- THE REASONS WHY I LEFT +Am I coming back? -




" Am I coming back?!" 



ok so to start off, I don't really know if any of you might even read this. I have been gone for so long at this point...


I know it has been years. I just thought of leaving the very few of you who stayed a little update. To start off, I am alive (hello?) and well. I took some time off from aff , not because writing wasn't a thing for me anymore, but rather because I needed to focus on other things in my life I guess. 


To start off, life changed drastically for me. See, I once was a 19 years old, writing for the fun of imagining all those stories hapening with her biases. Now I am a 24 yo (soon 25 wtf) woman, who has experienced life. At the moment when I write this blog, I am in a relationship for now almost 7 years, own a house, a dog, and just recently gave birth to a baby boy. That's right, a tiny bit more than 3 months ago I gave birth to a baby boy named Brandon James. Born November 20th 2019. 


That changes one's life I tell you. But yeah. I believe that I missed on telling you guys so much. What I mean by that is that I sincerely slacked off. I suffered from intense depression the past years (which was the initial cause of me going away tbh) , but then life changed for me. I became a mom and to be honest, I feel like I turned a certain page in life. Not the one in which writting fanction is stupid, not at all, but what I might write might be different. And I might want to do it now for different purposes. 


I want to keep it short. I want to get back at writing. One shots to beging with. Then perhaps longer one shots, to finally get back at writing those full on those complete chaptered story I was better known for. Who knows, perhaps even finishing what I started. I am on maternity leave until October, and if some of you might still be in for reading some of my work, I would surely try to work back on my skills and try to deliver some content. To the few of you that might read this, thank you. 


I know I have been lacking. A lot. I have been out since I was in college. Which was over 2-3 years ago at the very least. But not I want to get back at writing, and who knows, perhaps give the exemple that there is not such things as age to have ideas and imaginations for fancfitionc. I am 24, even 25 in December of this year, and yet full of ideas. Was a time when writing was a big part of my life. I want it to be again. And this time, perhaps try to work my way up to being published, who knows.


I would like to know; if you still read this, what would you like to read? Who are you interested about lately? I know hoping one might react at this point would come from a miracle, but I truly want to write again. Even if it's just for my own sanity. Letting go of what's going on in my mind has always been my way of expression myself. So now that I want to get back at it; Who would you like to read about? Which idols interest you the most?


Believe it or not, but I still love you all. And if you accept me getting back, then I will make sure not to deceive you this time. 


See you soon again in the future. 






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