Please support GOT7’s comeback

I needed to put this into words before GOT7’s comeback because: 1. I missed the boys (as a complete group) a lot; 2. I want to take a break from all the research papers I have piled on top of my head so I can gush about my beloved group; 3. I’m concerned about their increasing number of sasaeng fans; and 4. they’re about to have their own solo concert here in Manila this October.


GOT7 is one of the two K-Pop groups that I’ve supported ever since their debut (the other one is NCT, but let’s focus on GOT7). The group I’ve stayed loyal to ever since they debuted. I’ve loved BIGBANG only since Haru Haru, EXO since Wolf, Monsta X since Hero, I did witness BTS debut but I’ve been a subpar ARMY throughout the years which I feel bad about, Stray Kids only last year, SHINee since Hello but a full ShaWol during the “Why So Serious” era, Day6 only last year, among others, of course. But the reason why GOT7 is different is because I’ve seen so much of them throughout the years, that I’ve watched them change no matter if I did leave the K-Pop scene for a little while. I was able to see their youth, and the hardships that they’ve gone throught that turned them into the mature men they are now.


Bambam used to be such a gangly kid, and he was cute in his own gangly way. Yugyeom had these massive cheeks that made you want to pinch them but they’re adorable. Jaebum, my precious JB, had always been like a grandfather and I loved his grey hair. I used to think Jackson was arrogant because of the Girls, Girls, Girls MV but, boy, did he change my mind FAST. I felt like Mark was the most famous member at the time, and he did stand out because of his acrobatic/martial arts skills. Youngjae was so underrated and so neglected. Jinyoung, well, he’s always been the prince, but I knew him as Jr./Junior (I love him to pieces but I admit I hated his previous stage name).


They’re my constants. The group I, along with all the other “old” (pun intended) I-GOT7’s/Ahgases, loved and worked hard for. Reading all of the comments across websites about GOT7, it’s still painful whenever someone still calls them a flop, or someone tries to recall those days when GOT7 couldn’t win any awards. They were always just “nominated”, just “another one of those groups from the Big 3”. A lot of us was so hopeful that they would garner a lot of attention as early as their debut because they’re from JYP, after all. But when Winner, iKon, groups that came after them got talked about more, it was devastating. I also love these two groups, don’t get me wrong. The old Ahgases were super supportive and although the fandom wasn’t the biggest, Ahgases never left and became known as one of the most peaceful (if not the most peaceful) fandoms. Soon, we accepted that there are other groups who were promoted better and just worked hard and that’s what I also love about the fandom. GOT7 also worked twice as hard and, man, you guys should have seen the look of disappointment on Jaebum’s face that he tried to hide before.


I saw GOT7 fight for Sana’s attention, dance in front of a giant girl, be in akward jumpers, wreak havoc because they’re heartbroken, wear blue jackets in a freaking desert, perform near a wreckage of cars, become invisible, and so on. I saw how hard their choreographies have become. “If You Do” is still my favorite and I swear they have the hardest choreographies. Many groups may have a lot of tricks, acrobatics, and cool formations, but GOT7’s are much harder to memorize and perform, especially the footwork and the precision of their arm+finger movements. I heard the change in the nuances of their songs and maybe, just maybe, things would have been different at the onset of their career if the company let them experiment, discover, and make music on their own from the beginning.


Jaebum, my precious Jaebum, has always been my bias. I’ve never been this loyal when it comes to my other biases. My bias in MX was Kihyun, which turned to Wonho, Hyungwon, and then back to Wonho. I used to change biases in EXO like I change t-shirts, but I did return to Sehun each time. Jin used to be my bias, and then Jimin took over, but Suga immediately stole me. And the others that I won’t elaborate about in this post. Jaebum, though, was my bias from the start and will be my bias to the end. I used to be frustrated because he wasn’t the number one choice before for the majority, that he was a bias but not THE bias. But that was the childish me and I realized I was pitting member against member. Have you guys listened to his solo songs? Please stream all of them because he’s a good composer. I have a few favorites, of course, such as “Blind”, “Bad Habit”, “Lost, and he has a song in collaboration with Deepshower titled “Higher”. I’m glad he’s active in making the group’s songs. I’m glad all of them are. The moment they became more involved in writing their own music, and added in their own style, their albums became better and I noticed people began to appreciate them even more.


I’m happy that they’re bigger. I’m happy that the fandom is getting bigger. I’m happy that they’re well-known overseas. But, can we please maintain the non-toxicity of the fandom? Real ahgases wouldn’t invade their privacy, their private spaces, homes, training grounds, spy on them like they’re emotionless objects, and do things that would hurt them. Can we please remain as the most peaceful fandom? We used to be like Monbebes (I’m proud to be one), fans that the group can trust, fans that are peaceful, unchaotic, and not crazy, intrusive, entitled possessors.


I can’t wait for the concert. I had to give up Stray Kids because I’m a brokeass and, as much as it embarrasses me to say this, but I have a hierarchy when it comes to groups and I CANNOT, for the life of me, miss this concert. I can’t wait for the comeback. Let’s not forget to diligently vote, stream, watch, and maybe also buy the album. In the meantime, while I’m waiting, I’ll include my Top 20 songs by GOT7 here.


  1. Girls, Girls, Girls (It’s a special song to me)
  2. I Like You / If You Do
  3. Lullaby / You Are
  4. Take Me To You / Thank You
  5. Just Right / A
  6. Look
  7. I Am Me
  8. Sunrise
  9. 1:31AM / Think About It
  10. Skyway / Hard Carry
  11. Miracle
  12. I Won’t Let You Go
  13. Prove It / Teenager
  14. Fly
  15. Let Me
  16. Never Ever / Paradise
  17. Good Tonight / Forever Young
  18. Rewind / Who’s That
  19. Like Oh / My Reaction
  20. Stop Stop It


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I'm so excited for this comeback omg