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I have the affinity for creating playlists that will fit the song that I currently like. Lately, I'm into Day6's "days gone by" and I use it a kickstarter for my day. Since I have classes from Tuesdays to Saturdays, I need music to set my mood or else I get sulky the whole day. It takes me an hour and a half of travel time from my house to my uni. Imagine sitting inside a bus or a van for that long without any songs to listen to. That's why I never forget my phone and my headphones. The few times that my headphones got stolen inside my college, or they broke (I'm bad at keeping my gadgets in good condition), I got all jittery and my thoughts became haywire. Music literally helps me retain my sanity because I have anxiety and I will surely have an attack if I don't tune out some of the bad stuff around me.

Going back, I have a new playlist that's made up of new songs, old songs that I have known forever, and old songs that I recently discovered. Although I'm eclectic when it comes to my song choices, I'm more inclined towards band music in general. This is obvious with the artists that are downloaded on my iTunes. To name a few, I have Western bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Bombay Bicycle Club, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Death Cab for Cutie, Grouplove, Incubus, Kings of Leon, The Lumineers, My Chemical Romance, Nothing but Thieves, Of Monsters and Men, The Paper Kites, The , Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, Walk the Moon, X Ambassadors, Young the Giant, or the 1975 (I have more). For Asian bands, I have BuskerBusker, CNBlue, Day6, Flow, F.T. Island, Nell, One Ok Rock, o Graffitti, Stereopony, The Solutions, UVERworld, and many others. The playlist that I will share with you are made up of songs by bands (Asian, of course), with a few songs from K-Pop groups/soloists. The theme is set to fit with "days gone by" which means that this is a breakup playlist. There will be songs about: 1. being nostalgic of a past relationship; 2. pining for a love that was lost; 3. wanting to move on but cannot; and 4. perpetually hurting (because some people just intend to fxck you up, don't they?). Expect a variety of upbeat songs and slow ones (a few ballads). Aside from "days gone by" being the first on my list, the rest are on shuffle.

Days gone by - Day6

Wildflower - Park Hyo Shin

Untitled, 2014 - G-Dragon

It Was Love - Taeil (Solo)

Don't Forget - Crush feat. Taeyeon

Last Dance - BIGBANG​​​​​​


Habitual Irony - Nell

Thank You - Nell

Letting Go - Day6

I'm Young - Taehyun (Solo)

I Would - Day6

Congratulations - Day6

Stand By Me - FT Island

You - Brown Eyed Soul

Love, At First - BuskerBusker

First Time - Day6

1:31AM - GOT7

Becoming You - FT Island

Moonlight Punch Romance - Nell

Think About It - GOT7

Sorry - The Rose

Onetime Bestseller - Nell

Getting Further Apart (멀어지다) - Nell


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