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If you are an army this is important. BTS might have to serve in the military soon so bts army made a petition for BTS to be able to serve in the military together, this way the process will take less time and BTS will have each other as mental support. This petition does have a lot of signatures but just not enough it would be immensely helpful if you could sign this petition. Thx and I purple you!!!!!! :)

Here's the link:


  this is so touching *sobbing*


scroll down at you own risk.

네게 다가서고 싶지만 너무 심하게 아름다워... #warofhormones

지민아 정말 니 사진이 없어서.. 형은 유일하게 있는 거.. 생축스.. #Rm

여러분 혈압 조심하세요 #지민생일ㅊㅋ #슈가형이야 #이젠태그고수 #태그는이렇게 #후훗

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♡♡♡Vaish ♡♡♡










introduction ♡


Hello! I'm VanillaSugarARMY. Well my real name is Vaish :) I'm a huge BTS ARMY so yeah ^^ I have a few stories and I have my own advertising/review shop. 

I also have a ongoing roleplay so yeah :) I'm passionate about music, singing, and dance. I secretly hope to become a kpop idol one day ^^




personality ♡


I'm mostly cheerful and happy uwu I'm sweeter than Vanilla sugar and I loooovve making friends. I'm quite social. I can get hurt easily. Unless you're messing with one of my friends I won't get mad at you.




likes ♡


I love BTS, ARMY, TXT, MAMAMOO, ITZY, and Chung Ha. I like ice cream, vanilla, cake, cupcakes, and a bunch of other foods. I love music, singing and dance.






don't like (yeah I'm innocent and a three year old at heart). I also dislike tomatoes and horros movies.


Ingredients: Vanilla, Sugar, and lots of love









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map of the soul: 7
feat. bts ♡








about me




I'm a huge bts army ♡ I love army and bts with all of my heart and existence. I'm a social butterfly who loves making friends.I have maaanny favorite foods. I love to travel. I'm innocent and still mentally a three year old. I'll sacrifice anything for the people I love(i'll even sacrifice myself) I don't bite... unless you have food hehe and remember: I wuv u ♡♡♡♡




other random info




Um... I also stan txt. I love music. I like grapes and grapefruit but I'm allergic to both (grapes give me a cold and grapefruit juice on my skin gives me a rash).i'm also kinda terrible at cooking XD








story masterlist





the crown prince


status: ongoing
#oc #jimin #taehyung #jungkook


In a world of modern kingdoms, a princess is living the "dream" life but what she really wants is something else, she wants to be herself for once. Is it too much to ask? Is it stupid to think that one day people will see her as Kim Mirae- a free spirited person rather than princess kim mirae- the next heir to the largest kingdom on this earth?


read more →The Crown Prince



shining star


status: ongoing


#oc #jimin #taehyung #jungkook


Since I was a kid my only dream was to become a kpop idol. But it seemed like everything in the universe was plotting againist me. Even so, i managed to become who I am today after countless hours of hard work. Now, I'm a global superstar along with my bandmates. We're called the girl version of the beatles and we're deemed to be even more popular than they were. I'm the leader, maknae, main vocalist, main dancer, and main rapper of this group.I'm an international superstar secretly dating jeon jeongguk of bts. bts isn't quite popular yet but after their release of their song blood, sweat, and tears they become as popular as us. Everything starts to go wrong. fights with my best friend who is also my bandmate and jeongguk rumored to be dating another rookie idol. who to trust and who not to trust?


read more →Shining Star



magic shop advertisements and review


status: open


#advertisement #review


this is a shop that advertises and reviews story, shops, roleplays, etc. we're fast and our prices are lower than all the other shops on aff. order now before slots fill up!



squad/ friends




mochioppa ♡


My bestie!! She's super kind and amazing and I love her so much ^^ She's a hard working person who makes amazing graphics. she's always there for me and I will always be there for her. I hope we can always stay by each others sides as she is a light in my dark days. Thank you for being the bestest bestie i have ever had and will every have. I can't explain in words about how lucky i am and how much i love you. i wish only the bestie for you. i love you to the universe and beyond ♡♡♡. Never give up and believe in yourself.




My new bestie! she's really amazing and fun to talk to. She always replies to my feeds and pms. we only met each other a few days ago but we've agreed that we're besties lol




another amazing bestie! she's really hardworking and writes amazing fanficion. she's really kind and always responds to me(even tho I'm annoying rofl). she gives me advice and stuff. she's overall just amazing.




my friend who always has the time to talk to me. you're really nice and fun to talk to ^^ though we're not close yet, i hope we can become good friends soon :)
I'm sorry guys that i couldn't put all of you on here. there isn't enough space T_T i'm sad. but it's okay cuz i have unlimited amounts of space for you guys in my big heart. all of you have a big place in my heart. i wuv u ^^


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the whole map of the soul:7 album cuz it's too freaking amazing♡♡♡


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I'm your filter♡ 








lauv feat. bts♡




chanyeol and punch


stay with me




bts jimin♡


serendipity ►click here






mikrokosmos ►click here


reading list




These days i'm reading more fanfiction than actual books so don't mind. but hey! the authors on aff are even better than professional ones uwu

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FANFICTIONS ON AFF (I only have three that are my most favorite fanfictions on here)

biases/ baes




♡i love all the members of bts equally but the ones I can relate to most are the maknae line uwu


♡itzy: yuna


♡txt: yeonjun


♡Mamamoo: hwasa and solar










time for memes and cute gifs ^^ yay! 

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