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Hwarang, the notoriously known Maestro of menu compositions, is the overly earnest heir of the Kim Food Empire.
An almost robotic fellow that seeks for the Ideal, perfection, and never dares to break any rules.
An artist at heart, a perfectionist, blunt, eccentric in some ways. Will he ever live up to the expectations of his family or break free from the shackles and live his own life?
NAME Kim Hwarang.
DOB 08-14.
Korean. English (conversational and Haute Cuisine vocabulary).
FACE E Dawn. (BJoo during his blonde afro times)
BUILD 178 cm, 65 kg.
APPEARANCE Hwarang is always well-dressed, looking like a young director when he leaves the house. He does not follow any fashion trends, yet sports overbleached blonde hair that is kept at an eccentric length and mostly rebels against elements and tides. Despite being neatly dressed and overhygienic, Hwarang always looks very exhausted, some even referrig to him as the "King of drug addict look". For a fact, his red eyes are constantly underlined by dark circles and his skin is unhealthyly pale. Do not worry, it is nothing more than the result of no rest and no chill.

The Beethoven of this Generation
The emotions which Hwarang arouse in others oscillate between admiration and fear. He is thought of as efficient, self-obsessed, arrogant and domineering - alltogether too good at his fields of focus and too bad at properly humaning around others. He is known for being a prodigy in the kitchen, always setting up a 5-course menu that bewitches the senses and proves that he is an offspring of the Kim Food Empire.
What is most prominent about his dishes is the accuracy, correctness and properness with which he executes his cooking and how his dishes are always set up like a symphony. Similar to Beethoven who was deaf and still composed music by following methodical music rules, Hwarang can calculate ingredients and cooking processes to know which kind of taste will come out of a dish without tasting them once. Rumors say his taste buds died years ago, but rumors are called rumors for a good reason.
The rumors and also the fact that he listens to extensively loud music during the creation process of meals and them strongly resembling the music he listens to at that very moment are the reason why Hwarang is known as Maestro or Beethoven.

Me, Myself and I
Generally speaking, Hwarang regards himself as modest, rather ordinary sort of person. Give him a water, a warm meal and someone to discuss the food he was just served or bemoan the stress of life, and he will be content. He is not greedy, does not expect something for nothing and is the person to pay his bills on time.
He likes to see himself as romantic - not in a Meditteranian, flowery-compliments and bottom-pinching way, but in the stormy genius mode. Inside of Hwarang there is a touch of the wild-haired Beethoven striding through forests and weeping over a mountain sunset, grappling against impossible odds to express the inexpressible. This is the core of his soul, prominent display of which essential whenever art, taste and composition are under discussion. After all, if Hwarang did not actually invent the Romantic Movement, he at least kits it out with appropriately fraught and complicated philosophy.
He values himself as diligent, thorough, orderly, reliable and methodically. He also sees himself as profoundly educated. Contrary to popular belief among other students, Hwarang does not know everything, he just knows everything better. But little does he know that the way he sees himself is not the way others see him.

I am a pained soul and forever misunderstood.
Hwarang longs to be understood and liked by others, yet secretly takes pride that this can never be. After all, how can others who do not focus on the art of menu composition, understand such a complex, deep, sensitive person? What can they know of his struggle for identity or his tortured spirit searching for release?
He would like to be respected for his devotion to truth and honesty and is surprised that this is sometimes taken as tactless, or worse. After all, if he knows you to be in error, surely it is his duty to correct you?
Dismissing Hwarang's introspection as navel-gazing is taken as proof of shallowness. Complaints about his rudeness show misunderstanding. Hwarang consoles himself with the thought that devotion to higher causes and being true to the demands of the inner self are bound to rub a few people up the wrong way. It is sad but unalternable. Hwarang wears his pain on his sleeve and does not really mind being misunderstood.

The Importance of being Earnest
For Hwarang, life is serious, and so is everything else. If you want to tell a joke you may want to submit a written application first.
Hwarang strongly disapproves of the irrilevant, the flippant, the accidental. Serendipity is not a word in his language. The reason for this is that such things are not serious. It is hardly conceivable (and certainly not desirable) that a good idea might arise by chance or come from somebody lacking the proper qualifications. On the whole Hwarang would prefer to forgo a clever invention than admit that creativity is a random and chaotic process. 
Because life is serious, Hwarang goes by the rules. Schiller wrote 'obedience is the first duty', and Hwarang has never doubted this. This fits with his sense for order and duty. Hwarang hates breaking rules.
In professional life, devotion to earnestness means to Hwarang that you cannot give up accountancy or computer engineering in mid-life and switch to butterfly farming or aromatherapy. Any such change of heart would cause you to be dismissed as leightweight or unreliable. Thus, he cannot turn away from his life's mission that his father created for him and sometimes his passion for crafting delicious sugary treats feels like a sin to him.

Sorry, I'm not sorry.
Hwarang's manners are somewhat on the robust side. Don't expect an apology if he knocks into you on the pavement; what you will get is the withering look for having had the selfishness and inconsideration to get in the way. The withering look is frequently accompanied by a muttered remark questioning the state of your mental well-being.
You may on occasion be pulled up short by Hwarang's bluntness and directness. He is constitutionally unable to admit to being in the wrong or having made a mistake.
With his unshakeable conviction that there is a right answer to everything, he has difficulty with shades of opinion. He will unhesitatingly express his disagreement in terms of your being wrong. Not, "I don't think you're right about this", but "You're false!"
If he does not like something, expect to be told so in no uncertain terms. Sparing other people's feelings is quite unnecessary since feelings are a private matter and have no bussines in public.
While others will engage in a form of agile verbal sparring, Hwarang expects you to state your wishes clearly and directly, to use language at its face value. He says what he means and means what he says:
"Do you know what time it is?"
"Yes, I do."

Kim Hwarang is known as Maestro of menu composition and rather goes by the name of Maestro Hwarang than introducing himself as Kim Hwarang of the Kim Food Empire. 
He was practically genetically engineered to be a cooking prodigy. His grandfather was a renown chef, the Kim Taehyun that opened a small restaurant by the name of Eunha in Daegu and nurtured it into a Michelin-stars top empire. Named after his deceased wife and famous for his combination of traditional Korean recipes (that has been passed down the family for generations) and modern twists on the old-fashioned cuisine, he had set a certain bar in the Korean food industry and is considered a legend to this day. His son and Hwarang's father, Kim Byungman, took over the restaurant after Taehyun's untimely death (something about high colesterol level and the fact that the man was over 130 kg, smoked like a chimney, and drank like... well, like a typical Korean man), and proved to everyone that there was something about the Kim genetics and food. While everyone expected Eunha to crumble and disappear into nothingness when Taehyun died, Byungman not only kept the restaurant going, he made it better. Under his ownership the restaurant got its second Michelin star and branched out into Seoul and Busan while maintaining its top class quality.
The Kim Food Empire expanded not only in restaurant matters, the members of the Kim family also started to join in grocery business and food manufacturing. Furthermore, his cousin, Kim Sook, is one of the most renowned food critics of the country.
Naturally, when Hwarang was born, he was born with a mission. The mission that was shouldered upon him by his father, who wished for his son to overcome him and his father and make the Kim Food Empire even bigger. He was told to become the best chef in South Korea, otherwise he would be a disgrace to his family. Thus, he now seeks for perfection after honing extraordinary skills over the years, passed down by his father and other mentors that were paid to make him a living masterpiece of cooking experience.
Even though he attends Yuhwa for the reputation only and already knows most of the content being taught, he sees the opportunity to attend it as the last straw of freedom of his father's claws, the last chance to live as he wishes.

Teamwork is a foreign word to Hwarang and he detests being paired with someone else. He thinks everyone around him is an amateur and sloppy and he hates everything that gets in his way to deliver the best result possible. However, as part of a RS he does not have the chance to be picky and willingly works with others as he is participating in Chocolate RS.
Hwarang will try to get to know about each area's cuisine, no matter what, to get the best out of it and also choose classes that have practical use to him. Spice Research and Molecular Cooking are what he will want to learn while he does not care about things like Culinary Fiction or Women in the cooking world at all.
When there is free time, the majority of his time Hwarang spends in the library, at home reading and researching or at business and manifacture calculation workshops during the weekends.
His ultimate goal is to become the perfect heir to the Kim Food Empire and be on the top of the Culinary world. His guilty pleasure however, lies in pastry and dessert creation, which causes him multiple cognitive dissonance moments and an identity crisis every now and then.
- Hwarang generally adores chefs focusing on main dishes and suffers from unrequited love. For Hwarang, the main dish is the headmaster in the school of cooking, and accorded due respect if not even affection. The main dish is the heart of the menu after all. 

-Hwarang is a strong believer in authority. "If you know how to obey then you too can be a master" runs the refrain.

-Leisure is a bit of a problem for Hwarang because by definition it consists of no-one telling you what to do or letting you know if you are doing it properly. In order to cope, Hwarang does what he is best at: he makes work out of it. Watching Hwarang relax is exhausting, and you may need a day off to get over it.
You will never see Hwarang simply lounging around in the park catching the rays of a summer's day. Leisure time is an Opportunity for Improvement, so on Monday mornings expect to hear detailed accounts of how the classes in Hospitality Industry are going, or what went on at the Business workshop at the weekend.

- Hwarang takes humor very seriously. It is not a joking matter. Harsh, astringent and satirical is his style. 
Irony is not one of his strong suits and may easily be misunderstood as sarcasm and mockery. 
His humor tends to have a target. After all, you do not throw a custart pie into your own face. While he is happy to laugh at others, and especially the misfortunes of others, his faltering self-confidence does not allow for self-ridicule.
To help you get a joke, Hwarang will gladly explain it to you. If they are of an academic bent, the finer points of the explanation will be repeated so that you cannot fail to appreciate it. For Hwarang, humor is like a great painting, it must be planned, prepared for and built up in layers over a long period of time. 

- Hwarang dearly loves to swear and curse, and has many number of eplosive epithets with which to do it. Bodily functions are graphically referred to whenever anything goes wrong. "!" and "!" are used so frequently that Hwarang is not aware that they are swear words, anymore. 
His middle finger raise is equivalent to the English "V" sign. The gesture most frequently displayed is the raised index finger, however. Inside Hwarang there lurks a lecturer, longing to get out.

- To Hwarang, hygiene is the basic requirement of life and absolute starting point of order. An unwashed Hwarang is a contradiction in terms. In Hwarang's bathroom cabinet you will find a dazzling array of preparations and pieces of precision engineering for maintaining the human form in pristine condition. Dental hygiene takes pride of place. He can boast whole banks with his dental care equipment, with mirrors on sticks and high-speed water jets for persecuting every last molecule of plaque.

- Hwarang prizes education and culture. Showing off what he has read and what he knows is not boasting. It is a way of participating in the nation's cultural life and taking pride in it.
Modesty in regard to education will not be interpreted by him as hiding your light under the bushel, but as an admission of ignorance. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Kim Sook.
Kim Sook, the Darth Tater of the Asian Culinary World, is Hwarang's infamous cousin and South Korea's most feared food critic. She is responsible for multiple restaurant's reputation being ruined and family businesses closing down after one of her harsh reviews. She is the reason for 69% of the school hating the guts out of Hwarang (minus those who would hate him for his personality anyway). Hwarang describes Sook as a quick-witted, temperamental evil witch that lacked the passion and talent in cooking and therefore got rejected to be taught by his father. It would be understated to say those two do not get along very well. She still keeps dragging him down as her influence spreads widely and he can feel her presence everywhere, like a demon lurking in the shadows.

Yoo Kihyun (fc: MonX Kihyun).
One might think Kihyun has it all. He graduated from Yuhwa occupying the first seat for the majority of his time there, used to work for Gordon Ramsay and is currently in the midst of opening his first restaurants in the States and Europe after his high-class restaurant in Seoul became a big success.
People are most of the time startled, when Kihyun's bipolarity happens once again with the chef switching from the epitome of nice guy to Gordon Ramsay burning the world down with sarcasm and savagery in seconds.
For all that Yoo Kihyun is, he is Hwarang's absolute rolemodel and he aspires to reach the same level that he  is on right now.
(In very short: He is the Gordon Ramsay turned Korean)

Kim Hanjae.
Kim Hanjae is currently the person that Hwarang has highest respect for at Yuhwa. He excels at what Hwarang desires to excel at, too. Hwarang's secret goal is to win a hwayojeon against him and be the the 98:1.

Wu Jinhai
Hwarang actually knows Jinhai personally because their families interacted a few times with one another in the past for exchanges and just keeping up with one another. However, he is not too fond of him as they are basically direct opponents to one another's family business. They will act very professionally around each other but outsiders will still sense the winds of the Cold War surrounding them when they happen to meet each other.
My name is Kim Hwarang and I am a first year.
For one thing I'm sure of, it is that I know the art of menu composition. My goal is not to create the perfect dish. A perfect main course is worth nothing if the desert for example is not worth a bite. The balance between a sweet dish followed by a salty dish followed by a sweet dish once more and making it an expedition through flavours and happiness, that is culinary music and excellence. There is no high without a way to the top of tastes, there is no . A dish alone won't be able to sate the lust of a restaurant's customer.
My strength in sole dishes lies within the art of confectionary and sweets, but I heard that my starters and main courses often are too extreme or bland in taste if not paired up with the completion of an entire menu and barely manage to stand on their own compared to other colleagues' dishes of Haute Cuisine. Of  course one dish alone cannot go without the entirety of my cuisine. It is as if you'd only listen to a short part of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5.
Some claim that Haute Cuisine is all I know and that my food lacks the presence of comfort which plain fare usually provides. Others say I am incapable of allowing experimenting to happen and therefore being stuck where I am right now. Let those people talk. I know what is good. 
I want to be able to create menues with perfect dishes, that can cause a concerto or a techno party in your mouth, that feel like a artful symphony on your taste buds and that will lead you to savour the moment, the taste, the texture of the food and forever curse you with the adiction to the art of my food.
I am Maestro Hwarang. That is.
You have well-equipped audio systems in your kitchens, right? And a fridge big enough for a 10 layer cake?
USERNAME Jey-chan.
COMMENTS You have no idea how pumped I am for this story, finally there is something that has nothing to do with idoldom but cooking- AND THEN IT'S BASED ON SHOKUGEKI NO SOUMA I'M DYING.
The idea of the Kim Food Empire and Kim Sook are originally created by my lovely friend Formidame, I hope it's okay I used it. I asked her beforehand and she was okay with it, also I linked Kim Sook instead of fully explaining who she is, as I think there is no better way in understanding who she is, than to go through the original app :)
Also, I inserted Kihyun just for the funsies and Hwarang expressing his love for cooking in channeling it through idolizing a famous cook, i.e. the Korean Gordon Ramsay. Poor kid needs more than a strict family to make him go spend 24h of the day in a kitchen 3
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