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full name / ji saetbyeol
other names / 
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birthdate / (MM|DD/1994) (age 25)
home country / yul
race / branded
languages / 
► korean - native.
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face claim / red velvet's seulgi
backup / f(x)'s krystal, dreamcatcher's jiu
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fashion sense / 
► In the rare occasion that Saetbyeol isn't spending the day doing anything related to the army, she's fond of wearing semi-formal dresses as she carries on leisure activities. Saetbyeol often picks out the dresses that wrap around her torso in a snug fit and tends to take turns having flowing or tight-fitting long sleeves. Saetbyeol stays away from heavy and embroidered skirts (with the exception of formal events) and prefers to have hers light and floaty for easy mobility. She likes trying out different kinds of colours, though she does like to wear earthy colours the most. Saetbyeol likes wearing simple rings and necklaces during times like these and letting her hair down. She tops it off with a matching pair of dependable flats.
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character traits / loyal, reserved, observant, critical, loving, humourous, dedicated, two-faced, skeptical,
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► Ji Saetbyeol was born from the union between beorc Ji Soobin and branded Won Chaerin, thus also being the little sister to Ji Seonho. Both children were born with brands and were strictly taught to conceal them away from the public's eye ever since they started remembering. "It's for the best," they said. But sometimes, Saetbyeol wonders if it was worth the effort in the first place. Still, she comes to hide her brand for the sake of her own comfort. To guard her against any more stares that could possibly land on her.
See, she was born into a well-to-do family. They sold weaponry and took pride in their hard work and their riches. The Ji family maintained the picture of poise and prestige. It was a big family, considering that her father was the third oldest among eight siblings. Most siblings ran a piece of the business but the leadership was granted to the Ji family matriarch and her father's oldest sister, Song Jinhee. She obliged herself to uphold the values of the family and as a result is quite old-fashioned and many family members were religiously devout. This, unfortunately, led them to be quite discriminatory of the laguz and the branded, believing wholeheartedly that the union between beorc and laguz is a crime against the goddess.
Soobin entrusted the secret of his Chaerin and their child's heritage to a brother of his when Seonho was first born, the brother having walked in and spotted the brand on his nephew. Though shocked, he kept the outrage to himself. When Saetbyeol was born, however, the brother was furious that Soobin and Chaerin had been insolent enough to bring in another branded child to the world. He then revealed their true race for every family member to know. This caused a heavy strain to family relations and prompted Soobin's family as outcasts. But they couldn't cut them off, of course. If they weren't careful, this fact could taint the precious family image.
So on the outside, they pretended everything was fine. Seonho resumed to attend the same prestigious academy his cousins went to, her family was still welcome to attend the parties that other socialite families met up at, and they were included in those elegant, perfect family portraits. While Seonho remembered what it was like to be loved by his relatives, Saetbyeol didn't experience such a thing at all. In the house, she was ignored and often got cold stares if she dared bother any of the adults besides her own parents. In parties including only their family members, she and her brother would be given the less extravagant gifts (if they'd been lucky to be given anything at all).
Saetbyeol was lucky to have the company of some of her close-aged cousins who didn't let their parents affect their view on their branded cousins. It was thanks to them that her childhood was bearable. They'd comfort her whenever she heard derogatory remarks about her race. They always treated like any other family member and spend time with the branded cousins. There were other cousins further from the age range who carried on their parents' prejudiced views, though some of the younger ones had none but stayed distant in fear of causing more strain in the family relationship.
She had little to do to pass the time besides focusing on her studies. She wasn't interested in taking up her father's bit of the family business either. Though she did always like roaming around the house with a sword sheathed by her side, feeling a sense of purpose as she wrapped her hand around the hilt. Soon after, she took up sword fighting lessons to fill her days, followed shortly by her brother Seonho and cousin Yongsun. Due to having a natural aptitude, she was encouraged to continue the lessons for several years. This ended up influencing her decision to join the army after having a lack of other options once finishing her studies at the age of 19. Her family was known for having at least one member from each generation serving for the army, so along with Yongsun, she enlisted herself to Yul's army.
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flight or fight/ fight
dawn or dusk/ dawn
loyalty or betrayal/ loyalty
soulmate or enemy/ soulmate
friendship or hatred/ friendship
moral or immoral/ moral
blood or bond/ bond
sub-human or laguz/ laguz
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► "Mighty King Changkyun just had to ruin it for everyone, didn't he?" Saetbyeol stretches in her seat. She doesn't look concerned over the subject at hand. She's thought about it way too much to be fazed now. "I don't get why he acts like he has a stick up his arse, but I've got other things to worry about." Her nonchalant expression perfectly masks the conflict within her.

► "I'm not the sort to believe in those things," she started off, "but I won't act like those stories are completely disproven." Saetbyeol shakes her head, "I'm not afraid nor would I be surprised. People have always and repeat history's mistakes."

► "Would I?" The question echoed in her head. "Well, perhaps I would. If it's necessary." Saetbyeol shrugged, "I feel as though that's a time that would come soon, considering King Changkyun's.. ambitions." An ironic smile spread on her lips, "But now's not the time to worry about that, right? If it comes, it comes."

► A sheepish chuckle escapes from her lips, "Ah, one of these questions?" She sighs, "I'd save my sibling, of course." The confidence in her answer is clear, "I'm not a good person, you know? I'm selfish and flawed. I'm not going to pretend I have unwavering righteousness." The last sentence spills out her lips in a rigid tone as if she was careful not to spit it out in disdain. A soft, ironic smile on her lips once again is plastered on her face. 
//// YUL////
class / myrmidon
affinity / (look at cheatsheet)
weapon / sword

brand / (where is it? what does it look like? what color is it? what special gift did it give you? each branded individual at birth is branded. delete if you are not branded.)
uniform / 
► On the times Saetbyeol is a soldier and has to carry on her duties and tasks, her attire is akin to the myrmidon uniform. She dons a navy blue tunic made out of thick fabric that flows down to be a double slitted skirt, stopping right above her ankles. The tunic has a mandarin collar and the sleeves are short with the cuffs lined with fleece. Saetbyeol wears a black, long-sleeved undershirt and also wears black leggings. Wrapped around her torso is a sturdy chest plate with Yul's emblem engraved at the front. She wears a dark brown pair of below-the-knee boots. Saetbyeol prefers placing her sheath to her side rather than to her back for easier access. As for her hair, it's usually tied in either a high bun or a high ponytail. 
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