#2 Announcement about: Problematic On Rate M's (and others)

Hoit! Sorry for delay. Seems all my fanfics on my old phone (oppo R1) has gone due to that /ehem/ phone is /ehem/ died(?)! I lost my half of my notes including the un-planning to make a new 95Line Malay fanfic /sobs/ and also a few unreleased chapter of "Some'DAY'". /ugly crying/. So I need to redo my ff's anddd well, I need a new HANDPHONE. Wish me had my payday next month. TuT (p/s: I sell my own fanart "Chibi VIXX Shangri-La" pin-circle badge for RM4 /1pcs, Malaysian only/ please help me to buy a new handphone on my twitter: @wonsik_lalala. Yup, this-is-Sai. Not Niya cuz she start to make some Madlipz dubbings on her IG: Niya_Jamaludin. Pls support her too bcs she's about to dubbing BTS BBMA speach!)


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