his mother is a lecturer. naturally, hyunbin would grow to be someone successful.. and he did. he completed his studies in architecture school under a scholarship in mit and went to become one of korea's most sought after architect.

perhaps the idea of perfection has always been embed into his mind that he never seems to want to settle down. he dislikes commitment and while he enjoys companion once in a while, he doesn't like feeling grounded. he's not a player — he just doesn't date to marry. 

the reason why he decided to marry nakyung was due to his parents — they're old; and all they want is to see him happily married. perhaps, the reason why he proposed to marry nakyung on the first place. 
✤ has a beautiful house in hannam hill, where all the rich people lives but move out to incheon because nakyung insists.
✤ he likes children.
✤ a morning person 
✤ doesn't have any social medias because he doesn't like oversharing (but uses nakyung's twitter for memes)
✤ low alcohol tolerance. gets drunk after one bottle of soju.
✤ likes coffee <3
✤ workout freak. he's very good at swimming.
✤ very sensitive in his sleep. he wakes up at the slightest sound.
✤ not choosy when it comes to food either <3
✤ very good at drawing. he once drew nakyung and she cried <3
✤ smells like white musk. <3
✤ very scared of rats. like very. will go out of their house when there's a rat.
✤ mostly wears muted colours. until nakyung came and forced him to buy more colourful clothes. <3
NICKNAME : bambi
COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS : hdbnjsjhd mid-way through writing, i just realized that xing fei actually acted in put my head on my shoulders. now, i'm VERY tempted to create a couple with lin yi (gu wei yi) u_u anyways, i'm not sure how comfortable you are with ~s~ but i included younger backups if you are more comfortable with it. < 3
— nakyung attending cooking class !!! and hyunbin complimented her on her food. 
— "your brother is handsome." "excuse me, he's my husband !!!! don't look at him that way !!"
— sehun and nakyung pranking maisie hhh
— eden hall residents bbq party !!! and nakyung brought chips because she can't cook lol 


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