Back To Writing, Inactivity, Highlight and Other Things

I've been out given a death of my cousin due to cancer and the recent death this week of a friend.  It's been tough but I should be back to writing my stories.  I will make an attempt to finish Nana's Private War.   I've been thinking too much lately about what would happen if a war would break lose in South Korea.  I'm really worried for all of the soldiers defending their country and our precious idols.  Well, I'll get back to writing now.  Hopefully, T.O.P and Junsu can save the world.  Ah, the biggest thing on my mind is Yoo Ah In's illness.  I hope that he is well to join the army.   

By the way, I'm excited about Highlight but sad that CUBE hasn't released a new comeback for Troublemaker.   This new 3 H thing sounds a bit hokey.  I wish Hyuna and the Pentagon boys well, but still it is like she is driving the sales.  Didn't she produce the songs for the revamped CLC?

Okay, enough musings and back to writing.  By the end of the week, I should have the next chapter to Nana's Private War out.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!!!





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