XO's Surprise

I gently walked up the stage, sweat sliding down my chest. With a deep breath, I stood in front of a podium. I was blinded by the shining lights above. Before me was an audience. An audience of not a hundred, not five hundred, but a thousand. All went hush. Some even telling their neighbors to keep quiet.

"She's speaking!"

Now that all was quiet, it was my cue. I cleared my throat, nervously gripping the sides of the podium. Slowly I leaned forward. "HunLay is real," I say.

The crowd booed in anger.

"Get off the stage!"

"Who is she anyway?!"

"I didn't pay a hundred for this !"

My heart dropped at the negative response. This how it was going to be. I look over my shoulder at my fellow HunLay shippers who only wept. My heart clenched. I shouldn't have led them on to think HunLay would make it... How stupid of me. I turned my back against the crowd, ready to cry along with my fellow shippers. HunLay just wasn't as real it seemed.

But then! A voice spoke up from the side.

"She's not wrong!"

All gasps and whispers. I turn to see none other than Zhang Yixing and Oh Sehun walking out, hand in hand. Oh, how I cried. I smiled through the salty tears, watching.


HunLay was real.









I always wanted to do this meme but I always went past the character limit of 300 or whatever number on my social media accounts. I think I did on Instagram but then again I wasn't on it as much. Hope you enjoyed my small narrative. 

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