New fanbase?

I have this friend who wants to start a fanbase for EXO. This fanbase is called EXOL Society. Don't ask me why it's called that, it's not my base. Anyways, she told me that it will 10 different accounts. One that promotes EXO as a whole, and the other 9 for individual members. I think she even made a website, I have to check on the Twitter account. Anyways, as I was saying. She is really hoping I can spread the word around with my social media accounts ( for her because I don't have many) so here I am promoting EXOL Society that has yet to launch. I mean she already made social media accounts but she hasn't posted anything. I think it's because there hasn't been anyone who signed up for it. I would but I'm already busy with my stories. As I was saying, she really wants to start this but isn't able to because it is a pretty big project for a 16 almost 17-year-old. So if anyone wants to hit her up (pleasepleaseplease do), this is a list of her accounts:


Tumblr: @lulublowdatflute, @xinglostcontrol @sehunsundown

Instagram: @frncameo

AFF: @frncameo

Twitter: @xinglostcontrol @exolsociety @frncameo


Oh, and the individual accounts are called factions. I just looked it up on the website she has linked. There will be a head leader and members. I'm just saying what I'm seeing, so don't really take my word for it. This will be US-based, but she would love it if everyone can join, so I think she might make it a worldwide fanbase, I'm not too sure. Anyways, I'll be promoting my girl. Please hit her up if interested or curious to know more! 


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