KPOP COVER GROUPS- Members needed !




First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! I really do hope you celebrated safely and had a lot of fun! I sure did and I am back to working on my projects now, one being the reasons I am doing this post right now. 


Some of you know, one of my biggest passions (I would dare to say even more than writing, oops) is singing. So, along with my bff Mari, we created some kind of an 'ent'. We sing using the 'Smule' platform and we can create cover groups through this device. We started the auditions a few days ago but I thought perhaps some of you guys might be interested. 

We are searching for new talents to join our cover groups! 

To join, you only have to create a Smule account and have a Line account (both free!) so we can contact you! If you make it through the auditions, well then we will contact you and add you to the group. 

Here's a quick list of what we are currently looking for: 


BTS - We have a few people already but still mainly looking for the rappers at this point. 
Exo- One main vocal and the rappers as well.
BlackPink- Rap but also a good vocalist is never pushed away. 
SNSD- Still a lot of people, going from the 'rapper' to the main and lead vocals.
Red Velvet -Still a lot of places available. 
Twice- A lot of places available still. 
NCT- Rappers and vocalist needed. 

Both girls and boys can audition for all groups. No age discrimination, we have people between 15-22 so far and it can go far beyond that. Where you come from doesn't matter either, as long as you are available to do this within the timelines (from the moment the collab is open, you have 14 days to record your parts) and you are open to feedback for constant ameliorations well then you are welcome in. 

We do plan on making perhaps festivals and so on, but so far, this is purely recreative. 

If you want to audition, here's a link to my profile, where all the auditions are posted.  
>Click Here< 


Thank you all, I'll see you soon! 





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ooh cool, are you still doing this?
porini #2
I love smule's app will tryout for sure :)
i'm interested in joining, but, if i do want to audition, where do i start? i already made both accounts btw
ooh, ill hopefully record a blackpink cover tomorrow. Love Lisa's rap
How do I audition? Like I have a clip that I recorded for another project that is dead now, but where/how do I post it?
I’m going to audition soon. If you see user BUSANKINGS, that will be me. I’m down with a flu and cough so my voice might sound ew. IM EXCITED TO JOIN ESP FOR RV AND BP